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Jeffrey Sachs and Pope Francis at the Vatican in 2019. UN

(LifeSiteNews) – (Ed. note: The following article is Part 2 of a series of blogposts adapted from a talk given by Elizabeth Yore  at the December 9 “Is the Pope Catholic” conference hosted by Dr. Edmund Mazza. Part 1 can be found here.)

Dialogue Disaster #2: The Globalists

With the full participation and support of Jorge Bergoglio, the Pontifical Academy for Social Science served as the portal and platform for the un-Catholic alliance with the UN and its diabolical Great Reset agenda.

On July 1, 2013, very early on in the Bergoglio regime, the UN’s Jeffrey Sachs, the head of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, was invited to speak at the Vatican’s prestigious “Lectio Magistralis.”

Jeffrey Sachs then became a fixture at the Vatican. He was firmly ensconced there to build a partnership with the Holy See and UN’s globalist and environmentalist sustainable development agenda. This was to ensure that the Vatican would adopt the UN’s sustainable development goals through papal encyclicals, documents, conferences, and UN addresses. It worked masterfully.

The Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, which sits in the heart of the Vatican, was deployed to ratify and adopt the globalist project. Its new purpose is to bless the contraceptive-promoting, abortion-laden, gender-bending, depopulation-planning UN Sustainable Development Goals and to endorse the Paris climate treaty. Jeffrey Sachs not only spoke over 30 times at Vatican conferences to promote the UN’s Agenda 2030, but he drafted Vatican documents and organized agendas for Vatican events.

For the past 10 years, the Bergoglian Vatican has invited a wide range of globalists as guests. Many of them are bitter opponents of the Catholic faith. They include the notorious Paul Ehrlich, author of the specious and discredited 1969 book The Population Bomb. The book’s thesis was that by the year 2000, unless countries engaged in population control, “hundreds of millions of people [were] going to starve to death” in a “race to oblivion.” The year 2000 came and went, but Ehrlich’s catastrophic predictions never happened. He continues to peddle the catastrophic climate events he says will occur if the world does not depopulate.

At the direction, participation, and full approval of Pope Francis, the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences began immediately to operate as a satellite of the United Nations. Environmentalists, depopulation proponents, and global elites like Sachs, Ehrlich, Hans Schellnhuber, and many others used the Vatican stage to promote the depopulation global reset. The goal was to put the moral authority of the Holy See behind the climate change agenda.

Climate change hysteria shook the halls of the Vatican as Sachs warned, “We are at the tipping point.”

 As the Director of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Sachs addressed the Vatican dignitaries on the necessity of the passage of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. He applauded the Vatican and Pope Francis because the voice of the Church would be essential for the Goals’ success.

And a success there was! It was a rousing success, for Pope Francis endorsed them at the UN, the United Nations Sustainable Development Group (UNSDG), and the Paris Climate Treaty and wrote two environmental encyclicals.

Francis would consult Sachs on climate, geo-political, and economic issues. The 2021 “Economy of Francesco” event deployed Sachs as the Pope’s pitch man. In gratitude for services rendered, Bergoglio named Jeffrey Sachs a member of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.

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Dialogue Disaster #3: The Communists

The disastrous—and secret—China pact was signed and twice renewed with the genocidal Chinese Communist Party (CCP). It resulted in a massive persecution of Catholics and other Christians.

Bergoglio’s secret 2018 pact with the CCP remains one of the most catastrophic papal decisions in the history of the Catholic Church. It should never have happened. The so-called “Patriotic Church” association Francis endorsed is a creation of the CCP. The words of Pope Pius XII in his encyclical On Communism and the Church in China are as true today as they were in 1958: “For under an appearance of patriotism, which in reality is just a fraud, this association aims primarily at making Catholics gradually embrace the tenets of atheistic materialism, by which God Himself is denied and religious principles are rejected.”

In June 2013, Cardinal Ted McCarrick met with Bergoglio. McCarrick was resurrected from Benedict’s sanctions by Bergoglio and personally dispatched as a papal envoy to restore talks with the brutal Communist regime in China over the appointment of Catholic bishops. Wherever McCarrick goes, tragedy follows, and China is no exception.

Francis refused to listen to the pleas of the knowledgeable, experienced, and faith-filled Cardinal Joseph Zen, Archbishop Emeritus of Hong Kong. He deferred instead to the globe-trotting sexual predator Ted McCarrick.

Why would Bergoglio defer to McCarrick? Why did he so desperately want a deal with the Communists, despite all the warnings from Zen? For instead of heeding Zen’s cautionary advice, Bergoglio dispatched the notorious Ted McCarrick to China to begin a dialogue with the Communists.

Cardinal Zen repeatedly warned Bergoglio that the CCP could not be trusted to uphold their promises.

