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(LifeSiteNews) –– Good news for the reality-based community arrived this week, from a 74-year-old former British diplomat. 

Following his article of June 11, in which he argues that a “Fourth Turning” is coming which will change the global order, British diplomat Alastair Crooke explained to Judge Antony Napolitano in a June 15 video interview exactly how and why change is coming to the West. 

Crooke knows a thing or two about change, having a decades long year career with MI6 interspersed with bilateral negotiation missions in the Middle East. The former adviser to European Union foreign policy was noted and praised for his ability to see both sides of some of the most protracted conflicts in the world. 

Europe’s forgotten people

Crooke’s remarkable appraisal begins with a statement that the political elite of Europe is completely out of touch – and is faced with earth-shattering consequences. 

“It is an earthquake it’s been slow to start but it is gathering,” said Crooke, before explaining the credibility gap which he says is the cause. 

“…basically it’s a sense of distrust of the elites  a complete distrust  and a search for a change of values… they’re fed up with this absurd politics that we’ve been given on a daily diet  of who can and cannot use a lavatory, what is a woman  all of these things…” 

Crooke maintains that the politicians of the liberal consensus in Europe simply do not speak to the mass of the ordinary people and ignore their concerns. 

“…what really matters to them is not being attended to. It is forgotten… it’s housing about the education of their children, about medical facilities being available to their children” 

In summary, he maintains that the management of the European nations are incapable of doing anything at all to help. 

“And these things are not addressed because they can’t address them. They just go on with the same narrative, so it’s produced a huge shock.” 

The shock of the real

That reality would come as a shock to the political management is no surprise. Their entire ideology is a fantasy, enforced by media domination and backed up by the designation of basic observations about reality as hate speech. 

In the Empire of Lies, sane policies are anti-democratic. The example of Hungary serves to show exactly how Western democracy is managed. Hungary is sanctioned, vilified and slandered as a dictatorship for the crimes of protecting its nation, preserving Christianity, preventing sexualized access to children and providing 6 percent of its GDP to subsidize families.  

Its supreme crime is to call for peace, which is tantamount to treason in the current ideology of make belief. 

Its conflict with the lives of ordinary people is stark. It is a politics of performance, where control relies on its representation in a captive media, from which the interests and opinions of normal people are excluded. 

The reality-based community is obliged to live in the real world, which has been utterly neglected by the fantasists in power. What is more, Crooke maintains that people have simply “had enough of being lie to.”

An alternative for Germany?

Crooke refers to the most recent YouGov poll which gives the Alternative for Germany a record 20 percent in the polls.  

The AfD is of course an “extremist” party, like the ruling party of Hungary. It pursues a very similar agenda, being concerned for the welfare of its people, nation and for the replacement of perpetual war with lasting peace. 

It is also opposed to the zealotic Green agenda which has rapidly accelerated the deindustrialization of Europe’s former manufacturing powerhouse. As Crooke remarks, the Green party is in coalition with the Liberals and the Social Democrats, and their “Green agenda has become so radical that some of the greens are proposing to destroy humanity to save humanity…”

He notes that according to several recent polls, summarized here on Politico, the German government’s support has collapsed to the point that it no longer has a mandate to govern. 

Credit: Politico

Crucially, he says the AfD wish to restore German sovereignty – an issue highlighted also by Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto in his recent remarks in Paris. The implication is that European nations do not direct their own foreign and domestic policy. 

It is hard to gainsay, when the policies of the neoconservative war faction have brought ruin to the West. 

No popular support

Crooke makes the observation that the ruling elites of Germany, France and the U.K. enjoy little to no popular support. Their power, he maintains, derives from their Gramscian capture of institutions such as the media, which frames concern over the rapid demographic changes in Europe as a conspiracy theory. 

Crooke is quick to point out that Germans will in fact become a minority in their own nation if the recent wave of immigrants are all naturalized.  

This is true for the U.K. and France, should current trends continue. Mass migration, of course, is caused and enabled by regime change. One obvious feature of a captive media is that the connection is never made between the violent destruction of nations and the migrant flows which immediately follow. 

This is the reason accepting mass migration has been promoted as a virtue. The alternative – having babies – is severely frowned upon, as practiced by the “Gestation not migration” policy of the Hungarian government. The resilience of the Hungarians means their example survives to embarrass the political elites with the sheer common sense of their policies.  

A chokehold on Europe

How has this province of the Empire not yet fallen? Crooke maintains that it is “Money, Brussels money from the EU”which finances a media operation to promote a vanishing lifestyle of aspirational leisure. 

This, he says, has “…a huge hold over people and their thinking. A lot of Europeans are thinking of consumer goods and holidays – but they are fearful of losing these comforts.” 

Yet due to economic circumstances these consolations are being withdrawn. This spells doom, says Crooke – not only for the politicians, but for ordinary people in the real world. 

“A lot of Germans will struggle to survive this coming winter economically,” he says, echoing many reports that Europe faces a yet more severe energy crisis in late 2023.  

Crooke thinks the ruling faction will hold on – because they cannot do anything else. He styles the political class as narcissists, who think they can control everything with propaganda and crackdowns.  

Yet he also maintains that the political elites are terrified. 

“They have no courage, nor integrity, or willingness to tell the truth to people. To look them in the eye and tell them how things are really going in Ukraine…” 

A disaster in Ukraine

Responding to a video of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Crooke says that Putin’s estimate of Ukrainian losses is an understatement. Whilst the Russian leader said Western sources indicate a loss of between 25 and 30 percent of NATO supplied materiel, Crooke speaks of  “Huge losses of manpower and equipment.”

He goes on to note the constant downward revision of Ukrainian war goals in the collaborative media, citing the New York Times’ suggestion that any territorial capture would now be a victory. Weeks ago, he says, it was all about retaking Crimea.  

None of these goals have been realistic, and neither was the main event. 

Why Ukraine?

Crooke says the war is not about Ukraine, but about its significance on a longer timeline. A man noted for seeing both sides to a conflict, he presents a lucid case in conclusion. 

To the U.S. war faction, it is the site of their quixotic and disastrous attempt for regime change in Russia. 

To the Russians, it is a military, financial and diplomatic fight for a future beyond the reach of Western hegemony. 

He refers to the remarks of Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Adviser under U.S. President Jimmy Carter. Brzezinski famously designated Ukraine as the heartland of Eurasia, whose dominance will grant the victor worldwide influence and power. 

“Ukraine is just a tool. It is the struggle for the sovereignty of the heartland – this is the big game.” 

Realignment in a world of change 

Crooke notes that the old political tropes no longer function. 

“What is left or right anymore?” he says. “When [Robert F.] Kennedy is accused of being MAGA by the American press?”

He continues with the observation that the pro- and anti-war polarities indicate the contradiction between the American people and those in power.  

“The anti war faction is led by Trump – and RFK on the democratic side.”

Though both these men are vehemently resisted by a corrupt establishment on both sides, Crooke says the appetite for truth in the populations of the West is unstoppable. 

This is a realignment, he says, “Which overturns the old order. A change of values. People are fed up with not being told the truth.”