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April 3, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — As COVID-19 captures headlines, Joe Biden’s plan to promote equality at the expense of religious liberty has quietly slid under the media radar. His newly unveiled policy is called “The Plan to Address LGBTQ Equality in America and Around the World.” It has vast implications for people of faith.

In his plan, Biden solidifies the Democratic Party’s lurch to the left, leaving behind moderate faith voters whose support he, conceivably, might have won. A quiet legion of faith voters whom Biden likely cannot see privately confess they could be wooed by his personality and winning smile.

Before Christians jump on the Biden bandwagon, though, they should carefully consider what his equality policy would mean to their everyday lives — and those of their children. His plan profoundly undermines religious liberty, which is the right to live out religious convictions in the public square. It leaves scarcely any aspect of life untouched. 

The centerpiece of Biden’s 7000-word plan is the passage of the Equality Act, which includes the goal of overturning Trump-era religious policies. The real rub is that sexual orientation and gender identity are granted special legal status with the power to trump religious convictions. Faith-based adoption and foster care agencies would not receive federal grants unless they agreed to place children in same-sex homes. Housing, employment, medical services — all would feel the impact of policies that label religious conviction as discrimination, with the power to sue in court. Some have called this “persecutory progressivism.”

In Biden’s plan, students would be guaranteed access to bathrooms and locker rooms of their choosing. Conversion therapy becomes a punishable offense. Government forms would be required to have a “third option” for non-binary individuals. It would be legal nightmare to terminate a pastor or Christian schoolteacher who decides to present himself as the opposite sex or live a gay lifestyle. Women’s sports would be dominated by men on hormones.

In the last two years of Obama’s administration, he was able to recalibrate “discrimination” as anything that openly espoused traditional marriage or insisted that a person actually is his or her biological sex. Biden’s plan is all that, and more. 

Biden and his fellow Democrats seem to miss that socially conservative, fiscally progressive voters propelled a populist named Donald Trump to victory. Many of those conservative voters struggle with this president’s persona. But they are even more wary of being coerced into liberal social policies that breed chaos and the demise of functioning families. 

At the time, the Obergefell decision to redefine marriage passed (by one vote), 70% of Americans believed that a man and a woman constitute a marital union. Those views have softened somewhat, but they have not disappeared. Who wants his church or school or foster care agency to be accused of bigotry and hate speech because it espouses male-female marriage and biological sex distinctions — views the majority of Americans held until quite recently? How would this shape the lives of the next generation? 

Joe Biden appears to be headed to the Democratic nomination for president. His equality plan will allow LGBT ideology to re-shape our civil liberties, undermining the cultural and faith norms that Christians, especially, hold dear. Biden might have a winsome personality and well edited tweets. 

But religious voters tempted to get behind Biden should carefully consider what his plan would mean for their children and the freedom to live their faith. 

Paula Rinehart, LCSW, is a therapist in Raleigh, N.C.