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B.C. NDP Premier David EbyCity News / YouTube

(LifeSiteNews) — Under Bill 36, which quietly passed through the B.C. legislature on November 24 of last year, Premier David Eby’s government will be calling the shots when it comes to your healthcare, medical treatment, and personal medical choices.

Bill 36 places government appointees in charge of the Colleges overseeing the province’s doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, and all other healthcare professions. These appointees will be men and women selected by Eby’s Minister of Health, Adrian Dix.

Mr. Dix, as you might recall, was the one who viciously attacked and shut down the Delta Hospice for defending patients from euthanasia.

These appointees, who are beholden to Mr. Eby, Mr. Dix, and their NDP (New Democratic Party) government, will then have enormous new powers over every single healthcare worker licensed in the province. With these powers, they will intrude into the trusted relationship you have with your healthcare providers and exert even more control over the healthcare you receive.

David Eby and Adrian Dix
Premier David Eby (left) and Health Minister Adrian Dix (right)

Under Bill 36, if a healthcare professional does not tow the party line when it comes to government healthcare policy, the College’s appointees could discipline that worker for the new crime of “misinformation.”

According to section 70 of Bill 36, it is now an offence to “[provide] false or misleading information to patients or the public respecting health and matters relating to health, including, without limitation, health services, drugs, devices and other health products.”

While this provision sounds harmless on the surface, we must bear in mind that what constitutes “misinformation” will be determined by the NDP government and its appointees. And, no doubt, they will be basing their definition on a partisan, left-wing political agenda.

So, if a doctor or nurse believes that abortion and euthanasia are not “healthcare” – that these elective procedures are forms of murder, that doctor or nurse might face discipline if they refuse to provide the “service” or make a referral to someone who will. Conscientious objection might actually become a “crime”!

And if a surgeon believes it is wrong to provide mutilating sex-change surgeries to gender-confused children, that surgeon – no matter how excellent he is at his job – will likely face discipline on the grounds of “discrimination”. He may be deemed “transphobic” and possibly suspended, as section 72 states that health professionals must “take anti-discrimination measures.”

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has raised a red flag over this bill. They warn: “The legislation contains provisions that would allow the College to discipline any dissenters; those who speak out against the College policies or who fail to comply, with loss of license. It further enables the College to make ‘without notice’ applications to the court to obtain orders of compliance, orders for entry into premises to search, seize or copy property, orders to secure premises and prevent an owner from entry, to order fines for non-compliance of up to $200,000, as well as to order jail time for up to six months if a healthcare worker is deemed to have made a false or misleading statement.”

This level of intimidation is sure to do one of two things: First, it will muzzle many decent, ethical, caring healthcare professionals and prevent them from providing the best advice and treatment to their patients. Second, those doctors who wish to be more vocal in their disagreement with provincial healthcare policies will be forced to take their practices out of the province or else lose their licenses.

Dr. Jordan Peterson, a world-renowned Canadian psychologist, weighed in on the impact of Bill 36. He said:

Comment from Dr. Jordan Peterson

Unfortunately, while it is too late to stop Bill 36 from passing into law, it is not too late to push back and demand the government reverse-course! That is why Campaign Life Coalition is encouraging people to join the movement to recall Premier David Eby.

Under B.C. law, an elected provincial representative may be recalled if 60% of the voters in his or her riding demand it. All they need to do is sign their names on a paper petition.

Such a petition has already been launched by local residents in the riding of David Eby in Vancouver-Point Grey. If you are a resident, you can find out where to sign at this web site:

We would urge every resident to sign as soon as possible! For those outside the riding, if you know someone who lives in Vancouver-Point Grey, we would ask you to pass along this note.

Bill 36 is not only an enormous intrusion into the practice of medicine in B.C., but it inserts the government into that trusted doctor-patient relationship. As a patient, you will never be sure if your doctor is giving you objective, personalized advice or merely parroting the party line from the Ministry of Health.

Bill 36 will also prevent medical professionals from speaking out against harmful and unethical practices. Instead, it will coerce healthcare workers to push, promote, and refer for things such as abortion, euthanasia, transgender treatments and surgeries, and abortion-tainted vaccines.

If you do not want the medical profession to become a mere mouthpiece for the NDP government, it is important that you join the campaign to recall Premier Eby. Please help us, God willing, to send Premier Eby packing!

Reprinted with permission from Campaign Life Coalition