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American statesman Patrick Henry (1736 - 1799) delivers his patriotic 'give me liberty, or give me death' speech before the Virginia Assembly, 1775Photo by MPI/Getty Images

U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates

Note from LifeSiteNews co-founder Steve Jalsevac: LifeSiteNews does not agree with everything stated in this article, especially concerning the unacceptable moral issues stances of Robert Kennedy Jr. However, we should hope and pray that Kennedy and some of the others will grow in understanding of and appreciation for essential traditional Judeo/Christian/Catholic moral principles for saving civilization from catastrophe. Without God we can achieve nothing.

We should pray that Robert Kennedy will repent of his personal violations of the Catholic moral teachings he was taught in his childhood and youth. Our heroes list would include many of these same people, but we would add many more to the list, especially those who have been heroically faithful to the will of God. However, there is good advice and important information in the article we should heed and be aware of. There is indeed a crucial need for joint action among persons who realize the dire situation we are in. There must be strong support for the needed actions of many heroes we write about. Counter revolutions always demand a cooperative spirit among diverse people and cannot succeed without it, especially considering the powerful forces determined to impose their evil, totalitarian Great Reset and Agenda 2030 on the world.

(Robert Malone) — I recently wrote an essay which focused on the freedom fighters, the lovers of liberty who have been in the trenches with me over the past few years.

I just used my own photos, snapped by Jill or I as we have travelled around the world to lecture, organize, and protest over the COVID-19 policies. So, my selection was fairly limited to both those photos that we had in our collection and those that I could find – as we have thousands of photos stuck in one iPhoto album.

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But there were so many people that I missed – that I am remiss and was reprimanded for not including them.

So today I wish to highlight more of my personal heroes in this fight. These are people that I know and respect personally. It is not a complete list – because I am limited by my photo album. Apologies in advance to those I have neglected to name.

First, I wish to start off with my friend Robert Kennedy. When I first met Bobby in 2021, he held very different views than he does now. His filter was vaccine safety, regulatory capture, big government, and COVID-19 policies. I worry about his positions on entitlements, but due to the open border policies of Biden and the DHS, I think his eyes have been opened on that subject. Just like so many of us, his worldview has changed. The viewpoints he held three years ago are not the same now. I actually believe he is better prepared than ever to run this country

Other politicians who have literally risked their careers and reputations include Senator Ron Johnson, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Rep. Thomas Massie, Gov. Ron DeSantis, and U.K. MP Andrew Bridgen. All of these people have been ridiculed by mainstream media for their heroic stances on COVID-19 government policies, medical freedom, personal and state sovereignty, as well as the totalitarian nature of the burgeoning psywar efforts of the U.S. government on its own people. I am proud to consider all of them my friends and allies in this fight.

Yesterday I showed photographs of some of my personal heroes in this fight. But on reflection, I left out so many people!

Here are more:

Starting at the top left: Dr. Brooke and Ann Miller, Dr. Simone Gold, Jeff Hansen, Prof. Mattias Desmet, Dr. Kurt Milhoan, Dr. Harvey Risch, John Bowe, Rachel and Jessie Friedman (Hi Rez).

But there are so many more. Even many of my substack subscribers.

We now know that the 2020 was rigged. That the federal government and Google manipulated search engine results, censored, put out fake stories (Hunter Biden’s laptop), even sent false messages about voting at specific times. There are heroes bringing the news story to the public.

We know the origins of the virus weren’t from an animal source. We were lied to again and again – for years on end. There are heroes bringing that story to light.

Then there are the so many lies about the COVIDcrisis… more heroes.

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Scientists, physicians, musicians, artists, policy analysts, (usually ex) federal employees, politicians, influencers have been working non-stop to expose the corruption, fascism, censorship, propaganda, psywars, and more. We all have a part to play in this fight for our sovereignty, our liberty.

