Note: The following is the complete text of Linda Gibbons’ Christmas letter to supporters.

Dear Friends of the unborn child:

“He looked for judgment…but behold a cry.” – Isaiah 5:7

Greetings in the Blessed Christ Child, wishing you a most holy Christmas.

My mail was six months in answering last year, so this year in order to reply more promptly, I’m sending a Christmas letter sharing some thoughts on the nativity.

It’s Christmas when we celebrate the infant Christ child laid in a manger. Sadly it’s also a time we recall Rachel with empty arms weeping for her children because they are not – great joy faces great sorrow!

History’s canvas pictures this dichotomy of events, time and again. To the observer it’s like a beautiful original painting done over by a fraudulent demented hand.

Eve’s perfect garden is translated into a murder scene, a basket cradling a Hebrew son becomes a sea of small forsaken corpses, the holy family safe in Egypt is turned into crowds of wailing mothers of Bethlehem.  Great joy – great sorrow!

In old paintings the paint here and there becomes transparent with age, often revealing dissimilar original scenes painted beneath.

Looking back, time has aged the scene. Behold, the manger reappears from beneath the horrid slaughter of innocents, the sea of corpses with its dark shadows lifts and a sturdy basket remains buoyed atop the waters, Eden’s flowers bloom – gone the images of blood-soaked soil.

In the contemporary scene the vista changes, the streets darken and behold a cry! The imposter paints anew!

The 20th century portrait of gentle hands that rock life’s cradle is disfigured by dark and violent strokes. The cradle topples while radical feminists’ angry blood-clenched hands are shaking against the sky.

This cruel caricature of life will also thin and fade, revealing first things.

Here is not a case of so-called ‘pentimento,’ where we see through the overlay to a scene the artist “repented” of, and did over-abandoning his first design. No, this is the Master’s original that remains, His conception – Life, His design – Justice never to be repented of.

Let us ‘re-see’ the masterpiece, restore the picture, reclaim the original. Let us pay homage to the Great Master’s art. Behold, the picture grows bright with promise!

Glorious now behold Him arise,
King and God and sacrifice.
Alleluia! Alleluia!
Earth to the heav’ns replies.

Thanks friends for your loyal love, prayers and service on behalf of our unborn friends.

All God’s blessings in 2011.

Love in the Christ King,