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(LifeSiteNews) — To the attentive scholar of reality studies there is a disturbing pattern emerging. Noticing things are bad, and to notice patterns is worst of all. To make observations about basic facts concerning reality is to be a kind of extremist, and to be able to point to their reflection in the past and future will see you labelled as the worst kind of crank.

Yet all the conspiracy theories are coming true. The phrase “conspiracy theory” was crafted to stigmatize anyone who noted the most obvious explanation of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. This made the real explanation sound like the ravings of a gibbering loony, and the made-up nonsense was able to obscure the facts and become the official Sensible Opinion.  

Sensible Opinion Havers are everywhere today. This is another disturbing pattern we are not supposed to notice. These people believe in The Science, in the Climate Crisis, in the Current Thing. Their emotions have been successfully attached to a symbol and a set of beliefs through the sales technique of propaganda. This is the reason these cults, such as the worship of violent criminals or the celebration of leering sexual fetishists, cannot be deflated by facts and logic. 

The reasons for these fierce attachments are neither fact based nor logical. The formation and protection of these beliefs function as a psychological and emotional coping mechanism for people who inhabit a world with no wider moral framework at all. 

This nihilistic void is a terrifying place and its inhabitants are starved of meaning and of consolation. These are the energetic – neurotic – reservoirs which charge the symbols of the Current Thing. These crazes are obviously manufactured and are routinely presented in the same way as genuine movements of grassroots sentiment. It is a process which could not by argument convince a Potemkin village idiot. Yet it succeeds, because it is an appeal not to reason but to feeling. Crucially, these cults confer two permissions. The first is that to feel less bad about yourself. The second is to feel very bad about those unlike yourself. 

The function of the Current Thing is to divide society into readily manipulated and manageable ingroups. It marginalizes those people who best resist group processes such as mass hysteria and the pandemic of fear which seeps from our screens. The system of emotional management, conducted through mass media, is one which deliberately penalizes continent and prudent circumspection, ostracizes judgement and privileges childish tantrums over sober reflection. 

This mechanism can be openly observed because it too represents an identifiable pattern. The behavior of its subjects is also patterned, as is the conditioned response to the outsiders it creates. The resultant legitimization of hatred for a specific group is another attractive feature, as it offers to the Current Thing Believer a release for all their resentments which confers a sense of virtue. It is the Noble Hate. 

Hate is a word reserved for those outside the charmed circle of fashionable avatars and right-on slogans. If you notice crime statistics, the resemblance of female impersonators to demons, the prevalence of sex crimes against children in certain communities, if you notice the pattern of the ruin of nations prosecuted by the champions of freedom and democracy, and if you remark on the deliberate and systematic destruction of your basic liberties, your food supply and the functioning of your society you are a Person of Hate. 

Noticing things is hateful. It is severally racist, homophobic, transphobic, climate denying, anti-Semitic, and fascist. The application of these terms, such as the attempt to silence the British Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen’s concerns about vaccine injury are shameless attempts to make any objection to evil seem evil. 

The labels above are applied most commonly to people seeking to protect children from sexual predators or the unborn from murder. They are smeared on to anyone who raises concerns about the aggressive dismantling of their way of life, as Justin Trudeau famously did under the truckers’ protest. 

The Dutch Farmers, the parents in Liverpool, families marching in Dublin, the people who protest the so-called right of men dressed as women to press themselves on young women and children are labelled extremists who are pushing “misinformation.”

These words require a brief translation. “Extremist,” when seen in the mainstream media, simply means “normal person.” “Misinformation” is just “the truth.”

A “conspiracy theorist” is an ordinary normal person who repeats, often verbatim, the stated aims of the managerial technocrats whose plans include the aggressive destruction of everything valuable in human life. 

To notice the patterns these policies create is to be labelled hateful, fearful, misinformed. It is a hallmark of our heavily propagandized times that those whose beliefs most closely correspond to the observable facts are ostracized and ridiculed for their delusions. 

This is a system of management which tends towards increasing instability. It functions by promoting a kind of mental illness, along with an emotional incontinence easily triggered by words. The application of hate labels is an indicator of who the management would like to be hated. It is notable that the crimes of the normal are always described as offences in language, as inspired by hate speech, and misled by falsehoods. 

They want you to forget that there is a real world of deeds and consequences which we all inhabit, outside the online “conversation” they so tightly control. The means of describing reality accurately is undermined by the employment of hate slurs, which is the most potent goal of this systematic attack on the popular sense of reality. It distorts the world, makes victims of the guilty, and seeks to blind the sighted with vitriol. 

This is one aspect of the system of dehumanizing control which aims to reach into, and capture, the hearts and minds of its populations in order to dominate them without overt force. Your best means of resistance is to preserve that humanity at all costs. Refuse the poison of hatred, and reject the misdirection of emotionally charged labels. This is a pattern whose recognition is the realization that all you must be to be called an extremist is to be an ordinary person these days. It is folly to make an enemy of your own people in this way, especially when the pattern of your behavior reduces to a hatred of normal people. 

Perhaps it is time for some slogans of our own, to better promote the reality-based community. “Normal Pride”? “Unite under Factism”? “I identify as Sane”? Or, my personal favorite – “Say No to Normophobia”.