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March 26, 2021 (AmericanThinker) — COVID was a blessing for the Democrats.  Primarily affecting older people (mostly Trump voters) and the infirm, it allowed the shutdown of most small business in America (again, mostly Trump-supporters).  It permitted millenarian Democrat governors to test the efficacy of using fear to impel acquiescence to emergency rule by diktat.  It showed people will voluntarily cede income and freedom in the face of an “existential emergency.”

“Armageddon” ruined Trump-supporters financially, while coincidentally allowing Dem supporters to continue drawing a paycheck or have their fortunes grow.

The COVID social experiment in control was a smashing success.  Yet, with COVID winding down, Democrats need a new apocalypse.

Fortuitously, “climate change” is perfect.  Faux though its existentialism may be, as a crisis with broad support among the elite left and their minions, it is a cataclysm made to order.

Impending climate catastrophe cannot be disproved — hot weather, cold weather, drought, flooding — everything can be portrayed as “proof.”  The benefits promised are decades in the future.  So is its inevitable failure.  People will not see the scam until it is too late.

As a scheme for total control, climate change is even better than COVID.

Lockdowns proved that restricting movement and shutting down the economy will drastically reduce the CO2 released into the atmosphere.

Replacing internal combustion–powered automobiles with E.V.s is policy.  Eventually, they will acknowledge the inherent pollution in battery manufacture, the production of the electricity needed to charge the batteries, and eventual battery disposal.  The goal is to eliminate private transportation in its entirety.

In major cities, roadwork now entails reducing on-street parking while narrowing thoroughfares to increase traffic.  This is a prelude to charging a yearly fee for the privilege of city parking.  Several thousand dollars a year should modify behavior and increase revenues.

The implementation of license fees (also several thousand dollars per annum) for car ownership will come to fruition.  Limiting the right to own a car for people who allow their “social credit score” to decline by saying something untoward about government or authorities on social media, or in public, will also be a tactic.

Next will be restricted usage and a fee per mile driven with driving limited to odd and even days for portions of the population.

Social scores will dictate who is allowed to fly on commercial airliners, with ticket prices including a “carbon fee” commensurate to the seat's percentage of the flight's total carbon cost.

In addition to forcing the price of gasoline to $20 a gallon, the “price of all energy will necessarily have to skyrocket” (Barack Obama).  They will triple or quadruple the price of all energy, whether it be electricity, natural gas, or home heating oil.

License fees for air-conditioners and energy rationing will become prevalent.  Consumers will only be allocated a certain amount of electricity per month.  After that, the cost will rise on a per unit “congestion pricing” basis.

Forcing people into cities near their employment through rezoning to eliminate single-family homes, or vastly reducing the size of these homes, will become law.  People will be allotted a certain amount of personal square footage in living space. Should they exceed their allotment, they will be charged accordingly for the damage their selfishness does to Gaia.

Do not forget diet.  Cows produce a lot of methane; they will either need to be eliminated as a source of protein or priced to proscribe the consumption of beef and dairy products.

…and so much more.

None of these rules, regulations, and legislation will eliminate planes, automobiles, meat, large homes, air-conditioning, and heat.  They merely use price to constrain usage and freedom.

As the only ones who can afford it, the elite oligarchy will still have their mansions, cars, central air, heat, and porterhouse steaks.  Control is for little people.

On the upside, roads will be empty for their limousines, and since most of the economy will have been destroyed, it will be easy to find really cheap help to do all the menial things wealth allows the wealthy to pay others to do.

An additional benefit is it will drastically curtail illegal immigration.

You cannot make a utopia omelet without breaking a few deplorables.

A person who is mobile can say, “No!”  They cannot allow that.  After all, everything they do is for our own good, especially the universal income that will replace employment.

Being stuck in tiny apartments in crowded, fetid, and dangerous cities, unarmed and weak from lack of protein, is the future.  It will save the world.

It is not too late to stop this dystopian madness.  Americans can no longer sit idle and allow the destruction of the country we know and love.

We will need to get organized and resist (legally and peacefully) at every juncture and opportunity.  I realize that it is unusual for those on the right to protest, with most having jobs and bad habits like children, food, and shelter.  Who has the time and energy?

Our oligarchic government is conspiring to suppress us. We are fast approaching a point of no return.  Biden fully intends to overthrow America to install a single-party socialist paradise.  The mistake Americans made on January 6 was to be tricked into being the fall guy for a false flag operation.

Civil disobedience is our right, and it is fast becoming the only arrow that remains in our quiver against the quiver of cobras that are the Democrats.

Remember, there are more of us than them.

While we still can, we need to say, “No!”  And we are going to need to force them to listen.

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Published with permission from the American Thinker.


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