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December 15, 2020 (Campaign Life Coalition) — If you thought Bill C-6 was bad as it was, take another look. It just got so much worse!

Last Friday, the federal Justice Committee completed its “review” of Bill C-6 (the “conversion therapy ban”). However, instead of listening to the serious concerns brought forth by scores of qualified medical experts, church leaders, ex-LGBT representatives, and parental rights groups, the Liberal majority shut their ears and hardened their hearts. Nothing would move them.

In fact, they actually intensified their plan to punish those who share a traditional, Christian view on sexuality and gender!

Liberal Committee members ignored the legal opinion that Campaign Life Coalition delivered with the help of a top Canadian constitutional lawyer. Liberals ignored over 16,000 signatures from the petition we delivered at our “Stop the Ban” Rally on December 4th in Ottawa. They ignored warnings from the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, representing millions of Evangelical Canadians. They ignored the warnings from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, representing millions of Catholic Canadians. They ignored the personal stories of ex-LGBTs who overcame their unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion with the help of counselling.

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PETITION UPDATE (12/11/2020)

Right before Thanksgiving, YouTube deleted a LifeSite video of a distinguished Canadian physician protesting the "unfounded public hysteria" over COVID-19 and accused us of spreading "medical misinformation."

Our account was suspended, and we were prohibited from posting videos on our YouTube channel for one week. And, while that may not seem like a big deal, it's a huge deal for a news organization like LifeSite.

Then, earlier this week, YouTube again suspended our account – this time for two weeks – over an episode of The Bishop Strickland Show wherein Bishop Strickland said he would not take an unethical COVID-19 vaccine.

We were able to appeal the suspension, and our request was granted.

This means that in YouTube's three-strikes-and-you're-out content-policing, idea-cleansing scheme, we are back down to one strike. But, we still face the threat of losing our account permanently.

And, we're not the only ones.

In a recent turn of events, YouTube just announced that it will remove videos alleging widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

But, what is YouTube afraid of? The truth???

Thankfully, however, there is a one, big bright spot on the horizon: 48 states filed suit against Facebook just this week.

And, although this seems like a step in the right direction, the draconian measures which YouTube just rolled out, which are already wielded by Twitter, are an assault against free speech.

So, the fight for freedom of speech against Big Tech goes on. And, we must do everything we can to protect it!

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition today!








PETITION UPDATE (11/18/2020)

Everyone thought the censorship by Big Tech corporations would decrease after the 2020 election, but the truth is that censorship is being felt just as much as it was before the election.

And, given the election outcome, perhaps Big Tech censorship now is even more consequential than it was before the election!

The two biggest social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter, and other Big Tech companies, are still censoring and suppressing stories and posts favorable to conservatives, and especially anything that has to do with election fraud.

Here are a few recent examples:

  • Women for America First organized the March for Trump on November 14, which was shut down by Facebook, MailChimp and Eventbrite. Despite Big Tech’s best efforts to cancel the event, the march went on and gathered a huge crowd.
  • Twitter has been suppressing a large number of President Trump’s Tweets. Most of his Tweets have been flagged arbitrarily with a warning stating: “This claim about election fraud is disputed."

Please READ this recent article about Big Tech's attempt to choke information conerning the recent Million MAGA March in Washington, DC: '5 things mainstream media won’t tell you about massive DC ‘Stop the Steal’ rally'

Then, please SIGN and SHARE this urgent petition, which calls on the Congress, the president, and governors to defend freedom of speech as Big Tech continues their rampant censorship.

PETITION UPDATE (10/15/2020)

In a remarkable development, Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham have announced that the Senate Judiciary Committee will be issuing subpoenas to Twitter's Jack Dorsey and Facebook's Mark Zuckerburg for their company's suppression of two critical expose news stories about how Hunter Biden and the Biden Family allegedly profited from business deals made because of Joe Biden's position as Vice President.

Please WATCH LifeSite's exclusive video of the announcement by Senator Ted Cruz below.

According to the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Lindsey Graham, the subpoenas will be issued next Tuesday, for hearings to be held on Friday of next week.

This is a MASSIVE development, and should be welcomed by those who champion freedom of speech.

Again, this is all happening because Twitter and Facebook refuse to allow their members to share stories which would be favorable to conservatives.

Here's the timeline:

Yesterday, Twitter and Facebook suppressed a NY Post story about how Hunter Biden allegedly profited from introducing a Ukrainian businessman to his then-Vice President father, Joe Biden. The story also alleges that Vice President Biden then subsequently pressured Ukrainian authorities to fire a prosecutor who was investigating the businessman's company.

And, just this morning, Twitter suppressed another expose by the NY Post alleging that the Biden Family improperly profitted from deals made with one of the largest Chinese energy companies because of Vice President Biden's position in government.

But, right after the story broke, Senator Cruz tried to share the latest story on Twitter and was blocked. Twitter says that they are blocking the stories because they claim that the information was obtained illegally. However, Twitter showed no problem allowing illegally obtained information about President Trump's tax returns to be shared.