Our republic, our Constitution gives us the scaffolding we need. We just need to find a way to restore our Constitution, to starve the federal government back to a manageable size – to give us a better future. A bridge to a better future.

How to control the bloated leviathan that is the administrative state, with regulatory capture and the Deep State being the hidden puppet masters?

Alternative media is one of our best tools. And that doesn’t necessarily mean X (formerly Twitter). X is being controlled, they are complying – we know this. We just don’t know how and when it is happening. Alex Finn on X does a good job in breaking down some of the code that determines “your freedom of reach,” as Elon Musk so succinctly put it, way back in 2022. So, if you use X – learn those algorithms. But bottom line: we have to be able and willing to jump social media platforms. X is controlled and censored; it doesn’t allow freedom of reach and it will only get worse. The EU and states like California are restricting not only X’s ability to allow free speech but all of the internet.

So, we are going to have to rely on regional platforms, or blockchain technologies that tie together regional or less regulated platforms – solutions that may be forum based. The next version of the internet will look different from today, and we have to be ready.

The misinformation “sciences” are working with government to stop us. Evidently, 53 percent of misinformation “experts” agree that those who spread misinformation should be “penalized” – does that mean fines, jail time, removal from the internet? Which court of law will decide this? 73 percent of those “experts” agree that removal from the internet or parts of the internet, and banning people from speaking (otherwise known as deplatforming) is necessary to fight misinformation.

Basically, the chart below shows that the misinformation “experts” almost unanimously agree that misinformation must be ferreted out, that it can’t be allowed on or off the internet, that they alone are able to decide what is misinformation – even though the lot of them can’t decide on a single definition. They believe that free speech should not be allowed.

This is why we all must be ready. Remember when X, LinkedIn, and Facebook banned, shadow-banned, and censored so many of us in 2021? What people did then was just leave. We jumped to Gab, Truth Social, Locals, and GETTR. When Patreon began banning certain people and their content, many users switched to Substack. If Substack gets sold, changes management, or gets shut-down, we have to be ready to switch again.

We can expect governments and the globalists to fight back with new laws and restrictions. Whereas porn is perfectly ok on the new web, we know this – because not one piece of legislation has passed stopping porn. The act of exposing their propaganda, censorship, corruption and lies is not. Speculating and even putting out theories of what the deep state is planning or has done is not allowed.

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One of the fascinating things about reading Harvard’s new “peer-reviewed” Misinformation Review is how the term “misinformation” is so loosely defined amongst the experts and that, even when an accusation of “spreading misinformation” has been disproven, there is never any mention of how the “experts” got it wrong. The articles even go so far as to specifically label all misinformation as coming from the “right” or conservative groups. The left-wing bias of this new subsection of the social sciences is downright Orwellian.

So, we must fight. That means changing our culture. Changing how we all interact with the Internet. Educating people on the dangers of psywar and being ready for the next psywar campaign to be launched against us. A note – that new psywar campaign has already been launched, we just haven’t recognized it yet.

We have to work together to bring our government to heel. To stop the collusion of government, academia, and the media to control the “great narrative.”

We have to lobby Congress, they have to stop the State Department, the Intelligence Community, the DoD, and DHS from continuing with their tyranny.

We have to choose our leaders wisely.

Which brings me to the idea of the self-supporting bridge.

This is what heroes do for each other. We support each other. We are building a bridge for a better future for all of us. And for those that come after us.

Born in Studley, Virginia, Patrick Henry (1736 to 1799) was a key figure in the American Revolution. He was educated as an attorney and was Virginia’s first governor, a position he held for many years. Patrick Henry refused to sign the proposed U.S. Constitution unless accompanied by a Bill of Rights. Known as an exceptional orator, he helped rally the populace against British rule.

During the Second Virginia Convention in 1775, his speech included the famous phrase: “Give me liberty or give me death!”

Be like Patrick Henry.

Reprinted with permission from Robert Malone.

U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates