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December 24, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – In light of our current election crisis, involving a Joe Biden/Kamala Harris team and with their cooperation with the socialist project of the Great Resent looming over us, much has been said about an impending Communist threat. Suddenly, we realize how China has been influencing the affairs of the West by way of party members working in Western companies, but also the news that China might have been involved in the current election fraud shook many of us. We suddenly woke up to the reality of a strong and strategic Communist presence in the West.

Yet, did we not largely think that Communism had essentially died with the fall of the Soviet Union at the beginning of the 1990s? But let us now look back and reflect upon the question: Did Communism ever die? I am writing these reflections as someone born and raised in Germany and having studied in Germany and lived in Switzerland for some time, and having moved to the U.S. some 13 years ago – that is to say, from a European-American perspective.

Looking back, it baffles me how certain key steps were taken right at the formal end of the Soviet Union. Remember how not long after that political change, the U.S. started trading more intensely with China, something that many conservatives have still called “trading with the enemy.” Already in 1993, President Bill Clinton proposed a policy of “constructive engagement” with China, and in 2000, the same president granted China permanent normal trade relations with the United States and paving the way for China to join the World Trade Organization in 2001. How could this have happened, we now ask, that the U.S. would allow itself to be so intertwined with a country – having most of its goods even produced by it – whose political system is so contrary to our Western democracies. Were we sleeping? That country was still Communist!

As LifeSite contributor and China expert Steven Mosher recently summed it up so well:

The #CCP studied 1991 collapse of the USSR They instituted mandatory Patriotic Education, clamped down on dissent. They created a facade of capitalism to deceive us, while infiltrating and undermining American institutions. They intend to do to us what we did to USSR. Soon.

At the same time, let us consider another aspect of this history: I still remember attending around that time a talk by Josef Joffe, the editor-in-chief of the German intellectual newspaper Die Zeit. Speaking to an audience of the University of Zurich in Switzerland, he was promoting the idea of globalism. We are now in the era of globalism. National borders are falling, all nations are getting interconnected. Where did this sudden change come from? Who came up with the idea, shortly after the perceived fall of Communism, that we need to break national borders apart? At the time, I revolted against the words of Joffe. They seemed so artificial to me, as if there was a sort of law that forced the world to go down the globalist path. Why did politicians suddenly decide to change the laws in order to make this globalization possible? Little did I realize at the time that Joffe was at the time participating at conferences of the Bilderberg Group and the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Looking back, it now sounds like a change of the propaganda, a change of the code words. Someone decided that things will change in the West.

Another example: not long after the “fall” of Communism at the beginning of the 1990s, we in Germany had suddenly the surge of the economization of education, of partnerships between schools and companies. There was this push for making education pay. For making research pay. As if the work of the mind can be and should be connected with financial outcomes and matters. Where did this new slogan come from? I remember at the time, being a student at the University of Hannover, how a group of students opposed this idea and published articles on it. We were against the economization of education which would level down the education of future generations. We wanted academic freedom and independence, not an academic life that was depending upon financial aspects.

Finally, there was another strange phenomenon: the United Nations came up with the Agenda 21. I remember how I one day, at a feast with people from the former Communist part of Germany, discussed with them this new agenda that had been agreed upon by the United Nations at the Brazil Earth Summit in 1992. Having read about this agenda, I told these acquaintances that this agenda contains such ideas as that one has to share one’s car with one’s neighbor since the environment was to be protected. The Agenda 21 document, for example, expounded: “Raise public awareness of the environmental impacts of transport and travel behaviour through mass media campaigns and support for non-governmental and community initiatives promoting the use of non-motorized transport, shared driving and improved traffic safety measures.” Furthermore, they proposed to assist “individuals and households to make environmentally sound purchasing decisions,” which includes “deposit/refund systems,” that is to say, shared ownership of goods.
It sounded so Communist to me at the time, and I remember how my interlocutors shook their heads, too. They could not believe it, having just been freed from a Communist dictatorship.

By now, this Agenda 21 has been further developed, not only into the Sustainable Development Goals which are anti-life and pro-birth control. The Davos Economic Forum group just published a video which makes one's hair stand up. “You'll own nothing. And you'll be happy,” they predict for the year 2030, proposing that in a few years, we will merely “rent” whatever we “want” for a certain period of time, thus repeating the idea that I discussed at the beginning of the 1990s with my acquaintances from formerly Communist Eastern Germany. Private property is to be abolished for the sake for a purported environmental crisis. Remember how the former president of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, was first among that new Green Movement at that time? That he founded, in 1993, a year after the 1992 Earth Summit that agreed upon the Agenda 21 and because of it, the Green Cross Movement? Is this a coincidence? Or remember how Leonardo Boff, a proponent of Marxist Liberation Theology in Southern America, suddenly went green? Interesting about this Davos video is that when it states that “the U.S. won't be the leading world superpower,” but, instead that “a handful of states will dominate,” it shows a photo with flags, at the center of which flies the Turkish one, overshadowing the U.S. flag.

It seems now to me, looking back, how, while we went to sleep thinking that Communism was effectively dead, other themes and strategies were developed that still aimed at establishing modified Communist systems in the world. National borders were to be weakened, national economies globalized, education leveled down with new economically inspired reforms, while the largest Communist country in the world, China, was somehow welcomed as a normal partner on the international level.

