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Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò speaks at the Rome Life Forum in May 2018.don Elvir Tabaković, Can.Reg.

May 14, 2020 (Veritasliberabitvos) – On May 8, three Cardinals and nine Bishops, together with many doctors, journalists, lawyers, thinkers, and professionals from all over the world launched an appeal to raise public awareness among people, governments, scientists, and the media about the serious dangers to individual freedom caused during the spread of Covid-19.

These dangers have been felt more severely in some countries than others, but the attention of Catholics and people of good will must be drawn everywhere so that we can all understand together what is happening: if we all consider only the health side of the epidemic – and fail to understand its social, economic, political, and religious implications – we will be on the way to a future in which governments and the Church hierarchy will be drawn down by powers which think there is no higher authority than themselves and whose purpose is very unclear.

The idea of plans for a New World Order under which countries and ordinary citizens saw their identity taken away by a powerful elite might have seemed absurd until a few years ago. Now these very plans are being stated and indeed pushed as good for society and for individuals. These plans as promoted by international groupings must be unmasked, understood, and revealed. In ordinary times such would be the task of the media, to make each of us aware of what is happening so that we can speak out against it as individual believers and members of a community.

This is the purpose of the Appeal: to break the media silence we are seeing, especially in terms of the lack of any discussion of individual freedoms and rights. These are now being censored and controlled. We also wish to ask members of the scientific community to discuss these matters without pressure being applied by economic or ideological interests, and to remind governments of their responsibility for the good of all.

The Appeal has certainly raised a certain amount of discussion and debate. In Germany, many Bishops have simply spoken of “conspiracy theories,” and have completely failed to refute any of our claims. They have thus climbed onto the bandwagon of current ideology. During a recent interview with the German Catholic weekly magazine Die Tagespost, Cardinal Müller (one of the signatories of the Appeal) courageously notes that “the modern trend is to consider anyone who thinks things in a different way as a conspiracy theorist.” 

He also says:

Those who fail to distinguish between the suitability and danger of globalization deny reality. Pope Francis has spoken out against states and international bodies imposing abortion in poor countries as a form of neo-colonialism and denying them aid if they refuse to implement this. When Alberto Fujimori was the president of Peru, I spoke to many women and men who had been sterilized unknowingly and who had been tricked with large sums of money and promises about healthcare and a better life. Is this some sort of conspiracy theory? The same must be said about accusations of conspiracy theories concerning discussions of vaccinating seven billion people, even though the vaccine has not been properly tested yet and basic rights may be denied to any who refuse the vaccine. Nobody can be forced to believe that a couple of billionaire benefactors have the best plans for improving things around the world simply because they have been able to accumulate such huge sums of money.

We have heard the same sort of thing from Archbishop Athanasius Schneider: “It is amazing that the Church, politics, and media establishment have all tried to discredit – in line with mainstream trends – the anxiety expressed in the Appeal with their knock-out argument of a conspiracy theory so that any further debate is immediately killed stone dead. I remember the same sort of reaction and language under the Soviet dictatorship, when dissidents and critics of the main ideology and political regime were accused of complicity with ‘conspiracy theories’ in the capitalist west (here).”

It should also be said that the Appeal, leaving aside those criticisms which have only been made by those who wish to whitewash the countless incongruities in the things we can all see with our own eyes, has been supported by important laymen and women, and many eminent representatives of the worlds of science and the media. Robert Francis Kennedy Jr has spoken in favor of the Appeal. In less than one week the Appeal has gathered almost 40,000 signatures, and is now being read in the East.

It is clear that there is a deep fracture among the Hierarchy, and the Appeal has let us all see this. Proof of this can be seen in the clearly globalist basis for the Pray for Humanity Day set up by the Committee for Brotherly Fraternity in the United Arab Emirates to ask for an end to the pandemic, to which the Holy See immediately gave its approval.

This trend, recently ratified in the Abu Dhabi Declaration, clearly draws its inspiration from the relativist ideology behind masonic thought. As such it has absolutely nothing Catholic in it, and it is extremely worrying that the Church has allowed itself to be used as “Outreach” by the New World Order (which is absolutely and utterly anti-Catholic).