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Mike Del Grande, a trustee of the Toronto Catholic District School Board.Lianne Laurence / LifeSiteNews

Help Mike defeat the pro-LGBT school board: LifeFunder

(LifeSiteNews) – At a meeting of the Toronto Catholic District School Board held on November 7, 2019, trustee Mike Del Grande opposed the implementation of an optional government policy in Catholic schools that contradict Catholic Church teachings on human sexuality.

He exercised his right to political speech to urge fellow trustees to recognize that adoption of this government policy, which enshrined a right to “gender identity” and “gender expression” into school policy, was morally wrong.

He gave theoretical examples of how it could lead down a path of accepting other immoral behaviors that are criminal today, but might very well become legal tomorrow if social mores change, such as pedophilia. (If you read LifeSiteNews regularly, you’re already aware of how academia and Hollywood are attempting to normalize pedophilia.)

After all, it wasn’t long ago that homosexual behavior was illegal and considered sinful throughout society. Today it is lawful and considered a “human right” by many. Now, it’s even emblazoned on flags that fly over Ontario’s Catholic schools every June!

Public schools today, both secular and Catholic, have departed from educating children in traditional academics, and instead, are focused on indoctrinating children to accept homosexual and transgender lifestyles as normal and healthy. That’s why families with traditional values, even non-Catholic families, put their children into the Catholic school system, seeking a sanctuary that protects their children from moral corruption.

Unfortunately, Mike’s comments were twisted out of context. He was accused of “hate speech,” and the LGBT mob demanded that he be publicly condemned and sanctioned by his Trustee colleauges.

But these cancel culture leftists are lying.

The fact of the matter is that Mike simply explained there is a slippery slope by enshrining transgender ideology into Catholic school policy, by giving examples of other sexual perversions that might one day be normalized, and the board might be expected to celebrate.

But he never equated gender-confused people or homosexuals with pedophiles or the other currently criminal behaviours he mentioned in his speech. Anyone who reads the transcript of his statements at that meeting will know he did no such thing. Their complaints led to a formal investigation.

On August 20, 2020 the full Board met to determine whether or not Mike violated the Code of Conduct as a Trustee. The vote failed to pass by the required margin and he was acquitted of all misconduct allegations.

As you may know, after his acquittal Mike’s accusers refused to accept the fact that freedom of political speech which happens to offend a segment of the population is permissible in a free and democratic society. LGBTQ activists, together with their political allies, influenced the Board to re-open Mike’s acquittal on the pretext that the Board always has the legal right to keep holding new votes in any Code of Conduct case until enough votes are secured to find any trustee guilty.

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Can you imagine a judge telling a jury to keep going back to hold vote after vote until the accused person is found guilty? Is this fair? This is what happened to Mike.

The Board decided to reconsider its prior not guilty verdict, and then, knowing in advance that at least one trustee could be counted on to change their previous vote, a new vote was held to find Mike guilty, in order to punish him for his defense of Catholic moral teaching.

Multiple attacks were launched arising out of the same political debate. A complaint was launched with the Ontario Teacher’s College to attack Mike’s unblemished record. It’s intended to humiliate him and to take away his license to teach. A third complaint was made to the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

Mike is forced to defend himself against these attempts to destroy him. But much more than Mike’s reputation is in jeopardy. Mike believes that in a free and democratic society elected public officials debating policy matters must not be censored or forced to censor the content or manner of their speech out of fear of offending any minority special interest group that opposes Catholic Church teaching.

Help Mike defeat the pro-LGBT school board: LifeFunder

Mike further believes that how he, or how any other trustee votes, is immune from legal scrutiny or punishment. If a trustee departs from the obligations set out in the trustee oath of office, the remedy is to vote out that trustee in the next election.

So long as the current system exists, Mike has to hire a legal team to take the School Board to judicial review for engaging in what he contends is an abuse of process, for reversing his acquittal by holding a fresh vote. Mike also needs legal help in an upcoming hearing before the Ontario Teachers College, which claims authority to control the content of political debate by an elected trustee who holds a valid teaching license, and finally, a fresh complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

Three sets of legal proceedings out of the same set of facts requires help from lawyers who cost a huge amount of money that he cannot afford to pay. Yet the complainants file complaints for free, while your tax dollars pay for his persecution. This is a huge burden that is wearing Mike down, physically and mentally.

Catholic teachers are on notice that teaching Catholic values in a Catholic School could be detrimental to their career. That is why faithful teachers are afraid, and rely on Mike to fight on their behalf. This is why he feels he has no choice but to fight, not just to defend his integrity, but to preserve Catholic education.

Many people are afraid to speak up. They are silenced by fear of public shaming or worse. The process Mike has been through is a punishment in itself. It is a persecution to have trustees self-censor and to timidly defer to the agenda of LGBTQ activists.

I would ask you to pray for Mike to get all the support he needs to clear his good name, beat his detractors in court, and fight all the more boldly to protect Catholic students from anti-Catholic teachings.

I would ask you to pray for his re-election bid in the upcoming municipal election on October 24, 2022, in TCDSB Ward 7.

Pray for him to obtain the largest margin of victory in the history of Board elections! A strong vote result on E-day may be the best evidence he can produce in court that his constituents expect him to oppose any ideology that attacks Catholic teachings and that they want Catholic schools to be authentically Catholic in everything they do.

Help Mike defeat the pro-LGBT school board: LifeFunder