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(LifeSiteNews) – We have never seen such controversy among very good people about abortion tainted vaccines.

Ever more churchmen are justifying the use of vaccines produced or tested by cell lines of aborted babies. They were justifying this because apparently, allegedly, there would not be other means, and several explanations, even of theologians and church communities, were based on the moral theory of the so-called moral cooperation, distant or remote, and of three documents of the Holy See from 2005, 2008 and 2020.

According these documents from the Vatican one can use such vaccines in an exceptional way. One has to stress this as these documents say that not only can you just use abortion tainted vaccines on the base of the so-called principle of moral, material, remote cooperation, but it should be in an exceptional way. And at the same time, those who use it should express their public protest against such vaccines, which are linked to an abortion, and ask for an alternative vaccine which does not use in any way such cells or cell-lines. The theological principle of material cooperation is certainly valid, but this principle can hardly be applied to the case of vaccines made from fetal cell lines.

However, this concession from the Holy See causes some bishops, priests and faithful a big concern because the use of such vaccines causes confusion, and it is undermining ultimately the uncompromising stance of the Catholic Church against abortion and the fetal industry, which is using tissues from aborted babies. If you want or not, it’s undermining the Fifth Commandment of God and the absolute maximum determination of the Church to oppose the evil of abortion and the evil of exploiting and commercializing of tissues and cells of assassinated babies.

The essential point of the argument is this: the use of abortion tainted vaccines brings us to a close collaboration with the fetal industry and their products, a use which is because of this proximity immoral, and furthermore it gives a scandal, since by such a use we are de facto supporting that immoral industry; furthermore that use considerably weakens our necessary and public protest not only against abortion itself, but also against the growing fetal industry. Fetal industry is so exceptional immoral and horrible that it cannot be compared with other common issues of a collaboration or a benefitting of evil acts of others, such as e.g. products of slavery work etc.

In this precise historical moment, there seems to be some sort of powerful, iniquitous will which is pushing all of humanity to become a link so to speak into this chain of evil, so that all would be enchained.

If you want to travel or if you want to go to the theater, or if you want to perhaps even enter stores to purchase your food, you’re going to need to have the vaccine. The anti-Christian world powers and political elites, who in our day are actively promoting the culture of death as their party program, are imposing on the entire population of the world, an implicit, even if it is remote, passive collaboration with abortion and with the fetal industry. In some kind, persons who receive such abortion tainted vaccines receive in their body the fruits of one of the greatest evils of mankind, the cruel genocide of unborn and the exploitation of their bodies. We will be marked.

We will receive a sign in our body which will in any way and some way demonstrate that we are connected, though remotely perhaps, to one of the greatest evils of history. We have to not be so ingenuous and naive not to see that behind these vaccines is the goal not only to protect our health, but to promote also at the same time the culture of death and of the exploitation of the bodies of the unborn.

Of course, there are arguments if people do not take these vaccines, the abortion will continue anyway. Of course, we will not reduce the abortion and the exploitation if the bodies of the unborn in numbers if we will not take the vaccine. But this is not the question. It is the moral weakening of our resistance to the crime of abortion and to the crime of the fetal industry, and by using the products of the two industries (abortion and fetal industry), we in some way a giving a factual support to them. And then the abortionists and the exploiter of the bodies of the unborn will say, you see the entire Catholic Church, the hierarchy in some way accepts, even reluctantly, but accepts our products. We have to really to awaken to see the real dangers, the consequences and the circumstances.

We have to speak about the moral problem of the abortion tainted vaccines in a deeper way and not to remain in the superficial some way of juridical positivism with a theory of cooperation. This for me is superficial. We have to go deeper, to the roots and to consider the proportionality, since the very horrible and incomparable evil of the fetal industry exploiting and commercializing fetal tissues of aborted babies is out of proportions.

