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Tom Evans reading the 'hostage' letter outside Alder Hey hospital, April 26, 2018


April 26, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – What did Alder Hey hospital threaten to do to Alfie and his parents that would compel the toddler’s dad Tom to read to the press what is now being called by many a “hostage letter”? 

The hospital has all the cards in its hand. It’s been granted all rights by the court, even the permission to kill baby Alfie according to what it calls an “end of life care plan” that includes the use of a lethal drug cocktail. 

The hospital has been legally empowered to remove the parents from their child while they act in what they call his “best interest.” They can kill him by depriving him of nutrition and hydration. Even the priest who was with the family in the hospital providing them spiritual support has been removed from the hospital. 

In a painfully obvious forced statement, Tom Evans read out a letter this evening saying the opposite of everything he has been saying all throughout the ordeal with Alfie. 

  • He has called for all the supporters of Alfie to go home and resume their lives and let the family live undisturbed, when just yesterday he was asking even the Pope to come and see Alfie’s state.  
  • He has thanked the very hospital staff who were intent on killing his son, just after he attempted to have them charged with conspiracy to murder his son.
  • He has praised the hospital staff for their dignity and professionalism, when the day before he said they were treating his son worse than an animal and felt like he was in a jail.

The statement he read sounded nothing like his own wording which we’ve heard in countless interviews. It does however sound remarkably like wording used by Alder Hey hospital in their press release of the previous day. 

In the statement, the hospital declared that it would “maintain our focus on safeguarding Alfie's comfort, dignity and privacy, which remains our first priority.”

Tom read in his letter that he will work with his son's “treating team on a plan that provides our boy with the dignity and comfort he needs.”

Both statements used the words “dignity” and “comfort” in relation to Alfie's care. 

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The statement Tom read says: “From this point onwards there will be no more statements issued, or interviews given. We hope you respect this.”

What offer did the hospital make to Tom and Kate that they can’t refuse?

Was it an offer that Alfie may be able to go home if Tom disbanded Alfie’s Army and promised to stop doing Facebook live videos, and submitted to the hospital’s “plan” for the toddler?

Tom, who has not slept for days and whose spiritual guide has been removed, was vulnerable to offers that may appear good on the surface, but contain traps and pitfalls in the small print. 

The statement he made seems to be a wish list for the hospital:

  • Alfie’s Army with its effective pressure is now being disbanded.
  • The world will no longer have the live updates from Tom about Alfie’s real situation, making it a media blackout. 
  • With the world’s eye shifted away from Alfie, the hospital will be free to carry on with ‘business as usual’ regarding its “care” for Alfie and similar patients and their vulnerable parents.

Alder Hey must be brought to justice for coming between these heroic parents and their child.  

A British Politician launched a campaign today for “Alfie’s law” to give parents more say over their children’s medical care. This is a good first step. Much more is needed.

In addition to keeping Alfie in our prayers we can continue to demand justice for him and his parents.  

Contact info for respectful communications: 

  1. Email (using online forum) British Prime Minister Theresa May demanding that Alfie – now a citizen of Italy – be released to allow for transfer to the Italian hospital which has offered him care.

  2. Email ([email protected]) and call (020 7219 6813) the UK Health Minister Jeremy Hunt

  3. Email ([email protected]) the UK General Medical Council so that they understand how bad all this is making the UK Health system look.