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Doug Ford at his victory speech at the moment he says 'God bless,' June 7, 2018.screen grab

July 4, 2019 (Parents as First Educators) –We just passed the one year anniversary of Doug Ford being sworn in as Premier of Ontario, liberating Ontario from the anti-parent and anti-religion, bigoted Liberal government of Kathleen Wynne.

Ford, you remember, partially won the 2018 PC Leadership, and the ensuing general election campaign, on a promise to “repeal and replace” the Wynne sex ed curriculum.

Well, one year later, the “repeal and replace” exercise amounted to nothing. Despite much publicity and a very noisy court fight between the teachers’ unions and Ford’s hand-picked first Minister of Education, nothing was repealed. The entirety of the Wynne sex ed is still there, for every teacher to utilize with Ontario children.

In some ways, the situation is now even worse than it was under Wynne. Late last year, Minister Lisa Thompson instructed her lawyer in the court case to proclaim what I call the “Thompson Doctrine”: when it comes to sex ed – or just about anything else – any Ontario teacher can teach anything they like, at any age or grade level, using any resources they like, so long as they only “examine” or “test” the children on the material at the specified grade level. Click here for more information.

So much for “repeal and replace.”  Either Lisa Thompson made a liar out of Doug Ford, or Ford’s promise was a lie from the very beginning. Take your pick.

But there is a sliver of good news!

In late June, Ford finally dumped Thompson as Education Minister. (And thank you to the thousands of you who signed our online petition that called for Thompson’s ouster as Minister!)

What of the new Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce? I wrote about him last week. Click here for my initial, negative assessment.

In any case, Mr. Lecce is the new Minister, and I note that the school year has now wrapped up for the summer, and the new curriculum has still not been formally released. Perhaps there is some hope.

Therefore I have, today, sent a detailed letter to Minister Lecce, outlining his predecessor’s “reign of error” at the Ministry of Education and have asked him to suspend the release of the new curriculum. In short, Minister Lecce needs to “start over”.

To read my letter to Education Minister Stephen Lecce, click here.

Editor's note: This letter was reprinted from a Parents As First Educators' (PAFE) email. It is reprinted here by permission. To subscribe to PAFE's email list, click here. To download and sign the paper petition demanding the repeal of Ontario's radical sex-ed, click here.