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October 7, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Against the violent protests that threatened to destroy police stations across the country this summer, nearly 3,000 rosary rallies have been held at many of those same locations since August. A special project of Tradition, Family, and Property’s Return to Order campaign, these rosary rallies aim to support U.S. law enforcement with prayer. According to the Return to Order’s John Horvat II, “we are asking our friends and activist [sic] to hold Rosary Rallies of support in front of police stations everywhere.”


Late last month, many of those rallies occurred in tandem at 12 noon all over the country. Horvat told LifeSiteNews that September 26 was chosen “because it’s closest to St. Michael’s feast day,” which falls on September 29. St. Michael is the patron of law enforcement.

Each Rosary Rally is spearheaded by a rally captain, who volunteers to lead the prayers of the rosary. Return to Order provides a free banner saying: “St. Michael, protect our police, so that they can protect us!”  

Horvat noted that Return to Order was surprised at how quickly the rallies caught on. Rallies have been held in locations across the United States, with numbers ranging from a dozen to fifty people. Some rallies attract priests and religious who speak and give their blessing. Others include just the prayers of the rosary or the Chaplet of St. Michael.


The inspiration behind these rallies originated because “we saw they [the police] were getting down, they’re under a lot of stress, they’re under a lot of pressure … and wherever we have held these rallies the police have always been extremely appreciative,” Horvat told LifeSiteNews.

LifeSiteNews was present at the Rosary Rally held at the Fredericksburg Police Station on September 26 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Eleven adults and two children prayed the Glorious Mysteries in front of the station.

Admiral Michael Kasey of the Rappahannock Assembly of the Knights of Columbus, the Rosary Rally captain for Fredericksburg, told LifeSiteNews, “I believe participating in a public Rosary is important to any member of the Knights of Columbus to show our Patriotism. It is important to any Catholic to help build our treasure in Heaven.”

Return to Order extended the rosary campaign with a goal of holding 10,000 Rosary Rallies around the country by October 31. For more information about the rallies, please call (844) 830-3570. To register to lead a rosary rally, please visit