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(American Thinker) — “Let’s roll” were the last recorded words from the passengers on Flight 93 on 9/11. “Let’s roll” means the die is cast, and our last actions should count for something. With 9/11 just around the corner and with a president breaking tradition and not putting aside his typical daily responsibilities to give the moment the respect and importance that it deserves, this is our moment to evaluate what appears to be our coming fate.

In Europe, the beginning of the end of private ownership of cars has begun. It’s just a question of time before the cost of owning a car is beyond the means of most. This is by design. Eventually, only the wealthy, government officials, and other especially important individuals will be the ones driving motor vehicles.

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A funny thing about Europe: What happens there frequently happens here with about a 5- to 10-year delay. This is our crystal ball.

Say “climate change,” and you can get away with almost anything today in this Brave New World. I know that those who drank the Kool-Aid but aren’t quite ready to sacrifice their children on the altar of progressivism are starting to get nervous. The rest of us are already going crazy. The goalposts, what’s required of everyone to conform to this or that new edict, are unsettling to ever more of us, except the true believers, who want to burn it all down and are among the few who understand what’s really happening.

Let me share with you a story from London that tells a larger story:

‘Suddenly, a lot of people in London are realizing what “Net Zero” really means.’

This week, many Londoners are waking up to the impact of living in an Ultra Low Emission Zone as the £12.50 daily charge for unfashionable cars begins in the poorer suburbs.

Normally, ‘Climate Change’ [sic] costs are secretly buried in bills, hidden in rising costs, and blamed on ‘old unreliable coal plants,’ inflation, or foreign wars. Your electricity bill does not have a category for ‘subsidies for your neighbor’s solar panels.’ But the immense pain of NetZero [sic] can’t be disguised.

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ULEZ refers to Ultra Low Emission Zones, beginning to be set up in Europe to reduce emissions. However, people also see this as a way to change people’s behavior and redefine freedom. Remember, these are mandates created by the government and not voted on by the people. It’s funny how we never seem to have a say in what is about to become of us.

Think this is a one-off? It’s not. Ireland just passed a draconian bill against agriculture in its own nation to reduce farming emissions by 51 percent by 2051. This means Ireland will grow less food, cull cattle as a wasteful use of emission allowances, and more.

Where does this all end?  I’ll tell you… right here at home. Everything happening in Europe is a harbinger of what’s to come here. The ground beneath our feet is shifting faster than our capacity to comprehend the changes. What’s apparent is that all these changes are so vast, all-consuming, and all-encompassing that few of us feel confident of our future. Polls back that up. Social, political, environmental, even our borders, work, world position, and more are all up in the air, and nobody knows where we will land. The lawfare against Trump is designed to frighten us, not reassure us. Will I be next if I get out of line? All of this is also by design to make sure you won’t be able to find your footing and fight back.

I don’t know if Americans are more conspiracy theorists than others, but I do know that what’s happening to our country is unprecedented, as in we’ve never been where we are now. We are at one another’s throats, divided by our different privileges, and our schools got away with creating a generation of reprogrammed children whom we no longer recognize as authentic Americans. No, many are totally different mentally and physically; they are loyal not to their parents or their country, but to an ideal that does not exist. That idea is egalitarianism, based on a belief that man is destroying the world and that individualism and capitalism are the constructs that will kill us all. They are the brainwashed generation that, instead of saying, “Let’s roll,” would sit quietly in their seats and say “Right on!” to the hijackers striking at the Great Satan.

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Europe sits behind the shield we created. Europe would have come under Russian or Chinese sway long ago if not for us. We are our own worst enemies. Conservatives have their blinders on, neglecting what history teaches us about isolationism. Yes, we must close our borders to those who can’t help us become stronger. Seeing people come here expecting to be taken care of breaks my heart. One person is a tragedy; millions coming are our destruction. Why do so few of us realize that? Why don’t our leaders have the courage of their convictions and do what must be done? Why have Democrats become Democrats of the world instead of America first?

I think I know the answer. During the Second World War, millions of Europeans collaborated with the Germans. They did so to survive. Going along to get along, we might call it. Millions of Jews went along with the Nazis, who did little to quell the fear in the heart of each Jew who was loaded on a boxcar or driven into a ghetto. It’s the human thing to do: survive another day and hope. We’ve all heard that hope is not a strategy; it’s what we do when we shut down our minds and operate on pure emotion. We must do better. We can do better.

Europe is the example we need to understand for our own future – one not protected by the incredible past power of the United States, but a new world, much weaker, much more ready to cede leadership and unable to defend our borders, much less our way of life.

When I was a young boy, I visited the stockyards in Chicago. Tens of thousands of cattle were on their way to the slaughterhouse but were being fattened up in the feedlots in the shadow of Chicago’s skyscrapers. We are those cattle today. Free stuff, deficit spending, and good intentions are the tripe being fed to us before our turn in the slaughterhouse.

Unlike those cattle, though, we have a choice. Would the Jews once again climb into those boxcars or be herded into the ghettos of Warsaw? I hope there are enough of us to exact a terrible toll on the next fascist, communist, or progressive who thinks so little of you and so much of himself and his ideas.

You will decide whether to go along quietly or exact revenge on those destroyers. There is nowhere for you to hide. Cars and cattle first, then they’ll come for what’s left.

God bless America.

Reprinted with permission from American Thinker.