Zen predicted that the deal would be a suicide pact, and indeed it was.The suffering and devastation from theVatican’s secret pact with the Communist Chinese was immediately evident to the entire world.

Numerous NGOs, bipartisan religious freedom commissions, China experts, and human rights monitors identified the Sino-Vatican agreement as the event which triggered and enabled a massive increase in the persecution of Catholics and other Christians by the Chinese Communists.

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Once the die was cast and the deal signed, the global outpouring of protest against the Vatican secret deal was overwhelming, sustained, and forceful.

The Human Rights Watch said, “Pope Francis’ silence is particularly troubling as Beijing intensified repression on religious freedom in China. […] And Chinese authorities have shown no particular mercy towards Catholic clergy since the 2018 China-Holy See agreement, harassing and forcibly disappearing some of those who remain loyal to the pope. […] Clearly little has improved for millions of Catholics in China.”

ChinaAid stated that this “reported deal is nothing but a betrayal of both the millions of suffering persecuted Christians in China and the global Catholic Church. …Ironically, how can the Vatican respond with a good clear conscience for this appeasement deal while the CCP just launched a secret war vowing the wipe out of underground Catholics and Protestants?”

Yes, you read that correctly: in the very first months of the deal, it was apparent to all that a secret war was underwayto wipe out Catholics and other Christians.

The Congressional Executive Commission on China heard testimony that, within a month of the treaty’s signing, two Marian shrines in China were destroyed by Communist officials.

It is difficult to overstate the importance of these shrines to the Catholic faithful and to their love of the Church

Gatestone Institute suggested that Vatican had “become a mouthpiece for Beijing.”

US Commission on International Religious Freedom Commissioner Johnnie Moore said the following:

Literally, within days of the Vatican negotiating its deal, the Chinese used it as cover to embark upon the closure of several of the nation’s largest and most prominent unregistered church communities. That has continued.

Being that the Vatican is both a Church and a State, it is my opinion that the Vatican now bears a significant moral and legal responsibility to help solve the problem which it helped created– albeit inadvertently – by providing China license to viciously crack down on Christian communities… .  […] The Vatican made a terrible mistake, which it must take seriously. This debacle must be dealt with urgently and seriously.

Shockingly, Bergoglio’s way of dealing with this debacle was to renew the disastrous failure of a deal, not once, but twice.

Since September 22, 2018 the People’s Republic of China has engaged in a strategic campaign of destruction of Catholic and other Christian churches, orphanages, worship houses, and schools, arresting bishops, priests, and laity. Paradoxically, the secret deal executed in the name of unity and dialogue triggered a brutal surge in religious persecution against Catholics and other Christians.

The so-called Patriotic Church

As mentioned above, Pope Pius XII correctly understood the deception and invalidity of the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association and condemned it in 1958. But this is the same Patriotic Association endorsed by Francis as the new authentic representation of the Catholic Church in China.

Understandably, many Catholic bishops and priests refuse to join the Patriotic Church despite urging by the Vatican. As a consequence, they are now subject to ongoing harassment, arrest, detention, and imprisonment by the CCP. Despite having twice renewed the secret agreement with China, the Vatican has remained silent over the illegal arrest and detention of Catholic bishops.

Bergoglio’s secrecy and unwillingness to terminate the agreement is nothing short of scandalous. He is personally responsible for driving faithful Catholics in China further underground.

Contrary to the Vatican’s assertions, Pope Benedict terminated all negotiations with the Chinese because they could not be trusted.

Pope Benedict deferred to Cardinal Zen’s warnings about the danger of a pact with the CCP.

It appears that Bergoglio agreed to terms which were previously non-negotiable in the Benedict papacy.

Now that the CCP has named bishops without consultation with the Vatican, should we understand that those are the terms agreed to by the Vatican? If not, why hasn’t the Vatican terminated the deal?

To what extent did Bergoglio concede power and authority of episcopal appointments to the CCP?

Did Bergoglio agree to remain silent in the face of ongoing genocide and human rights and religious freedom violations by the CCP? At what price and for what concessions?

What did the Bergoglio Vatican receive in return for its agreement with the Chinese?

Was the alleged $2 billion-a-year Chinese grant to the Vatican a hush money payment for an executed agreement and subsequent renewals?

The consequences of this secret deal are nothing short of cataclysmic for the Catholic Church in China and for other Chinese Christians. Bergoglio made a deal with the devil, and the devil won. The underground Catholic Church has been forced to go deeper underground.

Why hasn’t he withdrawn from and ended this destructive pact? WHY?

Part 2 will treat on Dialogue Disaster #3: The Abu Dhabi Declaration and Dialogue Disaster #4: “Who Am I to Judge?”