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(LifeSiteNews) –– Canadian physician Dr. Chris Shoemaker has reappeared in a recent interview with Jim Ferguson of The Jim Ferguson Analysis with proof that the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 “vaccines” contain DNA – and that the claim the novel injections are “safe and effective” is a “complete lie.”

Discussing a pioneering study on the true contents of the novel injections, he cites a debate in the Australian senate which mentions that up to 1 in 25 of Moderna vaccine recipients will develop autoimmune myocarditis.

This condition, which Shoemaker says was practically unknown before the COVID “vaccines”, will see up to 75 percent of the myocarditis patients die within ten years. In addition, the invasive DNA is likely to be behind 18 million worldwide excess deaths in 2021, says Shoemaker, as he warns the mutagenic injections will lead to increased rates of cancer and other fatal diseases.

‘Plasmidgate’ –  DNA present despite denials

Shoemaker reminds us that he is not a virologist or immunologist. He states that the news of “Plasmidgate” is the work of respected experts . It proves the presence of invasive genetic material in the Pfizer and Moderna injections – which has always been denied by the pharmaceutical giants.

According to Pfizer’s vaccine misinformation page, their DNA/mRNA delivery system does not ‘interact directly with your DNA at all’

Shoemaker says this DNA can alter the behavior of invaded cells in those who receive the so-called vaccines – for years to come. His claims are founded on expert research in the field.

As Newstarget reported on May 25:

Microbiologist Dr. Kevin McKernan has discovered ‘unacceptable levels’ of double-stranded DNA plasmids floating around Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Pharmaceutical and medical device R&D executive Sasha Latypova expounded on McKernan’s findings in an interview with ‘The Freedom Corner with Peter Sweden.’

Shoemaker repeatedly cites the findings of microbiologist Dr. Kevin McKernan, whose April 2023 study discovered the presence of DNA in the injections.

He cites the support of Dr. Jessica Rose, U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) analyst, who in an October 22 interview said, “The job of COVID fact-checkers is to criminalize the truth.”

Rose has a Substack which explains to the public the importance of McKernan’s findings, which is published under a pseudonym here.

‘Obfuscation’ and excess deaths

Shoemaker estimates that the total worldwide excess deaths of 2021-22 were a whopping 30 million.

He describes the attempts in the media to attribute myocarditis to COVID infections, and not the injections, as “obfuscation.”

The claim that myocarditis from the germ [of COVID] was equally large as from the vaccine – that’s a complete lie… The ratio is like 20 000 or 40 000 more so from the vaccine. The vaccine is causing myocarditis.

With the pioneering research proving the contents of the injected material to be invasive DNA, Shoemaker says there can be no doubt of criminal malfeasance in those who made the claim of “safe and effective.”

‘Safe and effective were two lies’

Shoemaker derides the oft-parroted claim that the “vaccines” were “100 percent safe and effective.” He  states that the “one clear lie made from the start was there is absolutely no DNA in this product.”

The claim – made at the time – that the injections cannot affect your genetic code is “a complete lie by Pfizer and Moderna.”

Yet the crux of his interview dealt with the alarming discovery that the injections themselves contained over 30 percent DNA by weight.

The inclusion of DNA within an mRNA messenger means that foreign DNA can penetrate the cell nucleus of anyone receiving the injections. Which cells, and where in the body – no one can say with confidence.

Shoemaker reminds us of another false promise of safety – that the “vaccine” when delivered would remain near the injection site.

The DNA, from the Wuhan lab and elsewhere, is combined with messenger RNA…within six minutes it’s going throughout your body…brain cells, heart cells, kidney cells… It never stayed in your shoulder for a short while as predicted – that was a complete lie.

It went everywhere in rapid fashion, said Shoemaker. When he says “everywhere,” he means into the center of cells.

Genetic modification

The mRNA is a plasmid, which allows for this foreign DNA to be absorbed into the cell nucleus – to combine with your own DNA.

People used to be concerned about genetically modified food, said Shoemaker, yet the dangers presented by the discovery of DNA in the injections are far more serious.

You’re not getting a genetically modified cereal. You are getting gene codes to make the most toxic protein ever created on earth.

The mRNA would be gone in 8-12 months, says Shoemaker. Yet due to the absorption of novel DNA, recipients of the injections can “pump out new mRNAs for a decade.”

Shoemaker warns that once injected, this process can be mitigated with “anti spike mechanisms” but it cannot be changed back. The consequences are dire, he says.

That’s making you more likely to get cancer, have a pulmonary embolus, that’s making you more likely to be completely infertile in the next five years.

He refers to the work of Drs Peter McCullough and Paul Elias Alexander – who have argued that due to “shedding”the transmission of modified DNA through respiration and close physical contact the unvaccinated are also at risk of contagion from the “vaccinated.

Research from 2022 as well as one study from Pfizer suggested this mechanism was active for up to 48 hours following receipt of an injection.

Pfizer on the hook

The Canadian physician refers to a session of the Australian Senate during which executives from Pfizer failed to explain how the so-called “vaccine” causes myocarditis. An extract from the session, which took place on August 3, demonstrates what Shoemaker called “the duplicitous and awkward answers” of the pharmaceutical executives.

In a separate hearing the same executives denied against the evidence – that anyone had been forced to take their “100% safe” injections – whilst admitting in another they supplied a “special batch” of “vaccines” to their own employees.

Evidence withheld

The Australian Senate hearing cited the Basel study, which showed that in the three days after the third shot – or “first booster” – 9.2 percent of patients had detectable myocarditis.

“Yes its just one study” – as Shoemaker conceded – but these results had been known since mid 2022 and only publicized in 2023. Shoemaker contends that this evidence had been deliberately withheld.

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Shoemaker commended the Australian government on its repeal of the Ivermectin ban, which allows the prescription of the “best treatment for covid and for vaccine injury” to once more be prescribed.

‘A military countermeasure’

Shoemaker tells his audience that these injections are not defined as “vaccines” in the paperwork but as “military countermeasures.”

The efficacy of these “countermeasures” appears to be horrifying.

It is certainly a fact that established myocarditis has a death rate after 5 years of 50 percent – and after 10 years of 75 percent.

It was always a terribly rare – but terribly dangerous condition.

How rare? Shoemaker says that the former background rate of myocarditis was one in a million. The rate of autoimmune myocarditis – that associated with the injections – “was virtually nil… and to have your own immune system attack your heart – that didn’t happen until the COVID vax.”

Indemnified profit or intentional harm?

As CNBC reported in December 2020, both Pfizer and Moderna enjoy legal indemnity from any side effects suffered from taking the injections.

Shoemaker appeals to the law to resolve this matter, adducing “30 million excess deaths” worldwide from 2021-2022 – including an unexplained rise in the deaths of children and the young.

“The world must gently wake up” he says, visibly upset to recall the indifference of the World Health Organization to vaccine-induced deaths.

Shoemaker points to the Australian government as a positive example – “despite their many mistakes” – which has resiled its former ban on ivermectin. As of June 2023, the cheap and effective medicine can now be freely prescribed.

“It is the best drug for treating vaccine injury” stressed the doctor, remarking that Canada shamefully continues its policy of ivermectin prohibition.

His interview concludes with advice on the four tests to request in order to screen for myocarditis.