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(LifeSiteNews) – St. Peter: “Be sober and watch: because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion,  goeth about seeking whom he may devour” (1 Pet. 5: 8-9).

The Saucon Valley Middle School, just outside the borough of Hellertown, Pennsylvania, became the latest site of the ongoing war for souls and their eternal destiny. Saint Ignatius would have us view the world and human affairs through a spiritual and supernatural lens. The material reality of our world perceived by the senses is but a veil behind which Christ and Satan wage war for the minds and hearts of men.

The Saucon Valley School District had given permission for the establishment of an “After School Satan Club” at the afore-mentioned middle school, citing U.S. Supreme Court rulings that require public schools to welcome all religious clubs or organizations on school premises if they welcomed any. According to local news reports, The Satanic Temple – which promotes and sponsors these clubs, of which there are now ten in schools across the nation – petitions school districts for the establishment of these clubs at the request of local parents who want the satanic alternative to other religious clubs in their local schools.

News reports also reveal that the satanic club is for “fun” activities such as those found at daycare centers, and that Satan just wants children to have fun, especially mindful that – and this is their message to children – “there is no Hell.”  

A representative of The Satanic Temple declared to a news reporter that their group does not believe in a “supernatural” Satan, but they believe in and promote Satan as a symbol of rebellion against tyrannical authority. Of course, the representative conveniently omits her understanding of tyrannical. To Satan and his followers, all exercise of godly authority that moves us to conform to the divine will is seen as tyrannical and, as such, must be resisted, ridiculed, subverted, hated, and opposed at every turn.

Satan knows, as do his human slaves, that conformity to God’s will in the service of God in this life is the key to eternal life in Heaven. Filled with vicious envy, Satan and his followers relentlessly pursue our spiritual ruin and eternal damnation, especially that of our children. They use every means at their disposal, not least the insidious, mesmerizing, and seemingly inescapable modern technology, to corrupt and pervert our children.

On Wednesday, March 8, 2023, the first gathering of the After School Satan Club was scheduled to meet. Without official explanation, the meeting of the club was called off. Nevertheless, many area parents and others gathered near the school property to protest the intrusion of the diabolical into the school and the lives of our vulnerable and impressionable youngsters. They met with overall support from passers-by.

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph in the world is that good men do nothing.” Such are the words popularly attributed to the 18th-century Irish philosopher and statesman Edmund Burke. Much evil is successfully perpetrated because it is not opposed by good people. But, good people too often slumber, while Satan and his allies never sleep. We thank God for the good people who gathered outside Hellertown to oppose evil.

What too many good people do not realize is that preventing evil is not enough. We must repair for the evil done, we must make amends to the Divine Majesty for the grave offenses against Him. Every sin, every crime, disturbs the moral order of the universe, and that order must be restored by reparation.

An attack on the moral order is a direct attack against God Himself, and the damage from that attack must, in justice, be fully repaired. Our gathering together to “protest” evils such as satanic activity must also be understood as our small effort to appease divine justice so gravely offended by the sins of men, our own included. Even if our protests do not prevent evil, we must stand together in public to make reparation to Almighty God.

One of the tragedies so evident in this Hellertown affair is the complete acquiescence of the school board to an objective evil in the name of helpless subjection to the principle of equal treatment of “religions” cited by the Supreme Court. That principle is itself evil, since only the true religion, the Catholic religion, has rights in the hearts and minds and affairs of men. And yet, we Americans wave our flags and hide behind our laws, however contrary to the law of God and the social kingship of Christ, thinking they will be our excuse before the terrible judgment seat of God. We are, by and large, a nation of self-deluded fools too attached to our comforts to lift a finger for God and the salvation of our souls.

Our Lady Help of Christians, ora pro nobis! 

Auxilium meum a Domino 

Author’s note: Our good friends at America Needs Fatima and supporters deserve a special mention – may God reward you.