On top of all of this, there suddenly also emerged the LGBT agenda. Where did it come from? When did it emerge? Also here, I remember the homosexual lobby (which was the first of that multi-faceted movement) started to get stronger in light of the HIV discussion. Information booklets about the disease were being used by this lobby to present homosexual relations as something normal. Yes, that was also in the 1990s. Strange coincidence!

It seems now, in retrospect, as if Communism merely shifted its approaches and agendas, but not its goal. It infiltrated the West more indirectly, by means of soft power, rather than with the help of Soviet tanks. My husband, Dr. Robert Hickson, likes to quote here James Burnham, a former Trotskyite and political analyst who warned the West not to adapt to the enemy, without realizing it. Burnham called one of his essays The Suicide of the West: An Essay on the Meaning and Destiny of Liberalism (1964). My husband once quoted Burnham with these insistent warnings: “From the communist point of view, every institution in the camp of the enemy is a battleground: churches as well as armies; business corporations and trade unions alike; art, literature and science; Boy Scout troops along with intelligence agencies; communications media just as much as political parties.”

This, we need to understand also who stands behind Communism. We might have thought in too limited ways that it was just the Communist party of the Soviet Union that dominated the East. But who prepared and implemented the Communist Revolution? Here, we can refer to a letter written on November 8, 1918 to the papal nuncio Archbishop Eugenio Pacelli by Cardinal Felix von Hartmann, a German prelate, in which he warns the Pope of an impending Communist revolution in Germany that aimed at destroying the German monarchy, but also aimed at the Catholic Church.

Von Hartmann wrote on behalf of the German Emperor Willhelm II: “that, according to news that came to him yesterday, the Grand Orient [a Freemasonic lodge] has just decided first to depose all Sovereigns – first of all him, the Emperor – then to destroy (?) the Cathol.[olic] Church, to imprison the pope, etc and, finally, to establish on the ruins of the former bourgeois society a world republic under the leadership of American Big Capital. […] France and America, however, are said to be under the full influence of the Grand Orient. Bolshevism is said to be the external tool to establish the desired conditions. In the face of such a great danger which threatens in addition to the Monarchy, also the Catholic Church; it is thus important that the German episcopacy be informed and that also the pope be warned.”

As von Hartmann explained, this Communist threat was organized by Freemasonry. And he said they planned to use people from the U.S. high finance to further this project. That is to say, there are well-connected international financial and Freemasonic elites which funded and organized the Communist Revolution. That very same elite seems now to be analogously organizing the Great Reset, and they have been preparing for it essentially since the fall of the Soviet Union, the moment when most of us had gone to sleep.

Now we are awake. Very much awake. Because we realize our entire way of living is at stake, our liberties, our properties, our children, our churches. As the new Davos Forum video states: “Western values will have been tested to the breaking point.” It is our formative Christian civilization and way of life that are increasingly at stake. We woke up and face this election fraud, and we do not even know who will win this battle – perhaps those forces that wish us to have no more personal property.

But here we also remember that Our Lady of Fatima said that “the errors of Russia will spread throughout the world,” should Russia not be consecrated by the Pope to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. According to Sister Lucia, in 1946, the United States would also become Communist.

We are approaching it. We stare right into the eyes of this Communist apparatus funded and conceptualized by a global financial-Freemasonic elite. But what now?

Let us call to Our Mother. She was so loving and kind to warn us 100 years ago; she will surely not abandon us now! She can work the miracle – and she will! – turning men's hearts back to God. Perhaps even the men of the Great Reset. Pray God.

She promised us that the consecration of Russia would be done. It would be late, but it would come, and there would then be a time of peace. She stated on July 13, 1917: “If My requests are heeded, Russia will be converted and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated. In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world.”

May we, until then, show our fidelity to Christ, fight for every single aspect of truth on the way.

May we refuse to live the lie, which would accustom our minds and souls to adjust to untruth. God is truth!

May we refuse to take the terrible, abortion-tainted corona vaccines which happen also to be gene manipulated! Let us not participate in a child sacrifice that is being perpetuated by the use of human cells of those babies that had to die so that we may live. Father Chad Rippberger calls it “ongoing theft.” Let us not agree to a human sacrifice that, similar to the ones of the Aztecs (listen here a priest who makes a similar argument), done with the hope that mankind may benefit from that lethal sacrifice! May we mothers say a clear no to the fact that the cells are still being stolen from these babies who were killed dozens of years ago, thereby still violating the rights of God Who is the author of natural and supernatural life!

It nearly seems to me that this global elite that wishes that the “Western values” come to a breaking point – as announced by the recent Global Reset video – wishes us all collectively to participate in a perpetuated child sacrifice, taking into our bodies the cells and DNA of another human being, in a sort of cannibalism!

So while we fight and resist, we pray to Our Lady, to Our Mother, asking her to hold us tight in her hands, leading us to her Son, trusting that she will not let us perish. May we be granted the wisdom and courage that are now needed, may we receive all the Graces we need next.

And let us gaze upon the little baby in the manger, the child of all children, the baby of all babies, that was only acceptable to God the Father as the freely offered ultimate sacrifice. He alone was to be sacrificed so that all may live. He alone was to die so that the lives of the eternal souls may be with the Father in heaven, for eternity. But to benefit from this Eternal Sacrifice, we need to follow Him, do right, pray, and resist the subtle violations of the first and the fifth Commandments.