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(LifeSiteNews) – Spadaro’s words are like a puddle of sewage containing the scum of the worst Modernism that has been plaguing the Church for more than a century. It is the Modernism that was never definitively eradicated from seminaries and self-styled Catholic universities, to which a sect of heretics and those who are misguided has erected the totem of the Second Vatican Council in place of two thousand years of Tradition. Until some time ago this “synthesis of all heresies” tried to make itself presentable by failing to manifest its antichristic nature, which was nonetheless consubstantial with it: there was still the risk that some vaguely conservative Prelate not yet fully committed to the cause would realize its intrinsic danger.

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Of course, the divinity of Christ was considered to be merely wishful thinking flowing from the need for the sacred of the “primitive community.” His miracles were downplayed to exaggerations, His words to metaphors; on the other hand, “There were no recorders,” said Arturo Sosa, Superior General of the Society of Satan. Today, protected by a Jesuit who in violation of the Rule of Saint Ignatius occupies the See of Peter, the worst followers of this sect feel free to give vent to their rantings and arrive, in an infernal delirium, at the point of blaspheming Jesus Christ, who has already been the subject of disturbing epithets from Bergoglio. “Jesus became a snake, he became a devil,” the Argentine said some time ago. He is echoed by Spadaro, who with the arrogance of one who believes himself unpunished dares to define Our Lord as “a sick person, a prisoner of the rigidity and the dominant theological, political and cultural elements of his time”; “indifferent to suffering, angry and insensitive; unbreakably hard; an unmerciful theologian; mocking and disrespectful; blinded by nationalism and theological rigorism.” It is useless to explain to these entangled minds what the Holy Fathers have taught about the Gospel passage about the Canaanite woman: they are interested in keeping the idol of Vatican II high on its pedestal; and it matters little to them if in order to defend their errors they have to trample on the Son of God, offending and blaspheming Him as not even the worst heresiarchs of the past had dared to do.

Spadaro’s article is not a simple provocation –  something already unheard of in itself – but the manifestation, the epiphany, as some “theologian” of Santa Marta would call it, of a counter-church with its false dogmas, mendacious precepts, deceitful preaching, its corrupted and corrupting ministers. A counter-church that lies prostrate to the Antichrist, to everything that represents the denial and challenge to the Lordship of God over man. Pride. Luciferian pride. Pride that knows no limits or brakes. The sect that eclipses the Church of Christ no longer hides: it shows itself and claims to definitively replace the true Church, it shows its idols and demands that they be worshiped, at the price of denying the Savior himself, refuting His divinity, judging His actions, disputing His words.

But if the simple have already understood that the price of this ὕβρις is νέμεσις, almost all the Pastors – Cardinals, Bishops, and priests – turn around and look away. They know well that their cowardice, their conformism, and their desire not to appear retrograde made them co-responsible for this infernal revolution, which they could have stopped in its time; but since for sixty years they too have joined the cult of the Council, they prefer to continue on the path undertaken towards the ruin of the Church and of souls, rather than stop and return to the point where they have deviated the path. Thus they end up preferring the triumph of the wicked – and with it the blasphemous vilification of Jesus Christ – to the humble admission of being wrong. They prefer to let it be said that Our Lord was wrong, “blinded by theological rigor,” rather than recognizing that they themselves are imprisoned in the errors and heresies of Modernism. The measure is full, and the time has come to choose which side we are on. Either with Bergoglio and Spadaro, with the Synod on Synodality, with a human and counterfeit church enslaved to the New World Order, or with God, His Church, and His Saints. And on closer inspection it is already unheard of to hypothesize that Catholics – I am not speaking of priests or prelates – can consider it possible to have a choice.

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

August 27, 2023
Dominica XIII Post Pentecosten