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U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates

(LifeSiteNews) — In recent months the long-denied dangers of the mRNA injections have been tentatively admitted in the mainstream press. 

Against news of excess deaths and formerly abnormal conditions in the young, these novel treatments, for which the manufacturers were indemnified from liability, have been shown to be anything but “100% safe and effective.” 

A chilling account by a U.K. neuroscientist of the link between spike proteins in the “vaccines” and incurable brain wasting conditions such as CJD, Parkinsonism and Alzheimer’s, is not the only one. 

A byword for the leading cause of medical coincidence, fresh evidence is emerging that the action of the spike protein contained in these so-called “vaccines” may lead to a new epidemic – of a formerly rare and rapidly degenerative brain disease. 

Prion knowledge  

A paper as far back as 2013 warned of the known action of mRNA “frame-shifted” spike proteins in promoting conditions known as “prion diseases” – and that they are “transmissible.”  

The most common, Creutzfeld-Jakob disease, featured in the campaign to destroy live cattle, amidst fears that prions carried by animals could be transmitted to humans who consume them. This paper, over ten years old, found that the action of mRNA is a known cause of prion disease, which can result in “transmissible spongiform encepholopathy” from the slightest exposure to altered proteins. 

“Frameshifting accounts quantitatively for the ætiology of prion disease. One per million frameshifted prions may be enough to cause disease. The HIV TAR-like element in the PRNP mRNA is likely an effector of frameshifting,” the paper explained. 

A recent video featured U.K.-based Dr. Kevin McCairn explaining this mechanism. McCairn – who first raised the alarm over the dangers of prion disease in 2020 and is a former neuroscientist at the Korea Brain Research Institute – reveals that mRNA technology used in the COVID jabs is causing the same “frame shifting” that leads to harmful prions being produced. 

He also asserts that these prions can be transmitted to others, whether they have received the “vaccines” or not.

“Mis-folded proteins caused by prions can impact every level organ and tissue system in the body…” McCairn said in the video published by Health Alliance Australia on February 19. “[They] bioaccumulate and are resistant to degradation, thereby building up in the environment.” 

Due to this, they can be transmitted to others. So why have we not heard of this danger? 

Censorship and personal attacks 

McCairn warns that we inhabit a “highly controlled, information ecosystem,” whose censorship has seen his social media accounts banned, and supporting evidence largely ignored. McCairn describes the Sars-Cov2 virus itself as “the result of bio-warfare research.”

British doctor David Cartland has also warned of an “epidemic of prion disease,” recently encouraging his followers to search on medical databases for papers examining its relation to the mRNA injections.  

In an interview with LifeSiteNews last month, he spoke of the horrifying likelihood of widespread cases of prion disease resulting from the novel “vaccines.”

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His warnings have been derided, with “debunkers” suggesting Cartland is mentally ill for having made them, and parody accounts made to mock him online. 

Yet Cartland’s fears that the mechanism of the mRNA injections may reproduce formerly rare illnesses at scale are not confined to his imagination.  

Genomics expert debunks the ‘debunkers’  

On February 29, genomics expert Kevin McKernan spoke on how he, too, attempted to raise concerns over the relation of prion disease with the mechanism of mRNA treatments – which he says account also for “long COVID” – or as he puts it – “long vax.” A recent study has shown that the majority of “long COVID” sufferers have received mRNA injections.  

McKernan explained in a video with the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance the mechanism of “frameshifting,” which is claimed to lead to prion disease. This is the production of multiple proteins from the injected RNA, which he says manufactures the proteins which lead to rare diseases. 

If you frameshift over the stop codons, you’re going to be making proteins that are spike-mito proteins. When I talk to a lot of the Long Vax patients I hear of all these things that remind me of my time in the mitochondrial disease sequencing space… 

In the video, titled “COVID Vaccines and Genome Integration,” McKernan also asserts his attempts to publish his findings were thwarted. 

“We tried to publish this in 2021 with Peter McCullough. Two reviewers signed off on it and then the editor stepped in and torpedoed the paper,” he stated. 

McKernan recently spoke against the so-called “debunkers,” whose unscientific claims of the safety of the mRNA treatments compared unfavorably with the evidence. To the false claim that the injections are not contaminated with DNA, he said:

The ‘fact checkers’ have been continually wrong throughout the last year this has gone on… First, they claimed it wasn’t there. Now the FDA and the regulators have admitted it’s in fact there.

He notes that the claims of safety were also false. 

“Then they claimed it wouldn’t get into the cells. We’ve now shown that is in fact the case. As expected, anything that’s inside of a lipid nanoparticle one would expect to get into a cell. Now [we’re starting] to see early signs of DNA integration,” he said. 

McKernan’s own findings have demonstrated the falsehood of previous attempts to “debunk” the known action of components in the mRNA injections. 

The sickness of medicine 

The attempt to raise concerns of prion disease have been met with the practiced techniques of dismissal and personal attacks, resulting in Dr. Cartland’s capacity to practice medicine being formally reviewed by the U.K.’s General Medical Council. 

His anecdotal evidence – related to LifeSiteNews – recounting behavioral change in patients indicating brain degeneration, appears to correspond with the scientific method of observation. His concern about the possible cause, being one of the preventions of iatrogenic harm, is the first principle of medical practice. 

These principles have led to ostracism, professional sanction and the questioning of Dr. Cartland’s mental health. Whether he and his fellow whistleblowers are correct in their suspicion of a coming epidemic of prion disease, the treatment their concerns have been prescribed shows the sick state of medicine today. 

U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates