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(Euthanasia Prevention Coalition) – My son was euthanized by the Canadian Government’s Medical Assistance In Dying or MAiD program on Dec 12, 2021.

What proof was demonstrated regarding my son’s pain or his mental well-being by MAiD? Nobody contacted me, his mother, to check, corroborate, question or confirm my son’s reasons.

It appears the adjudicators accept what a person says without any thorough investigation. There is also no oversight of the adjudicators.

MAiD doesn’t appear to consider the devastating fallout to family and loved ones, nor do they offer grief counselling before or after the exterminations.

I recently discovered over 10,000 Canadians were euthanized in 2021, including my son: that’s a staggering amount.

I’m now speaking out as a bereaved Mother who I am sure is not alone in the wake of these highly questionable “exterminations” being committed with this program.

The bigger issue is, how much further is this program going to go? It was originally advertised as being for those suffering with a terminal lifespan who were in pain. It’s now escalated to an amendment being proposed in March 2023 to include people who are depressed.

This is definitely a very slippery slope my friends. Who gets to define “quality of life” and how is it measured? Further, where is the money in all this?

Will the homeless, troubled teens, disabled, dementia patients, politically incompatible, religious affiliation or physically complex babies be the next targets for euthanasia in future amendments?

It’s a serious question given our sorrowful history. In my opinion, MAiD is actually a Trojan horse and has turned out to be a way to rid society of the “less desirable” across the board. MAiD is reminiscent of 1930’s Nazi Germany when the disabled were sterilized, followed by the euthanasia of children and adults with disabilities, and finally genocide.

The constant broadening of the program is very serious. Please critically ponder this program and speak about these highly questionable proposals with your friends, family and colleagues. And please contact your Members of Parliament – on either side of the aisle and ask them to STOP where MAiD seems to be inevitably headed.

Thank you, Sharon Danley

Reprinted with permission from Euthanasia Prevention Coalition