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(Campaign Life Coalition) — I want to share a powerful video with you about a Conservative politician – that’s, right, a politician – who schooled his liberal counterparts about parental rights.

The man’s name is Kris Austin, a Progressive Conservative MLA in New Brunswick who also happens to be the province’s Minister of Public Safety.

Last week, he stood up in the legislature to make some heart-felt comments in response to the criticism his party has been receiving from LGBT activists and even from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, over its changes to policy 713 on “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.”

Now, I’ll get to more on that in just a moment, but first, I want to share the video of the speech because it’s so good.

Like I mentioned earlier, Austin delivered his speech in response to the changes the Progressive Conservative government made to policy 713, which has turned into a real battle for Premier Blaine Higgs.

The changes to policy 713 come into effect on July 1st and they will make sure that schools will no longer be able to hide gender transitioning of young children from their parents.

To me, there’s a lot more that still needs to be done, but when you look at our current political climate…

This move by Premier Higgs is one of the most hopeful policy reforms to protect parental rights that I’ve seen in a long time.

As you might expect, Mr. Higgs and his party have been the targets of LGBT activists, and their allies in the legacy media, who think that politicians and educrats know more about how to raise children than parents do, and…

That’s why we launched an Action Alert Email campaign, encouraging our local supporters in New Brunswick to email and phone their elected officials in support of the changes to 713. If you live in New Brunswick and haven’t contacted your MLA about this, here’s your chance. Quickly send an Action Alert Email to your MLA by clicking here.

The campaign is only open to people who live in New Brunswick, but that got me thinking…

“Jeff,” I said to myself, “why isn’t this being rolled out across the country?”

So, I answered my own question and decided to send out this email to all of our supporters, so they can influence their provincial governments to follow the lead of Premier Higgs.

The state doesn’t own our kids

Please, email and call your provincial Premier and Minister of Education and ask them to follow New Brunswick’s example by instituting a policy that requires parental consent before minor children can use opposite sex pronouns and change their names at school.


Premier Danielle SmithEmail: [email protected]Phone: 780-427-2251

Education Minister Demetrios NicolaidesEmail: [email protected]Phone: 780-427-5777


Premier David EbyEmail: [email protected]Phone: 250-387-1715

Education Minister Rachna SinghEmail: [email protected]Phone: 250-356-8247


Premier Heather StefansonEmail: [email protected]Phone: 204-945-3714

Minister of Education Wayne EwaskoEmail: [email protected]Phone: 204-945-3720


Premier Andrew FureyEmail: [email protected]Phone: 709-729-3570

Minister of Education Krista Lynn HowellEmail: [email protected] & [email protected]Phone: 709-729-5040


Premier Tim HoustonEmail: [email protected]Phone: 1-800-267-1993

Minister of Education Becky DruhanEmail: [email protected]Phone: 902-424-4236


Premier Doug FordEmail: [email protected]Phone: 416-325-1941

Minister of Education Stephen LecceEmail: [email protected]Phone: 416-325-2929


Premier Dennis KingEmail: [email protected]Phone: 902-368-4400

Minister of Education Natalie JamesonEmail: [email protected]Phone: 902-368-4610


Premier François LegaultEmail: [email protected]Phone: 418-643-5321

Minister of Education Bernard DrainvilleEmail: [email protected]Phone: 418 644-0664


Premier Scott MoeEmail: [email protected]Phone: 306-787-9433

Minister of Education Dustin DuncanEmail: [email protected]Phone: 306-787-7360


Premier Caroline CochraneEmail: [email protected]Phone: 867-767-9140 ext.11080

Minister of Education R.J. SimpsonEmail: [email protected]


Premier P.J. AkeeagokEmail: [email protected]Phone: 867-975-5050

Minister of Education Pamela HakongakEmail: [email protected]Phone: 867-975-5028


Premier Ranj PillaiEmail: [email protected]Phone: 867-393-7467

Minister of Education Jeanie McLeanEmail: [email protected]Phone: 867-393-7494

If you want, you can share the video of Kris Austin’s speech with your provincial leaders, and don’t forget to post it on social media so your family and friends can see the message, too.

Thank you kindly for your support in these efforts and God bless.

Jeff GunnarsonNational PresidentCampaign Life Coalition