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Editor’s note: The following is a commentary from Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, first posted on X/Twitter, about the Diocese of Rome’s recent statement regarding Father Rupnik and his Aletti Center.

(LifeSiteNews) — The declarations of the Vicariate of Rome on the Aletti Centre (the company that produces Father Marko Rupnik’s expensive and horrendous mosaics) and its founder leave one baffled and scandalized.

The Vatican sends commissaries and apostolic visitors to anyone who gives even a timid sign of fidelity to Catholic tradition, without giving justifications, without stating the reasons for apostolic visits, without guaranteeing the protection of the suspects and violating all confidentiality. Calumnies and unfounded accusations are fed to the media, for the sole purpose of terrorising anyone who dares to question Bergoglio’s actions and words.

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Such ruthless severity disappears when it comes to his protégés, who may be blatantly guilty of the most heinous crimes, of the most horrendous offences – the McCarrick case among many is blatant proof of this – but are neither tried nor even condemned as they deserve. And the courtiers of Santa Marta are careful not to question the legacy that these perverse and corrupt clerics leave behind, as if their presence had been almost accidental. How much mercy, for the wicked. How much understanding. How much reserve in protecting their name and keeping quiet about the most gruesome details of their nefarious deeds.

As in all other no less shameful cases of sexual abuse, Bergoglian mercy does not care about the victims, whom it always tries to discredit and silence. Nor does it care about the scandal of the Roman clergy, or the discredit cast on the Auxiliary Bishop Msgr. Libanori, who has been shamelessly denied. What is the lesson to be learnt by the faithful? It is clear: if you are a heretic, corrupt, pervert, thief, sacrilegious, and serial predator, but you are Bergoglio’s friend, you enjoy total impunity. If you are Catholic, live consistently with the Faith and do not follow the Argentine tyrant, persecution is certain, cruel and merciless.

By now it is clear that the Bergoglian court does not serve the Church of Christ, but has embedded itself in it like a tumor to usurp its authority and destroy it from within.

Pledge your prayers and fasting for protection of the Church during the Synod on Synodality HERE