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January 8, 2021 (American Thinker) — How's this for a press double-standard?

Lourdes Navarro of NPR has announced on Twitter that company guidance states that Trump-supporters are to be called “pro-Trump extremists,” tweeting:

NPR guidance: we won't be calling the people who stormed the Capitol 'protestors' — they are 'pro-Trump extremists' and what they are doing is 'insurrection'.

This is funny stuff, given that thousands showed up; some didn't know they were storming anything; and huge numbers were the usual peaceful, clean-up-the-trash Republican protesters. NPR, in any case, hasn't actually interviewed them. 

And what exactly is “extremist” about opposing election fraud? Locals do it all the time in other countries where third-world hellhole standards prevail. Does anyone call Venezuela's anti–election fraud protesters “extremists”? The word used there is “avalancha.” Oh, and don't think the Chavista thugs running Caracas didn't notice this “extremist” label and use it to attempt to make political hay. And speaking of Latin America, here, Jake Tapper got schooled.

More to the hypocritical point, we don't recall the press using the term “Black Lives Matter extremist” or even an Antifa “extremist” despite months of rioting and looting. BLM may attract all kinds of protesters, but it's unmistakable that its self-described Marxist-trained leadership and the many people associated with them who burn things down are mobs and extremists. And Antifa? The people who took over vast swathes of Seattle and Portland? They are by definition extremists. 

Same with the press's use of the word “mobs.” A small, apparently misguided, and quite possibly stupid group stormed the nation's Capitol, in a pointless, empty gesture that sure as heck wasn't going to stop what was going on in Congress to ratify Joe Biden as president, and the use of the word “mobs” was rampant.

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On December 9, NBC News ran a story about what it called “hate groups” that received Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans from the Small Business Administration to deal with the COVID lockdowns.

The list included such well-respected pro-family groups as American Family Association, American College of Pediatricians and the Ruth Institute.

SIGN and SHARE this joint petition from LifeSite and the Ruth Institute calling for an immediate retraction of NBC's December 9th story, smearing pro-family groups with defamatory and hateful rhetoric.

NBC relied on “research” from the notorious Southern Poverty Law Center, a left-wing group which uses distortions and innuendo to smear its opponents. SPLC considers groups opposed to abortion, same-sex marriage and transgenderism to be anti-LGBTQ and therefore, hate groups.

By the SPLC’s standard, hate groups would also include women’s athletic associations which oppose allowing “transgendered” men to participate in women’s competitions. Likewise, parents who object to men in cocktail dresses and tiaras interacting with children during Drag Queen Story Hour are equally hateful.

The SPLC's "hate group" label has incited at least one incident of literal, not metaphorical, violence. Floyd Lee Corkins, who stormed the Family Research Council in 2012, cited the SPLC’s “hate map” for how he chose his target. He shot the security guard. Conkin further stated that he intended to kill as many people as possible.

And, NBC has its own credibility problems on politics generally and on sexual issues specifically. Bias was rampant in coverage of the 2020 presidential campaign. Media Research Center found that for a two-month period, while coverage of Biden on network newscasts (including NBC) was 67% positive, reporting on Trump was 95% negative.

On the sexual front, NBC’s biases stand out as particularly odious. Ronan Farrow, formerly an NBC News investigative reporter, credibly claims that they ordered him to stop investigating the Harvey Weinstein story. NBC denies this, but their denial is flimsy.

And, in its story on the “hate groups” receiving PPP loans, NBC neglected to mention that Planned Parenthood state and local affiliates received $80 million in SBA loans, and strip clubs qualified for millions more.

Apparently, NBC finds nothing hateful about killing unborn children, nothing degrading to women about pole dancing. With its story on “hate groups” getting COVID relief, NBC has firmly established itself as a tool of the Sexual Revolution.

Please SIGN and SHARE this urgent joint petition, demanding that NBC retract hate-filled smears of pro-family groups.

And, after signing and sharing, please take time to email NBC to politely express your feelings on this matter. Politely ask them to retract their story of December 9th labeling respected pro-family groups as so-called "hate groups." 

NBC News Managing Editor[email protected]


'Accused hate groups receive pandemic aid (nbcnews.com)'

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Strip-club stimulus reveals lingering uncertainties over U.S. small-business aid | Reuters

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'Ronan Farrow Says NBC News Ordered a "Hard Stop to Reporting" on Harvey Weinstein' | Hollywood Reporter

'Southern Poverty Law Center Linked to FRC Shooting in Chilling New Interrogation Video' - FRC

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The Hill tweeted: JUST IN: State capitals across the country under siege by pro-Trump mobs hill.cm/C8M1dfi

The New York Times tweeted: The storming of Capitol Hill was organized on social media. Trump supporters posted unprecedented scenes of mobs freely strolling through the halls of Congress and uploading celebratory photographs of themselves, encouraging others to join them.

And its banner headline: Trump Incites Mobs

Reuters tweeted similar and then they got a little more temperate here, saying “pro-Trump protestors.”

Even National Geographic got in on the act, tweeting manipulated-light images with this: surreal scenes were on display in Washington as mobs breached the Capitol Building and interrupted the vote to certify the 2020 presidential election

Others headlines like these here.

The Daily Beast liked the term “pro-Trump rioters” a word unknown to them when describing Antifa and BLM and all its “peaceful protestors.”

The bottom line is this: anyone opposing election fraud is now an extremist and part of a mob. No protests, no calling for redress — anyone protesting will be defined by its least worthy members, the people with bad judgment to storm the Capitol, some of whom may have been Antifa provocateurs. 

It's a bid to paint protests for Trump, in sentiments shared by 74 million voters, as nothing but the doing of mobs and extremists.

Published with permission from the American Thinker.