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(Campaign Life Coalition) – Cheating and corruption is hard to take, isn’t it?

Especially in a democratic election, and when done in plain sight. And especially when committed by a party that constantly rails against the corruption and undemocratic behaviour of the Trudeau Liberals.

As I wrote Monday, two of our pro-life, pro-family Conservative leadership candidates were disqualified from the race with the most outrageous of excuses from the party establishment.

To their amazement, Joseph Bourgault and Grant Abraham were informed they had not met the advertised $300,000 ($233,560 USD) fundraising requirement, even though they each paid the party more than $300,000 by the April 29 deadline.

When we dug deeper to understand how the red Tory swamp could tell such a lie, we found out that they invented a new rule, out of thin air, which was not contained in the official rules for the leadership contest.

What was the ad-hoc rule? It goes something like this: 2 + 2 = 5.

Yes, that’s how bold their lie was.

They told the Bourgault and Abraham campaigns that the advertised buy-in fee of $300,000 – stated plainly, in writing, and consisting of a $200,000 registration fee plus $100,000 compliance deposit – does not equal $300,000.

No. According to the party bureaucrats, here’s the math one must use: $200,000 + $100,000 = $345,0000. According to a different source, $200,000 + $100,000 = $353,000

Makes perfect sense, right?

What’s even more perplexing is that Bourgault submitted $367,453 before the deadline, well above the make-believe number that party bureaucrats pulled out of their magic hat. I guess that Wayne Benson, CPC Executive Director, and Ian Brodie, Chair of the Leadership Election Organizing Committee (LEOC), would have us believe one more improbable mathematical equation:

$367,453 < $345,000.

Our sources inside the CPC tell us that members of LEOC were surprised to hear that the buy-in fee was suddenly now $345,000, and not the $300,000 they had been working with.

One LEOC member shared, in confidence: “They made this figure up. We’d never heard of it before. The only number we had ever heard was $300,000.”

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Is the Conservative Party of Canada giving pro-life candidates the cold shoulder in this year's leadership race?

That's what many Canadians have been left to wonder after the CPC recently announced that two conservative, pro-life candidates, Grant Abraham and Joseph Bourgault, would not be eligible to have their names officially placed on the ballot for party leader, even after seemingly meeting all requirements to do so.

Could this be a case of the CPC establishment arbitrarily picking winners and losers in the ongoing leadership election? And, if so, are true conservatives like Abraham and Bourgault the ones being unfairly targeted?

We must ask ourselves -- and the CPC -- these questions.

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition calling on the Leadership Election Organizing Committee (LEOC) of the Conservative Party to immediately reinstate Grant Abraham and Joseph Borgault onto the ballot for party leader in this year's election immediately.

While Grant Abraham, an attorney from British Columbia and Joseph Bourgault, a businessman from Saskatchewan, may not be as well-known as some of their opponents running for Conservative Party Leader, they still managed, with hard work, determination, and grassroots support, to meet all of the stated requirements for their names to be faithfully added to the official CPC leadership ballot for this year's election on September 10th.

According to the CPC, these requirements are for candidates to raise $300,000 and obtain 500 petition signatures -- both of which Abraham and Bourgault actually achieved.

Abraham actually had raised $300,000 for the entry fee, in addition to submitting 598 petition signatures, and, likewise, Bourgault raised nearly $400,000, and submitted over 1,000 petition signatures.

SIGN and SHARE this urgent petition to the CPC now!

Yet even so, the CPC confirmed to the candidates late last weekend that neither had made the final cut because they added a 15% "administration fee" in addition to the $300,000 -- making the actual total they would have needed to raise closer to $350,000 (which, remarkably, still wouldn't explain why at least Bourgault was denied access to the ballot).

Abraham has gone on record declaring that this was false advertising by the party, and that the additional administration fee was never actually communicated to them by the CPC prior to their rejection.

Only four pro-life candidates entered the race for CPC leader this year, and two of them were Abraham and Bourgault.

A third, MP Marc Dalton, failed to meet the fundraising requirements set forth by the party, and a fourth, former leadership candidate and current MP Leslyn Lewis, made it onto the ballot.

So, is the CPC squeezing out conservative, pro-life candidates wherever possible? Are they breaking their own rules to suit the party's establishment, instead of the Canadian people?

It seems that fake conservatives in the CPC establishment are guilty of the same corrupt, power-hungry tendencies they often criticize Liberals for embracing.

Conservatives must demand justice: SIGN and SHARE this petition demanding that members of the Conservative Party's LEOC take immediate action to reinstate Abraham and Bourgault onto the official ballot for CPC Leader.

Both Abraham and Bourgault intend to appeal this grossly unethical and ideologically-discriminatory decision themselves, but they also need support from Canadians like YOU to get the message across!

Thank you!

P.S.  You can support LIFE by attending this year's National March for Life in Ottawa on May 12th! Learn more HERE.


'Two pro-life candidates for Conservative Party leadership were disqualified despite raising enough money' (LifeSiteNews)

'Canadian MP Leslyn Lewis becomes only remaining pro-life candidate for Conservative Party leadership' (LifeSiteNews)

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In order that you can see with your own eyes what the official CPC rules spell out for the buy-in fee, below are screenshots from the relevant sections of the official rules.

From section 3.3.1:

From section 3.4.1:

Since Bourgault and Abraham paid more than $300,000 by the deadline, their names should rightfully be included in the final list of verified candidates. Furthermore, on May 2, CPC executive director Wayne Benson admitted to the press that there was no impediment based on their political beliefs or background, and that the only reason for disqualification was this one alleged financial issue. From the CBC:

“In a statement, Wayne Benson, the party’s executive director, said the decision to block a particular candidate ‘was based on the requirements set out under the rules, not any prospective candidate’s political beliefs.’”

There’s something else very fishy, and which makes the party look like it’s covering up wrongdoing.

The red Tory bureaucrats are refusing to provide to Bourgault, Abraham, and a third disqualified candidate also rumoured to be a socon, Joel Etienne, a report listing all the donations that came into the party for each candidate.

Why not let the candidates analyze their own donation transactions? Why hide the data? Is it because they know that the transactions will prove that the candidates met the buy-in requirement?

We cannot let this skulduggery go on. There must be justice for the candidates who met all the requirements and for their donors, whose cash the party is planning to steal, err, I mean, keep. Please take the following three actions to voice your discontent and demand the reinstatement of Abraham and Bourgault.

1: Email all of the LEOC members by copying and pasting the email address string here.

Note: most of the emails sent on Monday were blocked. Perhaps the addresses were wrong. Hopefully these email formulations which are a mix of CPC addresses plus others found online, are more accurate. If you get error messages back, don’t worry – just plan to make your voice heard using actions #2 and #3 below.

2: Email your Conservative MP, if you have one, by looking them up by postal code here.

3: Email the CPC National Council Member(s) responsible for representing your province, here.

Thank you for helping us defend truth and democracy.

Reprinted with permission from Campaign Life Coalition.