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Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has overseen one of the world's harshest and anti-freedom lockdownsAsanka Ratnayake / Getty Images

MELBOURNE, Australia (LifeSiteNews) — Daniel Andrews, the political leader responsible for the most savage COVID lockdowns in the world, has announced his resignation. He leaves behind him a record of state-sponsored savagery, government criminality, and a disastrous weakening of the separation of powers. Government violence was unleashed on the people in a way that is unique in Victorian history. 

Andrews locked down the state for 262 days. It constituted a form of home detention, in effect the imposition of a prison sentence. Imprisoning someone against their will is defined in Victorian common law as “the intentional deprivation of another person’s liberty by way of physical force, threats or coercion in circumstances where the other person is not consenting and has no reasonable means of escape.” That is what Andrews did, using the police to make sure that the prisoners would only “escape” for short periods. 

He then forced mass vaccination on the population, threatening employers if they did not force their workforce to have at least two so-called vaccinations (he knew it was too hard to police individual workers). Fearful of fines, employers complied, meaning that anyone who wanted to make a personal choice not to take what was an untested drug was unable to earn an income. Inevitably, people who needed employment to survive reluctantly complied. It was coercion, which violates the Nuremberg code and basic medical ethics. 

Andrews did not stop there. In an appalling press conference, he said that people who had chosen not to get jabbed would be “locked out of society,” a kind of medical apartheid imposed on the citizenry. The unjabbed were not even allowed to go to cafes. They were restricted to buying food and medicine, on the condition that they wore masks.  

This was not merely disgusting; it was state-sponsored homicide and harm. Despite the cynical attempts by Australian health authorities to hide the adverse events from the “vaccines,” there is growing evidence that they have resulted in deaths and injuries. The tactic has been to combine obfuscation and trickery. For example, Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has made it extremely difficult to report injuries and bizarrely claimed that an immediate reaction cannot have been caused by the injection because it is too quick, and any injuries or death should happen slower – which is of course an implicit admission of the very dangers that they deny exist. 

Such fog allowed Andrews to avoid accountability, especially when the monitoring was done by federal agencies and he was a state premier. But the situation is clear enough: this was government-sanctioned homicide and injury via “medicine,” and Andrews was enthusiastically instigating crimes against the people. As the evidence of the harms caused by the vaccines continues to mount, including startling increases in all-cause mortality that Australian governments refuse to investigate, there must have been growing concerns that what Andrews did would be exposed, albeit slowly. That may have been one reason behind his resignation, which is surprisingly sudden. 

Apart from initiating the homicide- and injury-causing jabs Andrews also introduced legislation into the parliament that damaged the separation of powers in Victoria. A premier is not the head of the parliament. He or she is head of the political party that holds the majority in the legislature. Andrews set out to change that. He successfully introduced the Public Health and Wellbeing (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021 which allows the premier to make an indefinite declaration of a pandemic and state of emergency. Instead of the executive branch of government implementing policy created by the parliament, the premier and the health minister have been given the power to make broad public health orders and detain people under quarantine – a police state, in other words.  

When the bill was proposed, between 250,000 to 350,000 Victorians protested in Melbourne, the biggest in the state’s history. It represented about five to eight percent of the electorate but Andrews, completely unmoved, resorted to demonization. He falsely claimed that the protest was the “potentially criminal behaviour of a small number of people” and threw in the mandatory ad hominem attacks such as references to “anti-vaxxers” and “Nazis.” No one would ever accuse him of having any imagination. In truth it was a very large number of people, the biggest ever, and the proceedings were peaceful – hence Andrews’ use of the word “potentially.”  

When implementing his attack on the basic rights of the citizens of Melbourne, Andrews repeatedly cited “health advice.” It was a cowardly move. Instead of taking responsibility for his decisions, which is what politicians are supposed to do, he simply repeated the meaningless mantra that his government was following the science.  

Not only was that “science” advice never submitted for public scrutiny, but anyone who questioned it, or offered alternative scientific arguments and evidence, was viciously demonized and censored.  

It turns out that this “science” was epidemiological computer modeling based on terrible data. The modeling forecast a major health emergency, projecting millions of cases of the disease. These forecasts were used to determine who was allowed to move where, including at one point not allowing citizens to move outside a 5 kilometer radius. 

Such hysterical fear-mongering turned out to be completely wrong and the “science” rubbish. In 2020 and 2021, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia recorded the lowest level of deaths from respiratory diseases on record.  

Andrews will eventually be remembered as Victoria’s most infamous premier, a politician who destroyed basic citizen freedoms, smashed the economy and state finances, and turned Melbourne into a combination of war zone and ghost town. He should also be remembered as a narcissistic tyrant who committed crimes against the people who he was supposed to serve. There will be a peaceful celebration of his departure outside Melbourne’s parliament house when he leaves tomorrow. Don’t be surprised if there is a very large turnout and it goes on for a long time.