Baby parts for sale: The unimaginable is now undeniable

This is the day when Big Abortion takes on too much water to stay afloat.
Tue Jul 14, 2015 - 12:59 pm EST
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July 14, 2015 (PregnancyHelpNews) -- In every effort for justice, progress, or victory, there's a tipping point.

A solitary stone flung from a sling. An unforgettable speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. An image of a back so badly scarred from years of beatings that it seemed impossible for it to belong to a human being. A presidential announcement on the radio.

Today, July 14, 2015, in the age of digital media, it's fitting that a YouTube video will serve as our moment. Our tipping point.

The day when abortion became unthinkable.

What else are we to make of the Human Capital project's initial release of a video capturing Planned Parenthood's Senior Director of Medical Services chatting over the ghastly, reprehensible, and illegal enterprise of selling aborted baby body parts?

This is the day when Big Abortion takes on too much water to stay afloat. Thanks to a three-year undercover investigation by David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress, today is when the unimaginable became undeniable.

Surely the conscience of our neighbors—seared as it is in many cases—cannot abide the thought of funding activity where, not only are babies being killed, but the body parts of our little ones are being sold off to the highest bidder on a national, highly organized scale.

It’s anything but an overstatement to say that today parallels the day when Allied troops compelled German citizens to walk through the liberated concentration camps following World War II.

It’s a time to recognize our collective guilt, both the passive and active participation that has robbed close to 60 million Americans of their lives before they ever saw the light of day.

This is not a proud day for our nation. It is shameful. Dreadful. And yet, hopeful for that bright-eyed band of God’s people who have had to endure 42 years of scorn from a murderous enemy, mocking our King, destroying His image, and deriding His people.

Today is full of hope, because the giant has been struck right between the eyes. It’s only a matter of time before he falls to the ground.

Yes, there will always be deniers to this unspeakable holocaust—there are those remaining who deny the Nazi holocaust today—but the tipping point has arrived, and Big Abortion will never be the same.

As we said two days after launching PregnancyHelpNews.com in January, together, we are about to end abortion as we know it.

We’ve also pointed out along the way that, since Planned Parenthood—the worldwide leader in abortion—is united as one brand, it will only take one “stone” to fell this giant once and for all.

Even before today’s revelation, eight in 10 people have a positive view of pregnancy help organizations, while four in 10 are opposed to Planned Parenthood centers, according to 2014 research from the Charlotte Lozier Institute.

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Again, that’s before word gets out about Planned Parenthood’s exponential profit-game of making money on abortions, tax dollars, and reselling body parts of aborted babies.

Just think of it, if the enemies of life can push legislation against life-affirming pregnancy help based on conjecture and allegations, what can the video evidence of a top executive at Planned Parenthood committing felonies and selling baby livers do for us as a nation?

How can information like this be ignored?

If it can’t be ignored and this is the tipping point we’re hopeful it is, how will this affect the pregnancy help community? What about our churches? Our neighborhoods?

We’re still playing the long game, reaching and rescuing lives from abortion, one woman at a time. And we should be.

We’re still offering help because, even if everything changes, nothing will change—mothers still desperately need emotional support and practical resources during an unexpected pregnancy.

That’s where we come in. That’s where we’ll always come in.

Moving forward, the major difference may well be that, as the giant falls, we will cement our role as the “first choice” for a mother facing an unexpected pregnancy.

This is our tipping point.

Reprinted with permission from Pregnancy Help News

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