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British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announces a snap election on May 22 outside 10 Downing Street, LondonYouTube/Screenshot

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(LifeSiteNews) — The unelected Prime Minister of the U.K. Rishi Sunak on Wednesday announced a snap general election, to be held on July 4.

As the rain soaked into his jacket outside Number 10 Downing Street, he said, “Now is the moment for Britain to choose its future.”

If you happen to be in Britain you can vote to pay more taxes to the death cult on July 4. One side wears blue ties, the other red. Sometimes. Democracy is about choices.

Why call an election now?

The news is not good for Rishi, who struggles to do anything but smile like a Bollywood Tony Blair as he weathers the storm brewed by his own political class.

He claims inflation is down, but the cost of everything in reality is up. Mass migration has soared under his tenure, with net migration into Britain topping 1.3 million since 2022.

This comes in addition to the over 7 million who immigrated into Britain in the previous 20 years.

The migration figures are usually published around November. This is one aspect of the Tory mindset of “bad now, worse later,” which the Daily Telegraph says has forced him to call an early election.

Citing rising mortgage costs due to high interest rates, a May 22 Telegraph story says, “with the small boats [immigration] crisis showing little sign of abating, the bad news could outweigh the good if Mr. Sunak waits until the autumn.”

The collapse of Ukraine is looming, with a Russian offensive seeming ever more decisive by the day. Rishi has been keen to photograph himself with the world’s most successful remote worker, Volodymyr Zelensky.

Partners in crime in happier times. Source: Twitter, May 2023

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This effort to Churchillize himself is one he inherits, along with the general mantle of catastrophic policy, from his predecessors such as Boris Johnson.

The problem is not so much the doomed Conservatives, many of whose traditional supporters are now baying for them to get “zero seats.”

In this video, prominent “conservative” Jacob Rees-Mogg responds with shock to the news that the British secret state conspires against him with far-left grievance group Hope Not Hate.

Conservatives never do their homework, which is why they fail every test.

Nor is the problem restricted to the blowhard loserdom of conservatism generally, which has conserved precisely nothing beyond its own death wish.

No ideas to the left (or right)

The problem for the British people is the official opposition, the Labour Party, has no ideas either. What is more, even if they had, there would be no money to spend on them.

This could be the best news of all. With nothing in mind, and no money, the worst they can probably come up with is higher taxes. For the planet, or something – before the realization dawns on the populace that there is no way out with either party of the politics of the past.

Both parties have worked hard to destroy any political principles within their ranks and become smooth machines of political chickenability. Any ingredients which could disturb the fusion with the international managerialism of the global agenda have been thoughtfully removed. This keeps us safe from the danger of meaningful change, however much we might like it.

Today brings the news that former Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has been expelled from the party, which says this is a response to his announcement he will stand as an independent candidate in the constituency he has won for the last 40 years. The local Labour Party backed him to do so, but the party machine was outraged, since it had already suspended him. Why?

Corbyn was smeared as an anti-semite for criticizing Israel’s coordinated starvation and killing of the Palestinians which, as this writer has said before includes the murder of journalists and their wives and children, along with tens of thousands of civilians.

Though I am not a socialist, Jeremy Corbyn certainly is one. His expulsion signals a Blairite power move to further enhance the “chickenability” of the Labour Party, the marketing process which optimizes mass appeal by positioning products without troubling baggage – like principles.

A report on the Labour Party’s internal culture found “antisemitism was used as a factional weapon” inside the party. The actions of this faction, of course, are not limited to the left side of the liberal machinery of government. The Conservatives have refused to halt arms to Israel, continue to support the defunding of the main relief agency to the starving Palestinians, and are equally signed up to the ridiculous briefings of the Antisemitism Trust, whose latest publication says anyone who criticizes anything the globalists do is antisemitic.

And yes, the word “globalist” is also antisemitic.

This insane report, and others like it, is put before all parliamentary candidates and sitting MPs to “educate” them about what the public believes.

What you believe in are “antisemitic conspiracy theories,” of course, and what the government tells you is the Gospel truth, as the new definition of antisemitism according to the U.S. Congress says the Gospels themselves are antisemitic.

Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves, who according to reports has “no plan” to achieve any of the above promises.

Criticism of genocide, or any moral and political convictions tend to steer election slogans off-message. The message is that we are the Good Guys, of course, and the dead bodies are the baddies.

Politics is the business of branding, and Britain leads the world in the mass marketing of the same old agenda as a novel and invigorating tonic.

The war criminal Tony Blair’s New Labour indeed made a New Britain, establishing a Blairite politics of continuity under the promise of change. This change is now the only constant – a platform of globalist policies delivered regardless of the promises made by election cyclists, and with nothing whatsoever to do with the opinions of the public or the national interest.

Whoever wins the most votes in the forthcoming spectacle will see the sun shine as ever on this nothing new. There is no Big Idea waiting in the wings to save us from the managed decline of our society. None of the parties can cancel Net Zero, or renew cheap gas and oil supplies from Russia. Nor can they erase the massive debt caused by their 2008 bank bailout, and the even greater burden arising from the disastrous lockdowns they all supported.

According to one source close to the shadow cabinet, the Labour Party “has no plan.” There is no vision behind the flag-draped slogans and the showboating, which itself has become more cautious given the Labour leader’s public endorsement of the siege of Gaza.

In the above videos, Labour leader Keir Starmer in 2023 says Israel has the right to mount a siege of Gaza, cutting off water and vital supplies. 2014 Starmer argues this is a war crime in the video on the right. How times change.

In November, he refused to give any “red lines” over Israel’s actions, declining to condemn white phosphorus bombs and the additional war crime of collective punishment.

Seeming to endorse a developing genocide has not played well with Labour’s considerable Muslim supporters, many of whom may flock to the party of the most interesting man in British politics, George Galloway.

His cheerful dismissal of the sitting prime minister on the night Galloway won the Rochdale by-election is worth watching because it is extremely funny. He says, at 1:48, that the interviewer should stop acting as if Rishi Sunak “was Moses.”

“Do I respect the prime minister?” he continues.

“I despise the prime minister.”

It is always nice to hear someone say this.

How despicable is Rishi Sunak?

Rishi Sunak is despicable because he seems nice. He faces a potential scandal over investments in the “vaccine” company Moderna, details of which His Majesty’s Treasury has tried very hard to suppress.

In a diabolical twist, the hedge fund in which he invested is named “Theleme,” recalling the “religion” of the notorious Satanist Aleister Crowley. Like him, Sunak seemed to take “the whole of the law” to mean “do what thou wilt” – with the treasure and blood of the nation.

National traitor is not quite the phrase here, for a man with no ties beyond his personal enrichment to this nation.

This goes for most of the political class, however, who largely remain committed to toxic “vaccines,” abortion, forever wars, the persecution of Christianity, deranged sexual fanaticism, windmills, and the general liberal-managerial program of elite rule in spite of the ruled.

The export of this to organizations such as the World Economic Forum is called “globalism.” It is simply the model of liberal democracy scaled up – a death cult with slick adverts, which makes criticism of itself illegal.

The new head is rumored to be Tony Blair, a man for whom no punishment has arrived despite his near lifelong career of making a very strong case for the creation of an additional chapter in Dante’s Inferno, devoted only to his eternal torments.

It is this career path of upwardly mobile failure which awaits Mr. Sunak. As for Starmer, he is incapable of saying what a woman is. Can this man lead us into a disastrous war? Of course he can. Can he come up with any plan?

Can any of them?

No. The political argument is a sideshow to the real business, which is the management of the population through propaganda for profit, at their loss.

Politics is a dispute between right liberals, left liberals, and radical liberals over who gets to flog the horse, and for how long. The race has always been fixed in this way. A time is coming that no messaging can spin, however, in which all the safe bets will be off.

Not even Churchill can save the politicians from the consequences of their actions. The narrative trap they have created for us has ensnared them. They cannot admit that their shared policies of national suicide have created all the problems we now inhabit. This means they can never fix them. All they can do is try to stop you talking about them.

This change of riders does not alter the track. The finish line for this pantomime is in sight, and they know it. All they can do now is hang on till the bitter end.

Help Christians who escaped Gaza: LifeFunder