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(LifeSiteNews) — There are many wild theories which circulate about those who would be the masters of our future. Few of them can compete with the far-fetched notions of these people, whose words when quoted verbatim sound outlandish.

What then should we make of the claims of a man who has dealt with some of these people in person? Today I introduce the work of Professor Mikko Paunio, whose argument “…is that ultimately global agendas based on esotericism and occultism or, more simply, the new nature pantheism, are nuts and therefore socially dangerous.”

That the World Economic Forum and its peer groups have the whiff of sulfur about them is to be unkind to Hell. Yet the human cause is best served by accuracy in describing the deeds of these technocratic fantasists, to whom we are all little more than a management problem to be solved. 

Such a bold claim, if made without evidence, can be dismissed without argument. Yet the 30-year research of Professor Mikko Paunio, himself no stranger to state-level gatherings, presents a body of work which reveals that “The Environmental Policies of the UN, the Club of Rome and the World Economic Forum are Esoteric Nonsense.”

The following arguments were first presented to a Finnish audience in October 2022, in a presentation simply titled “Occult Power.” They are made not by an obscure conspiracy theorist, but by a man whose long career has taken him into the very corridors of power:

The justifications of the UN and the World Economic Forum’s anti-enlightenment global policies, aimed at subjugating people, are dressed in the form of science, even though they are based on esotericism and the occult and are therefore only the irrational thinking of fools.

Professor Paunio is an epidemiologist who has worked for a number of public health institutions in his native Finland, as well as a brief spell at the World Bank, and is currently Senior Medical Officer in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health of Finland. His work as a scientific and policy adviser has seen him involved in state level meetings across Europe and the United States.  

He has combined this with a forthright opposition to the crazy climate cult whose “Neo-Malthusian ideas” are a point of principle among the technocratic elite. In fact, it was his work as a specialist in public health which first alerted him to the dark undercurrents of these nature-worshipping misanthropes.

When I was a young medical researcher, I became one of the secretaries of the Prime Minister’s Energy Committee in the aftermath of the Chernobyl accident in Finland. I myself and the other secretaries had to read an endless handwritten stream-of-consciousness from a committee member called Pentti Malaska, professor of future studies at Turku University of Economics and Business.

What was so remarkable about this meeting? 

He was later revealed to have been an occultist.

Professor Paunio’s interest was piqued, and so began his long journey into what he terms “…the new-old nature pantheism that was born in the UN framework, with its partners the Club of Rome and the World Economic Forum.”

The Club of Rome was founded in 1968 in the year of its seminal publication, The Limits to Growth. It is composed of a hundred state-level leaders and technocrats drawn from government, business, and supra-national bureaucracies such as the UN.

This book was a milestone in modern earth worship, framing humanity as a handicap borne by a suffering planet. It presented a future of catastrophic collapse – in systems and human population – without the intervention of a benevolent and enlightened international organization. 

In combining prophecies of doom with the promise of hope it plowed a furrow well worn by the leaders of the international bureaucracies today. The World Health Organization, the United Nations and the World Economic Forum are all exponents of this method, and are of course united in their commitment to projects such as Net Zero. 

Yet there is more than a common interest in the marketing of crisis which unites these organizations, as Paunio explains. 

Back in 1991, in my first book, Vihreä valhe [The Green Lie], I made the observation that a large part of the activists of the neo-Malthusian Green anti science movement were attracted to anthroposophy or the more original occult thought, i.e., theosophy.

Paunio’s view is one that charges that the would-be world masters are fantasists, and their fantasies are directly inspired by an occult tradition going back to the 19th century. He claims they belong not merely to a cult, but argues the promotion and practice of such beliefs, whether hidden or not, amount to a creed which has supplanted that of the Church.

This religion has largely replaced Christianity in Western countries. Nature pantheism specifically draws from the ‘wisdom’ of theosophy, which is based on the esotericism and occultism of the world’s most famous con artist, Madame Blavatsky, who claimed to have discovered the ‘lost truth’ that unites world religions.

