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Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganòdon Elvir Tabaković, Can.Reg

Editor’s note: The following is a commentary first posted by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò on X. 

(LifeSiteNews) — The system of the subverters is always the same: they modify a law by leveraging emotion and not reason, not because they care about the common good, but because they need a (false) pretext with which to legitimize what the law instead condemns. This was also the case for introducing divorce, abortion, and euthanasia.

In the ecclesial sphere, the subverters of doctrine and morality put forward the (false) pretext of understanding the Rites in order to introduce the vernacular language into the Liturgy, or the (false) pretext of ecumenical dialogue to water down Catholic Truths. Bergoglio resorted to the same trick for the death penalty, with the (false) pretext that it is contrary to the spirit of the Gospel, and today his minions use the (false) pretext of discrimination against adulterers, concubines, and perverts to legitimize adultery, concubinage, and sodomy.

This happens when the vicarious authority of those who govern society or the Church does not limit itself, as it should, to acting in the Name of God, but presumes that it has something to teach even God Himself, Who is said [to] not be able to legislate with justice, and that He imposes precepts that are impossible to observe.

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And this is the same accusation with which Satan rebelled against God, and his main argument to convince us to disobey Him. That civil rulers do this is painful and very serious; but that the one who, sitting on the Throne of Peter, dares to make these recriminations his own in order to adulterate the Deposit of Faith and lead souls to eternal damnation is scandalous and unheard of.


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