CNN belittles, bullies parents concerned about racist propaganda in schools

CNN host Elle Reeve badgered one mother for denying that the country was 'structurally racist' and scoffed at her concerns about Antifa and BLM propaganda infiltrating schools.
Fri Jul 9, 2021 - 12:04 pm EST
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July 9, 2021 (NewsBusters.org) – CNN journalists think it's their job to bully parents and conservatives concerned about liberal propaganda being taught to the next generation. That was obvious on today’s New Day, where one CNN reporter belittled parents protesting Critical Race Theory in their kids’ schools as ignorant and brainwashed by Fox News.

Co-host Brianna Keilar started the segment by noting the controversy between teachers’ unions embracing Critical Race Theory and parents pushing back against it, before diving straight into the mockery and condescension. Correspondent Elle Reeve stated bluntly that parents were just plain wrong:

KEILAR: So Elle, do these vocal opponents of critical race theory actually understand fully what it is? 

ELLE REEVE: No, and why should they? It's an academic theory mostly taught at the grad student level. But what they think it means is teaching white kids that all white people are bad and racist. And so of course they're afraid of that. 

After playing montages of parents emotionally speaking out at a school board meeting in Philadelphia and Fox News personalities warning about Critical Race Theory, Reeve lectured, “Critical race theory says racial inequality is perpetuated by the racism embedded in America's laws. Not by individual bigotry. But relentless propaganda from some conservatives created a panic that white people and especially white children are under attack.”

The reporter went on to try to shame one concerned parent who pulled her kids out of public school after seeing what they were being taught. Reeve badgered the mother for denying that the country was “structurally racist” and scoffed at her concerns about Antifa and BLM propaganda infiltrating schools. Later on, Reeve grilled one anti-CRT protester on his knowledge or lack thereof of specific “scholars and concepts” in Critical Race Theory. Newsflash CNN, you don’t need to go to grad school to understand propaganda like this being taught to kindergarteners is abusive. Even more laughable, the CNN reporter displayed her own ignorance by arguing that the 3/5 compromise clause in the Constitution was racist. 

While attacking parents and critics, Reeve gave a pro-CRT teacher plenty of time to tout its merits, without criticism. The teacher strangely denied teaching CRT, (even though she does teach it), before touting how great it is:

Critical race theory is not being taught in schools. It is a theory, it is a lens by which to view history and the way that law and race kind of overlaps and connects in society. Can it influence the way that some teachers teach? Yeah, but that's a good thing, right? Because race and racism are literally the building blocks of this country. So how can you not talk about it? 

Reeve gave this teacher the last word to end the segment. Just like MSNBC's Eddie Glaude did yesterday, the teacher, and CNN by proxy, suggested critics and conservatives had nefarious political motives behind their concern about the dangerous ideology:

It's really you just don't want kids to learn the truth because not only do they become critical thinkers, they also become voters. And that is what's scaring a lot of these people. They know as this generation gets older, a lot of these people making these laws will be voted out of office. 

Afterwards the co-hosts fawned over Reeve's report. She painted the parents and the right as ignorant, once more: 

All these opponents of critical race theory told us that, sure, racism was a problem in the past. But it's not now. And so we got into these long conversations about when exactly they thought racism had ended in America. And they didn't have a good answer.

CNN's hackery was paid for by sponsor CarShield, contact them at the Conservatives Fight Back page here. 

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Published with permission from NewsBusters.org

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