Don’t wait for some special day. We must fight to reject the culture of death TODAY

The pro-life movement can never ‘tolerate’ the pro-abortion agenda, and we can never back down.
Tue May 31, 2016 - 11:38 am EST
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Babies lost to the slaughter of abortion, contraception, and in the science lab should not be remembered on just one day a year. If we want to change hearts and minds—and save lives—we must remember them each and every day.

May 31, 2016 (ALL) -- The American people are in dire straits, and that means that pro-life Americans must remain focused on what is truly important. Our struggle is not about partisan politics; it is about the dignity of the human being from his biological beginning until his death.

Now more than ever is not the time to satisfy ourselves with holding on to the status quo. The struggle between good and evil is already in high gear, and we are the watchmen noted in Ezekiel 33:6 who hold the lamp glowing with the light of truth that will lead the way.

Every January 22, on the infamous memorial of the 1973 United States Supreme Court decisions that decriminalized the most heinous acts of terror against preborn children ever witnessed in any civilized nation, we remember the millions of children who have died, the mothers who have been maimed for life by their abortion experience, and the families who suffer, even now.

Yet we know that thousands of preborn children are criminally assaulted daily, their human dignity is ignored daily, and there is no way that America’s moral standing can be restored as long as our government sanctions the murder of innocents on our own soil. So why is January 22 the only Memorial Day we acknowledge to honor the memories of the dead? Shouldn’t every day be a day of remembrance of action—of doing more to protect the innocent and the uneducated from the horrors of the culture of death?

Of course, you may say. But first we have to understand something about the majority of those we are helping to see that light. We know there is a fundamental disdain for truth among the majority of media; we understand that there is an ongoing effort to create confusion by choosing rhetoric designed to sell abortion not as the act that kills a preborn child, but as a constitutional right that every female in America can count on when she wants it and for whatever reason.

This is indeed our biggest challenge in 2016. And no amount of political mumbo jumbo or the language of tolerance is going to change it. Only the light of truth will do so.

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When the press tells America that protecting the preborn means that in vitro fertilization and most forms of birth control would also be affected in a negative way—as in outlawed—we have to explain why this is so. We must not back away from the hard truth that abortion does occur in an IVF lab and it does occur because of the way most chemical forms of contraception work. After all, there is no preborn child who is less important as a member of the human family, whether he lives in a laboratory or is fighting to make his way to his mother’s uterine wall so that he can implant and grow.

Only truth cures ignorance.

In 1998, Pope John Paul II told a group of American Catholic bishops:

Above all, society must learn to embrace once more the great gift of life, to cherish it, to protect it, and to defend it against the culture of death, itself an expression of the great fear that stalks our times. . . .

[T]here are signs of an almost unimaginable insensitivity to the reality of what actually happens during an abortion, as evidenced in recent events surrounding so-called "partial-birth" abortion. This is a cause for deep concern. A society with a diminished sense of the value of human life at its earliest stages has already opened the door to a culture of death. As pastors, you must make every effort to ensure that there is no dulling of consciences regarding the seriousness of the crime of abortion, a crime which cannot be morally justified by any circumstance, purpose or law.

These profound words apply to each of us no less than they do to every pastor in the nation.

Each of us has specific talents that will contribute to the refining of conscience that has to take place in America. Each of us has an obligation to make time for using those talents in a positive way. We must start by teaching the most basic truth of all: Every person is vested by God with dignity, and therefore no person—born or preborn—is disposable. We must not tolerate anything less than recognition of and a restoration of respect for all human beings.

Today is the best day to begin using our talents and our time to bring about total rejection of the tenets of the culture of death. Yes, we are intolerant of their agenda! No, we will not back down!

Reprinted with permission from American Life League.

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