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QUEENSLAND, Australia (LifeSiteNews) — The behavior of Australian doctors during the alleged COVID pandemic was, for the most part, disgraceful. There was little or no attempt to ensure that patients were given informed consent, which is supposed to be a legal requirement. The peak body, the Australian Medical Association, ensured that both the public and GPs were intimidated into following the government line.

So when one General Practitioner, Dr. Melissa McCann, made the attempt to find out what was happening with vaccine side effects after continuously witnessing problems with her patients in her rural Queensland clinic, it was a courageous move.

Her interest was sparked by observation. “My patients came in after getting vaccinated elsewhere, and I had never seen anything like this,” she said. “One young patient with extensive blood clot after vaccination; several patients with strokes; patient after patient with miscarriages; patients with chest pain and unusual urological symptoms. In one week, four patients with confirmed myocarditis. In a region with a population of maybe 15,000 and my patient group just a small fraction of that, the numbers did just not add up. This was impossible.”

After doing an informal audit and looking at the adverse events on the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) web site, McCann wrote to then Federal Minister for Health Greg Hunt, requesting an immediate cessation of the vaccines. She was told that there were no safety signals pointing to an unusual level of deaths.

Realizing that something was very wrong, McCann and 14 other doctors wrote again to the minister in July 2022. They raised known issues with mRNA treatments in relation to cancer and problems with the lipid nanoparticles in the vaccines.

“How long these products remain in the body or their metabolic pathway is entirely unknown,” they stated. “These are highly inflammatory and cross the blood brain barrier and into the neuro-tissues and into the spinal cord, and into the ovaries and the testes.” McCann notes that the appropriate studies to look at potential problems had not been performed.

McCann made a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to get a Pfizer study of the effect of the vaccines on pregnant rats, which had noted abnormalities. But, without explanation, the key sentence was removed, and the vaccines were recommended for pregnant women.

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Digging deeper, McCann found that the information coming from US regulators was inadequate. The FDA’s conclusion, which was being vetted by Pfizer, that there was an acceptable level of vaccine injuries was being slavishly followed by the TGA. The TGA claimed it conducted an independent study, but it was not true. “The TGA accepted all of these conclusions despite having no patient data on these events to review themselves.”

McCann requested causality assessments for all the reported deaths in the TGA’s Database Adverse Event Notifications (DAEN). Conveniently, the TGA replied that the scope of the request was too wide, so after negotiation she was given 11 documents. They revealed evidence of a cover up. Reports that the TGA had assessed as causally linked to Covid vaccination had not been reported in the TGA’s regular Safety Reports.

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The depths to which the TGA is prepared to sink is demonstrated in its nonsensical explanation of why it did not put those cases in the Safety Reports:

The decision maker for this request decided not to publish documents … as they contain sensitive personal information about deceased persons. As you would appreciate, consultation with the families of the deceased was not considered appropriate, and, as such, consultation was not undertaken with those families. Further, the decision maker determined that disclosure of the documents could undermine public confidence and reduce the willingness of the public to report adverse events to the TGA.

Why would families not want to be told how their loved one died? It is certainly not self-evident, as this letter implies. And why would “the willingness of the public to report adverse events” be undermined by disclosing those events? Surely it would be the opposite; the failure to report adverse events (something at which the TGA is adept at) would make people unwilling to participate.

McCann is continuing her courageous fight against Australia’s corrupted medical establishment. She is working as a patient advocate and as a consultant to a class action suit potentially for 350 people who have been injured by the jabs or are bereaved. She is crowd funding to support the action.

McCann says she has “lost faith in the ability of public health officials” and describes the situation as a “catastrophe of medical ethics.” It became so absurd that even doctors who suffered serious side effects found themselves being ostracized.

She says she has witnessed the “devastating impact on patients who have been left with disabling injuries after vaccines, who are not able to access Workcover (Australia’s workplace insurance scheme) or the compensation scheme because their adverse event was not on the product information, who have been mocked and ostracised and belittled by everyone from their doctors, or their work places, to their family and friends.”

Taking on Australia’s medical establishment, which is now aggressively covering up what has happened, will not be easy. The difficulty in getting accurate information will be one issue, as will be the obfuscation of causality by the authorities that McCann has already encountered. But if nothing else there is some comfort in realizing that Australia still has some doctors who remember what their profession is supposed to be.