Please SIGN and SHARE this urgent petition, which calls on the Congress, the president, and governors to defend freedom of speech as Big Tech continues their rampant censorship.


'GOP senators decry Big Tech censorship of NY Post story exposing Biden corruption' - https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/gop-senators-decry-big-tech-censorship-of-ny-post-story-exposing-biden-corruption



Big Tech is out to kill free speech. LifeSite is out to protect it!

LifeSite has been digging deep into the many claims of liberal bias and selective censorship of pro-life, pro-family, and conservative voices on social media.

And, we are now launching our new series 'Uncensored: Big Tech vs. Free Speech', which will unpack how the actions of Big Tech censors actually affect conservative and Christian organization and individuals.

Please WATCH the first video in our series featuring Brigitte Gabriel, the Founder of ACT For America, one of the nation's premier national security grassroots organizations.

Ms. Gabriel's organization, ACT For America, has been targeted by Big Tech especially in the manipulation of search results.

Big Tech “think[s] they are God and they are exercising their godly power over everybody else,” Gabriel explained. "Because in today's world, anytime you want to find out any information about somebody, what do you do? Google. You go to the internet to find out some information about them. When you research anything about somebody, the first thing that comes up [in the search results] is the Southern Poverty Law Center’s labeling of ‘hate groups.’”

“And who are the ‘hate groups’? Family Research Council is a hate group because they are pro-family. American Family Radio is a hate group…LifeSiteNews is a hate group. My organization is a hate group because we sound the alarm about terrorism and protecting our constitutional freedom. And so they try to character assassinate you. And they control the language.”

LifeSite's research shows that Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, and others have become far too dangerous for democracy.

They can and do sway elections and public opinion in whatever direction they want, primarily by manipulating search results, tracking our online behavior, and by blocking truthful content from their platforms.

Today, LifeSite is starting to fight back, with facts and with stories of conservatives and Christians who are being negatively impacted by Big Tech's liberal bias.

Please continue to follow our 'Big Tech vs. Free Speech' series which aims to launch a new video each week for the next eight weeks.

And, please sign our petition demanding that Big Tech monopolies are broken up. Thank you!



The outrageous erasing of the White Coat Summit from the internet is only the latest in a long series of brazen acts of censorship against conservatives and all those who support legitimate free speech.

You may agree or disagree with the efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine against the coronavirus, but everyone should agree on this point:

No Big Tech company should have the power to erase from the internet the medical opinions of licensed practicing doctors simply because they do not like what they have to say about the coronavirus or their experience treating it.  Americans and other free peoples do not need leftist computer programmers deciding what the best course of medical treatment is for them.

Google/Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and their Big Tech friends want to control what you see, what you read, what you think, and ultimately, how you vote.  Not only do they spend hundreds of millions of dollars on lobbying congress and buttering up big Washington DC think tanks, but now they brazenly and directly censor any content they don't want you to see.

Big Tech, like other interest groups, aggressively lobby to help their businesses thrive, but increasingly, Big Tech is using blatant internet censorship to impose its radical world view over those they consider to be "deplorables."

This must stop, but it won't unless we demand it as forcefully as legally possible.  We believe that we have reached the point were Big Tech must be broken up if legitimate free speech is going to survive and continue to thrive on the internet.

Please sign our petition to demand real consequences for Big Tech's suppression of legitimate free speech.

In 2016, emails revealed by Fox News' Tucker Carlson proved that Google tried to influence the election by affecting voter turnout.  Thankfully they failed.  But they didn't give up.  Instead, they have been preparing and testing how to manipulate information to continue to abuse their monopolistic power.

In 2018, Google/Youtube et. al. succeeded in manipulating the Irish abortion referendum by blacklisting pro-life videos, manipulating pro-life search terms and results and intentionally withholding pro-life information.  Again, this is not an opinion or a conspiracy theory, Project Veritas obtained first hand information proving the intentional censorship by Big Tech.

And the Coronavirus has just made things worse.  You see, scared people are more easily manipulated into giving up their freedom of speech.  Children are being kept from going to school, tens of millions of Americans are out of work, and rioting has broken out in most major American cities.

Now, more than ever, freedom of speech is necessary to secure all of our freedoms.  Freedom of speech is crucial to truly exercise the freedom to vote for the person that best represents one's own views, or the freedom to decide what course of medical treatment to accept - especially the decision to control what vaccines are administered to our children.

Some experts, like Dr. Robert Epstein, a behavioral psychologist who has testified before congress against Big Tech believes that we may already be too late to control Big Tech's tyrannical control over information.

President Trump took a step in the right direction with his Executive Order calling for increased regulation of Big Tech.  But much more can be done and needs to be done right now.

In an era where almost everything is polarized, there is an overwhelming support for breaking up the Big Tech monopolies.  A recent Pew poll found that 75% of Americans believe that Big Tech companies have too much influence.

It is time to bring serious accountability to Big Tech for their attempts to use their monopolies to kill free speech.

It is time to break up Big Tech. 


