Christians need a way through the coming years. Here’s a start

What is the Christian response to the wasteland we find ourselves in?
Wed Jan 13, 2021 - 10:40 pm EST
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January 13, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — What is the Christian response to the wasteland we find ourselves in? The situation in the U.S. right now is indeed a wasteland and a republic of chaos. With the compass not set on God, any government, company, family is bound to end up this way.

Now we find ourselves in this situation — the unfathomable has happened. Our country has been handed over to evil forces, and evil seems to reign. (It seemed to reign on Good Friday, too.) I keep thinking about all the unborn babies who won’t see the light of day and the Christians who will be persecuted because Christianity is not welcome here anymore. But lest we become downcast and depressed about the world around us, let us recall these foundational elements of our faith and the promises of Easter.

This is not where we belong.

We are to be in the world but not of it. Our homeland is not the U.S. or this world or this time (though we were “chosen for such a time as this”) — but we are destined for our heavenly homeland, the eternal Jerusalem, made possible by Our Resurrected Lord.

God hears every prayer and never breaks His promises.

He warned us that we would be persecuted because of His name. But if we endure, the Kingdom is ours! Every prayer will bring merit in some way.

Mary leads us in this valley.

Our Blessed Mother is leading us in this valley. After every rosary, we pray that she hear our prayers and lead us through “this Valley of Tears.” She is leading the way. And where does she always lead us? To her Most Blessed Son.

Barrenness always brings new life with God.

If new life was able to spring from the barren wombs of Sarah and Elizabeth, then God will make our land and our Church and our hearts fruitful. Just as after a ravaging forest fire, the land is ripe for growth, so too after our desolation, green shoots of life and faith will spring forth from this barrenness we see before us. Barrenness is a ripe opportunity for God to work and shower His graces.

How must we proceed, then?

  1. We must see the world as it is and realize why we got this way — God must remain at the center.
  2. Then, realizing this fact, we must ask: “Is He at the center of my life?” We must always do more to make Him our center.
  3. We must strive to be our most perfect selves and ask for emptiness from the world, so we may be filled with God. Then He will work through us.
  4. Finally, I believe that direct evangelization will be the most effective and needed way, in addition to prayer, to proceed during this time. We must find “the one.” Jesus always moves to the one lost sheep. Find your one. Find the person or people in your life who need to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ — there are many, many people who are unevangelized in our own spheres of influence, and we must find them and fearlessly offer them the message of the Good News.

God wants to work miracles. He is a God of Life and miracles. But He needs vessels who are willing to carry Him and His promises to those who are “mourning and weeping.” God is at work here. His ways are not our ways. May we live lives worthy of eternity spent with Him, when He will open the scrolls of history before us and show us all the invisible ways He was leading us to Himself.

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