The problem is that you cannot apply the principle of material cooperation with the evil or of benefitting from evil deeds of others to these exceptional, horrible crimes exploiting and commercializing fetal tissues of aborted babies. There exists the gravity of the abortion and of the fetal and biomedical research industry, which is ever daily growing. So you cannot compare the principle of material cooperation with the evil, for example, with paying taxes or with using some products of slave labor. Slavery is not comparable to killing an innocent, to killing cruelly innocent children. Slavery also an evil, but is incomparable with the killing of innocent unborn children and the exploiting of their bodies. Therefore, there is already the basic error of the mentioned Vatican documents, which apply this principle to this concrete case of abortion tainted vaccines, which use the cells and cell-lines of aborted children, exploiting them and commercializing them.

At the heart of the problem one can see the following aspect: The use of abortion-tainted vaccines brings us into close involvement with the products of the fetal industry. Therefore, because of this proximity to this industry, it is immoral to use such products. In addition, the use of such products is a scandal and a de facto support of this immoral industry. In addition, this use significantly weakens our necessary and public protest not only against abortion itself, but also against the growing horrendous fetal industry.

Material cooperation is when you are linked to an evil against your will. As, for example, you pay taxes to the government and from the taxes the government takes, without asking you, the money for doing an evil action and different evil actions. And if the government would ask me, could we take your money from your taxes to do this or that action? I would say, no, I will not consent. And then they will do nevertheless so. That would signify that the Government is stealing from me my money to perform evil acts.

How can we, then, with this entire determination be and proclaim to be against abortion, when we accept these vaccines and the exploitation of the cells and tissues of killed babies? When at the beginning of that chain of evil deeds is the murder of a child. Logic and common sense demands; if there would not have been murdered even one child, they would not have made these aborted-tainted vaccines, there would not have been cell and cell-lines. It is clear through logic and common sense. Oftentimes, God, in difficult times when there is confusion, uses the little ones and a minority, when, all are going in the same direction, even the good ones today, unfortunately, and no one is saying, “STOP. This is not good. This is a danger.” Therefore, we have to say “Stop.” We have to say, “I am not guilty of the blood and of the exploitation of this child.”

In any case, we have to be very correct and to give also a sign to the entire world in not accepting the abortion tainted vaccines. We must give a sign of witness, a strong witness. We could ask those churchmen and Catholics who support abortion tainted vaccines: “If you would be, let us say, a time machine, if you would be present and see a cruel murdering of an unborn child, the dismembering of his body, you will see this and then you will see how they take the cells. You will see this how then these cells will be put in the tube and so on, all these processes. And even if there would be hundred or thousands of chemical processes, once you were present, in one abortion of this concrete child, exactly from this child which cells were used, I cannot imagine, that you will accept such a vaccine in your body, since before your eyes you will have this horrible scenario of dismembering a child and the exploiting of his bodies parts, so that you may ultimately have a benefit for your health. We have to be very honest.

It’s not the question of numbers. Even if only a minority is protesting against abortion tainted vaccines, the truth will win. The history of the Church will one day say, that even the good ones yielded. They did not see clearly. They were in some way blinded by some theories, as for example the theory of material cooperation with evil. You are not, of course, directly guilty of these crimes, when you take an abortion tainted vaccine. This I would not say. But a connection to the industry of exploitation of body parts of killed babies and their commercialization is in itself unacceptable for a Catholic, because of the extraordinary character of these crimes, the consequences and the historical context of the culture of death.

Catholics who take abortion tainted vaccines do not have guilt because they followed the instructions of the Vatican. And so those who gave the instructions have the ultimate responsibility. However, at the moment that one will fully recognize the immorality of the abortion tainted vaccines, one has to reject them.

At the moment, when one is recognizing this, then one has to follow his conscience and his conscience will say to him, “You cannot do this in future.” And that person will be grateful to Divine Providence that he could recognize this. It’s his personal conviction, because he is recognizing that health is not the absolute value. We have to remember this. In our current world’s mentality, materialism has become a god, an idol to which we have to give sacrifices. We have to foster in us and in other persons, a stronger supernatural vision, a stronger desire for eternal things, and trust in Divine Providence.