Google, Facebook, Twitter shut down ‘frontline’ US doctors who promote ‘cure for COVID’ - https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/google-facebook-twitter-shut-down-frontline-us-doctors-who-promote-cure-for-covid?utm_source=featured&utm_campaign=standard

Americans overwhelmingly agree Big Tech has too much power: Pew poll - https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/americans-overwhelmingly-agree-big-tech-has-too-much-power-pew-poll

Leaked Google employee's email reveals effort to boost Latino vote, surprise that some voted for Trump - https://www.foxnews.com/tech/leaked-google-employees-email-reveals-effort-to-boost-latino-vote-surprise-that-some-voted-for-trump

Undercover video proves Google interfered in Irish abortion referendum - https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/americans-overwhelmingly-agree-big-tech-has-too-much-power-pew-poll





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Instead, Liberal Committee members not only recommended that Bill C-6 move forward hastily to a final vote, but they made five new additions to expand and strengthen this totalitarian legislation. Rather than work across party-lines and listen to all sides, they manipulated the parliamentary review process to push through even more of their one-sided, radical LGBT agenda!

For example…

The nebulous term “gender expression” was added to Bill C-6, expanding the definition of “conversion therapy” to include the repression or reduction of “non-cisgender gender expression” (e.g. criticizing cross-dressing and trans pronouns).

In other words, not only will it be a crime for parents to try to stop their children from medically “transitioning” to the opposite sex, it will be a crime for parents to control how their children wish to dress, what make-up they want to use, or however they might choose to express their “identity”.


If little six-year-old Jane comes home from school one day and says that she is now a “he”, and her name is now “John”, mom and dad will be completely helpless. If they don’t go along with this fantasy, they could lose their child and go to jail.

Bill C-6, as amended, literally transfers parental authority over to the LGBT activists, taking away every right to object to even the most obscene, harmful, immoral, and foolhardy sexual practices and gender expressions being promoted.

Our precious children, we are told, must be allowed to express themselves according to any non-conforming gender identity they hear about at school or see online. (And there are literally dozens of possible “genders” to choose from!) Can you imagine the chaos? All the while, parents may do nothing but “affirm” their kids like slavish yes-men — or else face five years in jail!

This Bill C-6 might best be called the “parental prosecution bill”!

Liberal Committee members also opted to extend the censorship provisions in Bill C-6. It will now be a crime not only to “advertise”, but also to “promote”, any offer to provide counselling for unwanted same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria. This will ensure that any public messages, articles, pamphlets, books, web pages, websites, or YouTube videos espousing a traditional view of sexuality or gender can be “seized” or “deleted”. This includes: “any material — including a photographic, film, video, audio or other recording, made by any means, a visual representation or any written material.”

This will no doubt include portions of the Bible, like 1 Corinthians 6:9-11. It may even prohibit the Bible itself, which is, after all, a Book all about “conversion”! There are no religious exemptions in Bill C-6.


Above: “Un-German” books and literature being “seized” and “deleted” in 1930s Nazi Germany.

Liberal Committee members also lowered the threshold for police to bring charges against “violators” of Bill C-6. Under the original Bill, it was a crime to counsel an adult if it was “against a person’s will”, meaning that the onus was on the adult hearer to object to the counselling or advice given. Now the onus is on those offering the counsel or advice to first obtain “consent” from any adult before ever speaking a word! That means that we dare not say anything from the traditional perspective on sexuality or gender without fear of being charged for not first obtaining consent!

Bill C-6 is a draconian proposal. Here we see the government controlling and compelling our speech — telling us what to say and how to think! The Trudeau Liberals are claiming there is only one valid viewpoint on sexuality and gender — the radical LGBT lobby’s viewpoint.

As for everyone else — we must either shut up or go to jail. In particular, parents must be silenced if the government is to capture the minds of the next generation. It is an age-old strategy — the modus operandi of tyrants and dictators.

I am reminded of George Orwell’s prophetic work, 1984, where we read: “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

In the case of Bill C-6, Trudeau’s Liberal Party must always be right.


Above: Justin Trudeau marches with children in an erotic “Gay Pride” parade / Source: GoToVan alt. CC BY 2.0

I would ask you to consider reaching out to your Member of Parliament over Christmas not only to wish him or her the greetings of the season, but also to state your opposition to Bill C-6 (the “conversion therapy ban”). We have created a tool to make this as easy as possible, providing you with pre-scripted messages and contact information for your local MP. You can access our tool at our “Stop the Ban” website.

Our efforts against this totalitarian piece of legislation would not be possible if not for your sacrificial giving. With your financial support, we were able to launch the “Stop the Ban” website, featuring professionally produced video testimonials and a complete analysis of Bill C-6. We were also able to set up the contact-your-MP tool, organize our “Stop the Ban” rally, and pay the legal fees to a top constitutional lawyer who helped with our written submission to the Justice Committee.

If you are able, please consider donating towards our ongoing fight against Bill C-6 and other radical initiatives designed to undermine our traditional values and abrogate our God-given rights and freedoms.

Published with permission from the Campaign Life Coalition.


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