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July 8, 2015 (ALL) — The history of Catholics for Choice reveals a group of alleged Catholics who dissent from Church teaching. They do this in very public ways and have done so from the organization’s founding in 1973. So the latest action is really not shocking, yet it is somewhat disconcerting.

At a time when religious freedoms in America are at risk, one would think that even those who use their freedom of speech to mock God and His power would at the very least strive to protect the rights of all Americans to exercise that same freedom. After all, everyone—regardless of religious or non-religious views—should share in those rights. 

But not so fast.

The abortion cartel respects nothing about God-given rights; it never has. CFC’s latest action makes my point perfectly. The organization has published an offensive ad in the Washington Post Express that depicts an overweight Catholic bishop pointing his finger at the reader and has the words “We want YOU to help us discriminate” written below him. The point of the ad is to persuade folks to think about Catholic teaching in terms of discrimination against women who abort their babies. As the group laments on its website, “The bishops’ so-called ‘religious liberty’ campaign is a sham—and outright dangerous for our health and freedoms as Americans.” 

Or to put it in less fanatical terms, CFC wants unbridled access to abortion and it wants the Catholic Church to be silent about the truth regarding the heinous act of killing innocent babies before birth, not to mention the evil of contraception and in vitro fertilization.

The point of airing this ad at this specific time seems to attempt to counteract the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Fortnight for Freedom campaign. During this annual event the bishops focus on various aspects of the threat to religious freedom in America today. This year the theme was “Freedom to Bear Witness.” The campaign ended this past weekend, but the obvious reason why such programs are necessary should not be lost on anyone who cherishes the freedoms granted to Americans as part of our constitutional heritage. 

The challenge today is even greater than in times past because the vitriolic attacks on the Church and her people have grown exponentially over the years. And now at this critical time in our nation’s history it would seem that nothing is sacred.

As nurses speak about witnessing babies born alive after abortions, Catholics for Choice and other pro-abortion fanatics are emboldened to escalate their cries for freedom to kill and maim. Those who favor abortion state that the Catholic Church is discriminating against a woman’s right to choose. Those of us who spend our lives defending the rights of the preborn know that the entire “freedom of choice” agenda is based on lies and discrimination of an evil kind. 

These folks are professionals at convincing expectant mothers that their children are not really human beings, even though science says the opposite. They feign expertise as they lie to these moms about the possibility they may suffer immeasurable psychological and physical side effects from having an abortion—an abortion these moms could well avoid if only they heard the truth. 

To my mind, such deception is discrimination of the worst kind; it is deadly.

The bottom line is that those who hate God are similar to bottomless pits of garbage. There is nothing they will not do to contradict truth and venomously oppose those who profess faith in God and His truth.

Well, I say BRING IT! We have put on the armor of God and we will not back down.

Reprinted with permission from American Life League.