Indeed, it is so anti-pastoral and so counterproductive, when churchmen justify abortion tainted vaccines. In justifying such vaccines, we will cooperate in propagating the myth that there is no alternative vaccine. Yet, for sure, there must be an alternative. The political elites will say, “There is no alternative. Please take this abortion-tainted vaccine.” God in His Providence will illuminate mankind to find an alternative. Men need to trust in God, and then He will give to scientists the illumination to find alternative without the need of any use of cells or cell-lines of murdered babies.

Let us imagine only hypothetically, we would live in a society, as it was until maybe 50 years ago, where abortion was, in almost all countries except for the Soviet Union and China, a crime. Let us imagine the entire, the entire humanity will strictly forbid abortion in any case. There would be, consequently, no possibility to develop and to take these fetal cells and to develop cell-lines for the production and testing of a vaccine or a medicine. So, humankind would have other means and God would give other means, when humankind would observe more faithfully and more consequently the Fifth Commandment. God would give us His help, and we would not have more the need of using abortion tainted vaccines. I’m convinced, I’m not a prophet. God will punish humanity for such an horror of exploiting and commercializing tissues of murdered babies! We have to resist the myth that there is no alternative. We have to resist, otherwise our witness will not be really convincing.

To accept the fruits of the abortion, the fruits of all of the horrible processes of production of cell lines, of testing with them and of commercializing them, is really horrible. The anti-Christian and atheist political elites want ultimately that all the people of the earth will have this sign in their body, which is ultimately a sign of a product of death. Since without the first act of murdering of this child, there would not have been this mark on your body with this vaccine. So, this mark of the abortion tainted vaccine has a connection to death. The Book of the Apocalypse speaks about the Beast and its sign, and the Beast is death. I do not say that the abortion tainted vaccine is plainly and directly the mark of the Beast. However, there remain some similarities.

We have to resist and protest against the horrible phenomenon in our society which is the so-called “fetal industry.” We must distinguish between two different industries that are of course intimately connected: the abortion industry itself, which is horrible, and the other: the so-called fetal industry, the use of tissues of aborted babies and the marketing of the body parts of the aborted babies.

Here they are being used for research or for the production of several medicines including vaccines. So the vaccines which were produced by using these cell lines, or tested on them, are a de facto part of the so-called fetal industry. This fetal industry needs to be distinguished from the abortion industry even if they are connected; but the fetal industry is closer to us, so when you are using the product, the vaccine is a direct product of the fetal industry. So we are no longer remote to this fetal industry, and it is a very grave immorality to participate with full knowledge and full freedom in this horrible phenomenon of our society.

For a Catholic, the fetal industry is immoral and very grave because we are de facto collaborating with it, and especially committing a great sin of omission, in failing to protest clearly and strongly, at least against the use of cell lines in the fetal industry and in vaccination. Therefore, it is a great irresponsibility of the Church, even of the Vatican and of theologians who tranquilize and calm the conscience of the people, and who in this way are paralyzing the resistance.

I recently spoke with a woman who has converted deeply to God. In her past life, she committed abortions, and after converting to God she recognized all the horrors of abortion. I spoke with her about abortion-tainted vaccinations, and she said to me that she could understand this horrible situation of abortion-tainted products and medicines better than I, or than any woman who has never experienced an abortion. She told me: “I can say that all that is connected to abortion in medicines and in their production is so horrible for me because I was so deeply wounded by the fact of abortion.” She told me she can never accept any medicine or product or vaccination which is linked in some way to the … assassination of a child.

I think that God will reward these people with many spiritual gifts if they choose to live a poorer life rather than to co-operate with the fetal industry. Surely they will not die from starvation, God will never permit it! This was our experience in communist times. My parents did not collaborate with the Communist Party, for example; therefore, my parents could not have a profession, this was not allowed. And so they were simple workers, they had a low salary, and we lived in a really simple way.

But God did not abandon us; we were happy in our faith and this gave us riches for all our life – even when the others who had accepted the conditions of the Communist Party had better living conditions than we did, and than other people, Christians, for example. And so I think we have to give again the primacy to the eternal life which we have so largely forgotten in recent decades. Even in the Church, even the good Catholics, were invaded by a kind of materialism because we were so very attached to the material life and giving it primacy over the eternal and the spiritual.

