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Ezra Levant from Rebel News addressing the Freedom Convoy.Rebel News/ screenshot

(Everyday for Life Canada) – While Canada’s mainstream media, and the state broadcaster, the CBC, have decided to take the government’s side regarding the Freedom Convoy, Ezra Levant from Rebel News did have the courage to address and offer a media lesson to the crowd on Parliament Hill, in Ottawa.

The truckers are protesting vaccine mandates and other harsh COVID-19 restrictions which have violated Canadian freedoms and civil rights. Rebel News has sent ten reporters to cover the event.

Levant criticized the MSM for not accurately reporting on the Freedom Convoy and for failing to cover the large gathering in Ottawa.

“It’s great to be here, and on behalf of Rebel News, I salute you,” he said to those present. Levant told them to film and document what was taking place because there is a need for true independent citizen journalists. Canada’s legacy “media party” can no longer be trusted. There’s an important media lesson there.

Yes, the MSM has essentially been bought by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government with a huge bailout of tax payer funds. Take the Toronto Star for example: supposedly the working person’s paper, it gets $110,000 weekly from the government.

The paper criticized the Freedom Convoy and anyone who objected to the vaccine. However, the Star has nothing to say about Trudeau’s actions: not one question, as the PM goes into hiding and refuses to meet with the truckers. Trudeau has even said that they’re a “fringe element” and “hold unacceptable views.”

Does Trudeau not realize that his party got less than one-third of the vote cast in the last election? He’s the fringe leader.

Then, there’s the chief Liberal government cheer leader, the CBC, which collects 1.5 billion dollars from the tax payer. Canada presently has mostly government funded journalists. What independent media can you name?

Levant went on to say, “The government says you’re racist, the government says you’re sexist, the government says you’re violent.” Instead Levant declared, “I’ve never seen a more diverse group of Canadians.”

The truckers are Canada. Vive la liberté!

Reprinted with permission from Everyday for Life Canada