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(Where are the numbers?) — Two days ago I posted what I thought would be quite an innocuous twitter thread about the implications of the U.K. government’s target of “net zero” by 2050.

Specifically, I showed this graphic from the U.K. government-funded FIRES project that summarized their recommended necessary strategy to achieve net zero by 2050 based only on evolutionary technological developments (the report it’s from has been around since 2021 and I’ve even posted about it before):

C/O: Norman Fenton

Now, for clarification “net zero” means total greenhouse gas emissions (including methane) must be less than their removals (such as from planting trees). The FIRES report instead focused on an absolute zero target because they recognize the absence of novel revolutionary scalable technologies for 1) capture and removal of these gases; and 2) non-fossil fuel mass transportation and energy production.

In other words, if you realistically want to achieve the net zero target by 2050 you essentially have to go for absolute zero.

My twitter thread highlighted the eye-watering points that the strategy required:

  • All airports in the U.K. except Heathrow, Belfast, and Glasgow to close by 2030.
  • No flying at all by 2050.
  • No new petrol/diesel cars by 2030.
  • By 2050 road use restricted to 60 percent of today’s level.
  • Food, heating, and energy restricted to 60 percent of today’s level by 2050.
  • Beef and lamb to be phased out by 2050.

I said that, apart from the extreme limitations on personal freedom and travel, this means either a colder, hungrier population or massive depopulation.

Within less than 24 hours the tweet had amassed well over 3 million impressions (by far the highest I’ve ever achieved).

C/O: The Daily Sceptic

And, whereas three years solid work undertaking COVID data analysis and exposing the manipulation and flaws of the entire “official” narrative had never led to a single mainstream media article or interview, I was invited on to Laura Ingraham’s popular Fox News show last night to speak about this:

(The interview was actually pre-recorded an hour before it was aired and quite a lot of what I said for context, such as the COVID lockdown trial run and new technology challenges, didn’t make the cut).

So, although the FIRES report is not new it seems that finally people are waking up to the lunacy of the government’s net zero target and why it is doomed to fail (as explained by Prof Michael Kelly).

C/O: Norman Fenton

But it’s still a surprise that it is a surprise to so many. All of this is consistent with UN/WEF Agenda 21, the UN “World at 2050” agenda, and the WEF Great Reset with its “Build Back Better,” in which you’ll own nothing and be happy, and eat bugs instead of meat. Of course 15 minute cities now being pushed everywhere are key to all of this (everything that’s happening now in that respect and how it fits into Agenda 21 was explained in Rosa Koire’s 2011 book). As I said in 2021 the COVID lockdowns were always going to be the precursor for climate lockdowns.

It’s a conspiracy that’s been in plain sight for a long time.

Reprinted with permission from Norman Fenton