Actor Jeremy Irons: ‘Abortion harms a woman’

'Abortion harms a woman – it’s a tremendous mental attack, and physical, sometimes. But we seem to get that muddled.'
Tue Mar 29, 2016 - 1:44 pm EST
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Jeremy Irons, currently starring in the blockbuster film Batman v Superman, admitted freely that abortion is bad for women.

March 29, 2016 (SPUC) -- Jeremy Irons, currently starring in the blockbuster film Batman v Superman, caused quite a stir last week when he admitted freely that abortion is bad for women.

In a wide-ranging interview with the Guardian, the veteran actor stated that "Abortion harms a woman – it’s a tremendous mental attack, and physical, sometimes. But we seem to get that muddled."

Jeremy Irons has had a long career as an actor specialising in portraying distinguished English gentlemen. His breakthrough moment came when he was cast as Charles Ryder in the TV adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited in 1981.

Common sense

He is currently in cinemas as Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred in the movie Batman v Superman, as an older authority figure who offers sound advice and sage wisdom. The film itself explores classic tropes of sacrifice and the value of human life, as one of our bloggers recently noted.

And while Mr Irons' most recent remarks might indeed seem like a commonsense statement to most people, it is sadly rare to see a Hollywood actor willing to admit that there are any issues with abortion at all.

Many of his contemporaries have not only refused to admit the heartbreak that abortion can cause – let alone the fact that every abortion kills an innocent human being – but have actively lobbied in favour of pro-abortion groups.

Pro-abortion lobbying

Scarlett Johansson for example, who has starred in films such as Lost in Translation and Marvel's The Avengers, has filmed videos defending Planned Parenthood and even designed a t-shirt to raise money for them.

Planned Parenthood has been under intense scrutiny and negative publicity in recent months following an undercover investigation that revealed the abortion giant profits from the sale of baby body parts, as well as other deeply unethical practices.

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And closer to home, Liam Neeson, who is known for his roles in a variety of films including Schindler’s ListStar Wars and Taken, voiced a campaign ad for Amnesty International calling for abortion-on-demand in Ireland. Despite Mr Neeson’s involvement, the ad received hugely negative feedback, being labelled offensive and anti-Catholic.

Abortion harms women

In this light it is refreshing to hear an actor admit something so widely known – that abortion can be deeply harmful to a woman’s health (as well as killing her unborn child).

Unfortunately, Mr Irons clearly felt compelled to qualify even that basic statement by adding that "I believe women should be allowed to make the decision." – apparently saying he believes abortion should remain legal.

Even so, it’s nice to hear a little common sense from someone in the public eye for a change.

Reprinted with permission from Society for the Protection of Unborn Children.

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