Paunio is careful to distinguish between “esoteric” – meaning “personal” – and “occult” – meaning “hidden.” His contention is that a cult of personal fantasy, whose private practices are reflected in a world view detached from reality, is endemic in the ruling elite. If this is indeed the case, it would help to explain why so many of our leaders seem concerned only with themselves, and why their beliefs and policies often seem to have little connection with observable reality. 

How much evidence is there of such a cult? Some of its most prominent followers do not much care to keep their occult beliefs to themselves. In January 2016 Klaus Schwab “…appeared in a television interview with RTS Suisse in Switzerland, where he openly revealed his crazy esoteric occultism.”

In the video mentioned, Schwab talks about the “fusion of the digital, physical and biological worlds” through a technology which Paunio says is nothing more than science fiction. 

Everything that Schwab mentioned on Swiss TV in 2016 is simply unethical science fiction. No such technology exists, nor will it ever exist. It’s just a cranky old man’s cranky thinking based on inner-space flights and ideas derived from occult rituals.

Paunio contends that the so-called science presented by people like Schwab is simply a fantasy. What then of Schwab’s protégé, Yuval Noah Harari? 

The WEF deliberately created a fake natural science CV for Yuval Harari, who is actually an historian.

Harari is simply a fraud, made up by his master to resemble a scientific prophet of the future. He is nothing more than another Walter Mitty, claims Paunio – but one nonetheless directed by a man with a certain commitment to occult traditions. 

Klaus Schwab recruited the by far ever most influential unelected UN environment official, Maurice Strong, a wealthy, un-educated Canadian industrialist (1929–2015), to head the WEF foundation. Maurice Strong was THE central figure in pushing forward the sustainable development agenda since the UN’s first environmental summit in Stockholm in 1972. He was also an inveterate occultist and esotericist.

Paunio has written at length on the development of the occult tradition from the 19th century, noting and naming figures in politics who have visibly absorbed the tenets of the new-old nature pantheism.  

How have these cranks achieved such a powerful platform? 

Thanks to the unconditional support given to them by the mainstream media, WEF’s insane global policies that are meant to impoverish us and aggravate environmental problems, have gained ground in all Western institutions, including protestant churches and the Catholic Church.

There can be no argument here, as the evidence is all around us. We already inhabit the digital monuments of a cult which has captured our leaders and our media. Yet the findings of Paunio go further than the international religion of doom. His work reveals how organizations. such as the WEF are working with governments to falsify evidence in order to promote an agenda – of collapse. 

Paunio proved in this article that the World Economic Forum used a Finnish innovation fund to advance Schwab’s Great Reset.

In 2016, SITRA, which is subordinate to the Finnish Parliament, delivered a fabricated report on Finland’s circular economy miracle and created the current circular economy concept for the World Economic Forum, which is harmful to the environment, to human health and the economy.

By exploiting this concept, the European Union Commission made presentations to the EU legislators, e.g., the green finance taxonomy regulation, Jyrki Katainen’s circular economy package and the massive Fit for 55 climate package, which is still mainly in the hands of EU legislators, and which ultimately will lead to Soviet-style five-year planning and the downfall of modern industrial society.

Professor Paunio’s work is not simply dedicated to laughing at buffoons and debunking their false credentials. It is a serious attempt to contribute to the counternarrative of a technocratic managerialism whose evil is rendered more comprehensible by the revelation of its occult inspirations. 

He ends his extensive essay on the subject with a rallying cry to the reality-based community.

We the people, ordinary workers and entrepreneurs who love their country and family, must wake up to defend enlightenment, freedom and modern society. Only the pursuit of the good, starting from one’s own starting points, can displace these human experiments conducted from abroad. Finland, as a society in its own right and as historically dominated by other nations, is now a solid platform for some kind of crazy experiments, unless our decision makers are aware of the enormous dangers associated with them.

You can find out more about the work of Professor Paunio on the John Henry Westen show, and in the forthcoming pieces by Frank Wright on the background to his work.