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(LifeSiteNews) — A recent report confirms a tragic trend in unexplained deaths amongst the young. 

According to the statistics published by the American Society of Actuaries, “15 to 34-year-olds saw a staggering 21.4% increase in excess deaths in 2021.”

Yet this is not the only age group to see a significant rise in the death rate. The same report shows “deaths among 35 to 44-year-olds, between October and December 2022, surged an alarming 34% above the expected 2015 to 2019 baseline.”

The numbers were analyses by British commentator John Campbell, who has raised concerns in the past over the alarming number of unexplained and sudden deaths in the young. 

Reported on August 19 in Vigilant News, the data has been collated by the professional body in the U.S. responsible for forecasting financial risk and liabilities to the government and corporations. Insurance companies, including those underwriting healthcare and pharmaceutical concerns, base their policies on the hard nosed assessments of actuaries.

At the basis of actuarial work is the assessment of risk. Their national body in the U.S. has identified a significantly increased risk of death for those aged between 15 and 45, which remains “unexplained.”

Yet this risk has not been confined to U.S. citizens, as the work of Campbell and other investigative journalists has shown.

Questions in the European Parliament

The “unexplained” rise in deaths among people as young as 15 has been a cause for concern since reports began to multiply of the unusual and sudden deaths of so many in this category.

John Campbell has twice noted this rise before, which coincides with the introduction of the mRNA “vaccines. His  presentations in October 2022 and January 2023 examine this purportedly causeless spike in mortality, coming after a question in the European Parliament presented in September 2022. 

The question was prompted by a report from The Exposé news site, which alleged that the EU’s European Mortality Monitoring project (EuroMOMO) had altered data to conceal a shocking rise in excess deaths among children aged 0-14.

Graph showing EuroMOMO original data, retrieved through archived pages. The data had been altered to show a far lower rate, according to The Exposé.

On September 18, three days before the question was posed, The Exposé noted the attempt by EuroMOMO to render this spike in mortality less significant – by changing the base rate of child deaths to diminish its impact – and the obvious link to the so-called “vaccines.”

The search for an explanation for these fatalities appears determined to obscure the most likely cause, as indicated by “EuroMOMO’s extremely suspicious decision to alter the baseline [of deaths] at the same time as opening a Europe-wide investigation into the extraordinary rise in excess deaths among children since the European Medicine Agency’s decision to approve the COVID-19 vaccine for children.”

The Exposé article, which provided for the basis of the question to the European Parliament, also cited an investigation in the previous month, which showed an increase in child mortality of almost 700 percent:

On the 29th of August 2022, we exclusively revealed that official mortality figures for Europe showed a shocking 691% increase in excess deaths among children up to week 33 of 2022 since the European Medicines Agency extended the emergency use authorization of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for use in children aged 12 to 15 in May 2021.

Despite these statistics, drawn from the EU’s own mortality monitor, the parliament of the European Union flatly denied that there could be any link between the so-called “vaccines” and this otherwise inexplicable trend in child deaths:

The COVID-19 vaccines authorized in the EU, including those that have been authorized for children, continue to be safe and effective at preventing severe illness, hospitalization and death. [Emphasis added.]

The answer on behalf of the unelected EU Commission notes that it is “aware of data highlighting an increase in excess mortality.”

Yet it supplied no answer as to why this was the case, stressing only that the “vaccines” could not be responsible. What, in the eyes of the Commission, could be causing these deaths?

It cites a “substantial increase in excess mortality [that] largely coincides with the COVID-19 outbreak,” which is a claim dismissed by the evidence. The evidence adduced shows a strong correlation in the time period, showing that enormous spikes in fatalities occurred immediately after the rollout of an experimental treatment which did not prevent infection or transmission.

The EU Commission supplied no alternative reason for these deaths, which its own statisticians then proceeded to downplay. Instead, it simply refused to accept any connection whatsoever between these historically anomalous fatalities and the mRNA injections, whose manufacturers are indemnified from any liability for injury or death:

However, this does not always mean that the reactions were caused by vaccination. Some may be due to pre-existing illness or other causes that took effect in the same period of time. By extension, if a vaccinated person dies, it does not necessarily mean that the death can be attributed to the vaccine.

‘Cause unknown’

Since the introduction of the mRNA injections the media has supplied many reasons for the rash of sudden deaths occurring without permitted cause.  

The phrase “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” emerged in June 2022 to label the disturbing trend of seemingly causeless deaths in the young.

It is pure filler – a phrase intended to sound like an explanation whilst signifying nothing but unexplained death.

Various reasons have been supplied for a soaring rate of heart conditions, including climate change, energy bills, and standing up or sitting down. Cold water, “pandemic stress,” eating or not eating breakfast – the list of alternatives to an obvious suspect is endless.

A political narrative

Spurious reasons for “an epidemic of sudden deaths” are dutifully listed in Edward Dowd’s 2022 book Cause Unknown.

The former BlackRock data analyst has compiled headline after headline of young people dying suddenly of an ‘unknown’ cause” in a book for which presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy wrote a foreword.  

With these reports a critical counterargument is growing in force. As mask mandates return in some places, the threat of more lockdowns cannot be dismissed. Data such as that over the appalling rise in the deaths of young children and younger adults is a means of opposition to what has been described as a “political narrative.”

In a June address to Xavier Becerra, the U.S. secretary of Health and Human Services, Rep. Mary Miller advanced a compelling explanation for the refusal to entertain the most obvious explanation:

I’d just like to say that you don’t follow the science.

You ignore medical evidence and you’re pushing a political narrative, an agenda by pushing puberty blockers and chemical castration on children, and pushing a second dose of the COVID mRNA vaccine on young boys when you knew it was causing myocarditis.

It is a hallmark of government and corporate policy that it steadfastly ignores the obvious explanation for anything. Yet this is not only a matter of political insincerity, or the maddening refusal to acknowledge the elephant in the room. It is a matter of life and death.

The only people to whom the cause is unknown are those who are invested in supplying it.