May 15, 2012 (Unmaskingchoice.ca) – As if China needed any more negative press on their barbaric One Child Policy after blind human rights activist Chen Guangcheng’s dramatic escape from house arrest, multiple news outlets are now reporting that South Korean officials have seized thousands of capsules and pills that reportedly contain the powdered flesh of fetuses and babies. The stomach-turning story is that, since August, over 17,000 of these capsules have been seized from smugglers attempting to bring them in from—you guessed it—China.


First it was details of forced sterilizations, grotesque forced abortions that included women being strapped to chairs while the butchers of Chinese officialdom tore their offspring from their womb, and babies being drowned in buckets. Now reports indicate that cannibalistic capsules were created in factories where the corpses of Chinese babies were chopped like meat, dried out on stoves, and ground into powder. The purpose of these capsules? In a myth akin to the idea that sex with a virgin could cure AIDs, apparently some believe that consuming a dead child can ward off disease. Another report that I desperately hope is inaccurate indicates that they could be used as sexual performance enhancers, grotesquely completing this hellish horror story—have sex, kill the resulting baby, and then use the killed baby to enhance sex.

My greatest fear upon reading these reports was that people would no longer have the capacity to be shocked and repulsed. After all, until a concerted pro-life boycott ended the practice last month, PepsiCo was using aborted fetal cell lines to develop flavour enhancers. The biotech company utilizing these “flavour programs,” Senomyx, is still used by corporations such as Kraft Foods and Nestle. These facts have been public knowledge for some time, and yet there has been minimal if any public reaction to this abhorrent practice outside of the pro-life community.

It’s easy to bemoan the increasing reports of atrocities against the very young coming out of China. One might rightly note that in the Confucian China of the past, a child falling into a well would be rescued. But in today’s Communist dystopia a child is more likely to get dropped down a well than pulled out. But are we in Canada any better?

The pro-“choice” movement must admit the hideous slippery slope that their worldview has pushed us down. If abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy, for any or no reason, should remain legal, then what is wrong with utilizing the remains of these pre-born innocents? If they aren’t human, then surely we can use their severed limbs for some productive purpose? If not for making sure our junk food tastes good, then perhaps as sexual performance enhancers?

The fact that this is all grotesque should be clear to all. Surely we can still recognize that the remains of human beings should not be used as some sort of cannibalistic pick-a-part. And perhaps, if we can recognize that truth, we can recognize that it is abhorrent to turn living humans into corpses in the first place.

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Reprinted with permission from Unmaskingchoice.ca