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May 31, 2021 (American Thinker) – The COVID-19 lockdowns have affected more than just schools, the economy, and how people socially interact outside of their homes – thousands of cancer screenings and treatments were skipped or delayed, leading to a rise in cancer deaths for the first time in decades. This is directly due to excessive COVID policies that pushed fear into the hearts and minds of people across the nation and the globe.

From 2001 to 2017 the CDC reported that overall cancer rates had been decreasing about 1.5% each year. Male cancer deaths decreased 1.8%, and female cancer deaths decreased 1.4%. This was considered a medical triumph. There was hope for many. Unfortunately, it was quickly destroyed by changes in medical protocol due to COVID rules put in place without proper research and consideration for all the consequences, short and long-term.

Last year people were constantly told to “stay home,” and be “socially distant.” The CDC, WHO, and corporate media constantly hammered fear into the hearts and minds of Americans. Many hospitals and doctors’ offices canceled routine check-ups. They even delayed necessary treatments for cancer patients.

My ex-husband’s father was directly affected by this. He had his cancer screening pushed back, only to later find that he had bladder cancer. The sooner this is treated, the better off his health would have been, but because of the constant focus on COVID-19, which isn’t harmful to 99.97% of people, his treatment options were delayed and even limited.

These limitations deterred him from making crucial medical decisions for weeks. Eventually, he decided just to let it go and enjoy whatever time he had left, but when the pain grew to be too much he sought treatment and was advised that the cancer was so advanced he had to have his bladder completely removed.

Since then he hasn’t been the same. They say “cancer changes a person” – from what I know it’s not the cancer so much as the hoops one has to jump through to receive proper medical treatment, especially during the pandemic.

This is alarming because cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States, second only to heart disease. COVID-19 isn’t even in the CDC’s top 10 leading causes of death, yet medical professionals chose to focus on combating the virus over more deadly diseases, and now Americans are seeing the unfortunate outcome.

On May 15th The National Cancer Institute noted that approximately 15,000 patients got their cancer screenings from March of 2020 through June. That is a huge drop in numbers compared to the over 60,000 patients who got cancer screenings during that period the previous year. This is not the first report released on the subject. All throughout 2020, predictions of increased cancer deaths were published by the media and the medical industry.

Most recently, the Medical X Press reported that nearly 10 million Americans missed their cancer screenings throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This data analyzed information regarding the three main types of cancer that need to be detected as soon as possible to afford patients a better survival rate: breast, colon, and prostate. This study, published in JAMA Oncology, found that breast cancer screenings alone dropped 90% in April of 2020.

An author of the study, Dr. Ronald Chen, is the associate director of health equity with the University of Kansas Cancer Center. He said, “As a physician, I wasn’t surprised to see that screenings had declined, but this study measures by how much.” He went on to emphasize, “This study makes it clear that this is a large public health issue.”

This “public health issue,” most recently claimed my aunt’s life. She was diagnosed with throat cancer too late and before we had time to fully process it, she was gone. But at least we’re now “allowed” to have funerals again, so my family got to give her a proper good-bye.

Despite this, I’m still looking at the data and the predictions, and none of it makes it any easier. I can’t stop thinking about all those videos of dancing nurses and doctors that went viral last year. To me, if a pandemic were reaching plague levels, medical professionals wouldn’t have time to choreograph dance routines and record themselves for clickbait. To me, the leading causes of death shouldn’t be ignored so our medical “experts” can panic over a virus that has proven to be a little more than a bad flu.

I am currently in the angry stage of grief. I realize this. But that doesn’t change the fact that more people are now dying of cancer. Preventable cancers. Treatable cancers.

The CDC, Fauci, and other medical influencers should be held responsible for the massive increase in cancer deaths, but I’m sure they will come through this without legal repercussions. Meanwhile, everyday Americans are losing loved ones because the medical industry decided to pick and choose who to care for in the COVID era.

Jessica is a homeschooling mother of 4, author of The Golden RuleWalk Your Path, and The Magic of Nature, and her work has been featured by, The New American, The Epoch TimesEvie Magazine, American Thinker, and many more.  

Reprinted with permission by American Thinker