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Three leftist lawyers representing the UN who visited US pushing CEDAW and Equal Rights Amendment

NEW YORK, December 28, (C-Fam) – We at C-Fam have never taken the position that the UN ought to be closed or that the UN ought to move out of New York City. We believe there is a role for this body, mostly in airing out issues in the General Assembly.

But, we do take the position that radical feminist busybodies aught to stay out of not only the United States but every other country, too. Three leftist lawyers representing the UN just visited the United States for a ten day tour during which they met only with fellow leftists, only those who support the killing of unborn children.

Their report is replete with misunderstandings about U.S. law and U.S. politics. Worse than that, it is replete with deliberate lies about what international law requires.

One of the more comical statements in their report is that the U.S. ought to pass the Equal Rights Amendment. You read that and you just have to laugh. The Equal Rights Amendment is just about the deadest public policy idea in the United States. It was defeated a few decades ago and never resurrected.

These three radical feminists also bemoan that the U.S. has never ratified the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. They say the U.S. promised to ratify it! If only Barack Obama was a dictator that may be possible. As it is, passing CEDAW is not even remotely possible.

C-Fam and other like-minded groups have spent the better part of two decades explaining to the Congress and the American people how various UN treaties are dangerous to our people and our system of government. Moreover, we have spent almost twenty years exposing how UN treaty monitoring bodies are out of control, most especially the CEDAW Committee.

So successful have we been in exposing these dangerous treaties, that the U.S. Senate refused three times to ratify the treaty that ought to be the lowest hanging fruit, the treaty on persons with disabilities. It has been repeatedly defeated over the question of importing abortion into the treaty and also how crazy the treaty monitoring body will inevitably be.

The ladies were especially upset with pro-life protestors in front of an abortion clinic. They say the protestors were kinds of terrorists. What nonsense. If these ladies want to curtail free speech, they ought to do it elsewhere and not here where speech is protected by the world’s oldest Constitution.

They were also upset with the Republican candidates for President for supposedly saying things about women that were stereotypical and also warring on women.

These radical law professors had special praise for the pro-abortion group called Emily’s List for their efforts in getting women involved in politics and running for office. Did they even think about praising the Susan B. Anthony List, a pro-life group that does the same thing? Not on your life.

And that gets to the heart of the matter. Not a single UN treaty says abortion is a human right. Not one. But, these quite dishonest women insist that international law requires abortion on demand. They come to our countries and proceed to lie about them. This is simply outrageous.

Ladies, you are not welcome here. Go home. Never come back

This article has been re-published with the permission of C-FAM.org