A refresher on Catholic teaching about abortion for this US election season

Faithful Catholics must not support any politician who would falsely claim to be 'Catholic', while denying this fundamental teaching of the Catholic Church.
Thu Sep 29, 2016 - 2:15 pm EST
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September 29, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) -- During national election campaigns, dissident Catholic politicians, like Senator Tim Kaine, unfortunately tend to crop up with predictable regularity. They are almost always Democrats and they routinely repeat the liberal mantra that they are personally opposed to abortion, but they will not force their religious views on others. We have seen this dishonest approach in prior election cycles with the likes of faux Catholics such as Joe Biden, John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi. 

I once heard Cardinal Arinze demonstrate the illogic of their twisted reasoning. To make the point, he analogized that although he is personally opposed to killing people, if someone wanted to go into Congress and open fire with a machine gun, it would not be right for him to try to force his religious beliefs on that person so as to try to stop them. Obviously, all laws reflect someone's view of morality and our religious beliefs should inform our morality. The law should at least protect the lives of the innocent. 

Therefore, a refresher course on what the Catholic Church actually teaches, and what faithful Catholics are required to believe and practice, is worth repeating. The irrefutable tenants of this non-negotiable and pre-eminent issue are as follows: (1)  All human life is sacred;  (2) Human life begins at conception; (3)  Abortion kills an innocent human life;  (4) The intentional killing of an innocent human life is a mortal sin; and (5) If you die in a state of mortal sin you will go to hell for all eternity. 

In light of the foregoing, if one professes to be a Catholic, and actually believes what  the Catholic Church teaches about the "four last things":  death, judgment, heaven and hell, the eternal consequences for those who engage in abortion, and those who support it, could not be more drastic. Of course, for the innocent victim of abortion in their mother's womb, whose brief life comes to a violent end, the temporal consequences of abortion could not be more devastating. 

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And, as the Catholic Church also teaches, all rights depend on the protection of the first inalienable right: the right to life. Therefore, the liberal Catholics' vociferous call for "social justice" for the poor and oppressed, while denying millions of the most vulnerable the right to life itself, rings hollow and hypocritical. It is time for such cruel hypocrisy to be recognized for what it is, and for all faithful Catholics to boldly proclaim the truth of this issue without compromise. 

The abortion issue can never be viewed on a par with other "progressive" favorites, such as the environment or immigration, since the protection of innocent human life must be taken as the highest standard.  That is why faithful Catholics must not support any politician who would falsely claim to be "Catholic", while denying this fundamental teaching of the Catholic Church. The lives of the most defenseless depend on our fidelity to this essential truth, as does the fate of our immortal souls.

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