The use of abortion tainted vaccines (being body parts, cell and cell lines of murdered babies used either in the production or in the testing) is in itself immoral and not pleasing to God. We can never do something consciously that will displease God. We have to be ready as Christians to lose all temporal advantages and even our short temporal life, rather than offend God and participate in the chain of criminal acts, of which the manufacturing and testing of abortion tainted vaccines is also a part. One has to decide in the eyes of God and eternity this issue, and entrust oneself entirely to God. We have to stop with the absolutization of the bodily health, a distinctive mark of the current pagan materialism, a tendency which is unfortunately increasingly adopted by Catholics, priests and bishops. God will never abandon a person who will prefer to lose temporal things and even his health and his temporal life, rather than displease Him in doing consciously and freely a moral evil. A Catholic should in this case take other means of medical cure, and if they are not available, take natural medicines and entrust his own life to the life of his family members totally in the hands of God, and He will provide.

The simple faithful reject such an abortion tainted vaccines quasi instinctively. This is an expression of the Sensus Fidelium. We have to follow the truth, even if we will lose all our good friends, we must follow our conscience. Even if we will be alone, we must follow our conscience, as Saint Thomas More and Saint John Fisher did. They followed their conscience. And we are not alone, thanks be to God. And then this is also a sign of the last times where even the good ones are confused, and as Our Lord said that even the elect once will be seduced (see Mk 13:22). It is a permission of God to purify our souls, to be more convinced, to go the way of our conscience for truth. We have to follow our conscience, in this case, a conscience which is formed with prayer, study, and petition to God for illumination. One can hope, that the eyes of Catholics who are now defending abortion tainted vaccines, will be opened, because the truth is so powerful, when we are seeking the truth with pure heart. God will reveal this and show us. And so we have to live for the truth and for eternity.

Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Gospel says, “do not fear those who kill your body, but fear those who will take your soul, or damage your soul.” We must not fear the government; we have to give the primacy to our soul, to our spiritual life, to the life of prayer with the sacraments, and thus we should be deeply rooted in our prayer every day. We must be rooted in our faith, in our conviction that our life is ultimately in the hands of God and not in the hands of the government, even in a dictatorship, even in a totalitarian system!

Our life is ultimately in the hands of God who is our heavenly Father. He is our Father even when we are, in certain periods of time, in distress and persecuted and humiliated as with this forced vaccination. This is a relatively short time, so we have to look wider and further because God permits this ultimately only for the benefit of our souls. Saint Paul says all will contribute to the greater benefit of those who love God, all things will contribute to the benefit of a greater good for those who love God. If we are rooted in our faith, in the trust of the Providence of our heavenly Father, knowing that our life is in His hands, this should give us confidence. We know the current sanitary COVID dictatorship, this totalitarianism is short, it is relatively short, it is not eternity! History has always shown that dictatorships did not last so long, and God will even show to these new “sanitary dictators” that their power is limited. We have to believe that God will intervene in history.

We must also concentrate deeply on the fact that maybe this is an appeal of God for us to go deeper in our prayer lives. We have to deepen our sacramental life with more regular confession, more regular Communion, and prayers. Maybe we should be more united with all those who are opposing this dictatorship, to make a chain. Maybe these difficult times are an opportunity to confess God, to be faithful to Him. But God is so good that He always gives the necessary graces, and He rewards us in difficult times and gives us His consolations.

We must take this situation as an opportunity to deepen our faith, our prayer, and to be more rooted in the vision of eternal life, to be more supernaturally orientated to our eternal life because we are living here in the valley of tears, as we sing in the Salve Regina: hac lacrimarum valle. This is our situation, but there is also the deep joy that we have a Mother. She never abandons us, and she is always close to us.

This is my advice, that never will she abandon us, she is the intercessional omnipotens, the omnipotens of intercession for us. She will take care of us; always, we have to flee under her mantle. Especially in these times, we must pray: Sub tuum praesidium confugimus, Sancta Dei Genitrix: we will flee under her protection.