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Jeffrey H. Smith, Board of Trustees member of In-Q-Tel, a CIA funded national security firm centerforhealthsecurity / YouTube

The views expressed in this article do not necessarily represent the views of LifeSiteNews. This is published only for your consideration, especially given numerous LifeSite reports on the now known massive disinformation related to many aspects of the virus, the very effective, safe, and inexpensive treatments that were prevented from being used, and the “Warp Speed” developed vaccines for a relatively mild, flu-like virus (99% recovery rate before treatments), which are promoted as being far more effective and safer than they really are.

March 31, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) –Those who think it would be impossible for the COVID-19 pandemic to be falsified by governments and others should compare the difficulty of falsifying a pandemic to the secret “Manhattan Project.” Manhattan Project was the codename for the development of the atomic bomb by the U.S., the U.K., and Canada during World War II. The Manhattan Project was so secretive that Vice President Harry Truman did not even know about it until he became president, it included secret cities, it reportedly included 600,000 people, and it was kept secret for approximately 4 years. 

Keep this in mind, then: 600,000 people or so from multiple countries were involved with a major scientific project that was kept secret for at least 4 years. Also keep in mind that to complete the Manhattan Project, only a few people out of the 600,000 really knew that the purpose was to develop an atomic bomb; most of the 600,000 people involved were merely following orders and were not aware of the purpose of the project.

Now, consider what a false pandemic would be: if a real pandemic is basically an infectious disease which continually infects a large number of people throughout the world, then a type of false pandemic would be the continual provision or propagation of false numbers of cases and/or deaths involving, in this instance, a virus. Over-simplifying may be helpful here: a false pandemic is basically a continual provision of false numbers and false public health information.

Now compare a false pandemic to the Manhattan Project; which of the two would seem to be more difficult? A government or other powerful entity using computer data systems to publish false large numbers of death counts, which are often only a small percentage higher than previous years and are almost impossible to disprove, or building secret cities and an explosive device which could destroy the cities and then maintaining the secret for several years among 600,000 or so people? When comparing the two, one may conclude that a falsified pandemic would not be as difficult as initially thought.

COVID-19 vaccines as the new Manhattan Project

The Manhattan Project is mentioned in part because early in the COVID-19 pandemic the U.S. federal government operation to develop a coronavirus vaccine was originally referred to as a new “Manhattan Project” and “Manhattan Project 2” by a team which included current CDC, NIH, and HHS officials, like Dr. Nancy Messonnier, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Alex Azar, the Secretary of Health and Human Services from 2018-2020. (It is a tangent but noteworthy that in 2005 Mr. Azar was involved with devising pandemic vaccine plans for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.) 

Also, former U.S. federal government officials, including a former Director of the U.S. CDC, were publicly suggesting a “Manhattan Project” for vaccines and other medical countermeasures during the “Clade X” simulated pandemic exercise in 2018. The proposal included using an entity funded by the U.S. federal government intelligence community known as “In-Q-Tel” In-Q-Tel will be elaborated on in a moment. (The relevant sections of the Clade X pandemic simulation exercise are available to view on YouTube: 1:12:00-1:13:00 and 1:16:38).

Is it possible to fake a coronavirus pandemic?

Previous articles discussed the 2018 “Clade X” and the 2019 “Event 201” simulated pandemic exercises enacted by former and current U.S. and China government officials in conjunction with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Health Security. The articles looked into the possibility that the COVID-19 pandemic is partially or mostly falsified. It was suggested that one closely study the 2018 and 2019 simulated pandemic events and arrive at one’s own conclusions. This article elaborates on the 2018 fictional pandemic and looks further into the possibility of the COVID-19 pandemic being partially or mostly falsified. Although this article will not discuss it, a 2017 pandemic planning symposium hosted and participated in by prominent Democrats may also be worth thorough studying.

It is important to make some distinctions; there is the question of whether it is possible for a group of people from different countries to plan and then enact a falsified coronavirus pandemic. Then there is the question of whether persons may do such a thing. There is the question of what motives certain people would have to actually do such a thing. And then there is the question of whether it can be determined that they did indeed do such a thing.

On the question of whether it would be possible to plan and then enact a fake coronavirus pandemic, one might determine after viewing the 2018 and 2019 simulated pandemic events that while it may be difficult, it would still be possible. Again, a real pandemic is basically an infectious disease which continually infects a large number of people throughout the world. A false pandemic, then, is basically a continual provision or propagation of false numbers of infections and/or deaths. 

The provision of false numbers and public health propaganda would seemingly be the most difficult part of falsifying a pandemic. But like the Manhattan Project, while many people may be involved in such a falsification, only a few people really need to know exactly what is going on.

Now, if adults experience 2 to 4 common colds every year, and if up to 30% of those are caused by coronaviruses, then in the U.S. every year there may be 250 million or more coronavirus cases. That is a huge number. If coronaviruses cause the common cold and every year infect hundreds of millions of people, then it may not be difficult, or even necessary, to falsify the number of cases of a falsified coronavirus pandemic. 

For the sake of discussion, hypothetically say that SARS-CoV-2, the virus which reportedly causes COVID-19, is a real coronavirus which has actually been circulating for many years and most of the time only causes the common cold. If it was like other coronaviruses, then there would be millions of SARS-CoV-2 common-cold cases every year. Thus, falsifying coronavirus cases or “positive tests” of such a common-cold causing virus may not be difficult if the COVID-19 pandemic is falsified.

Falsifying coronavirus deaths may be slightly, but not entirely, more difficult than falsifying coronavirus cases. Several persons have already mentioned that the CDC is likely over-stating “COVID-19 deaths” by basically counting anyone who dies after a positive coronavirus test, or even presumed case, as a COVID-19 death or death “involving” COVID-19. It would be easy to falsely label real deaths as being caused by, or involving, COVID-19 due to the huge numbers of existing coronavirus infections. 

But it seems as though to falsify a pandemic, there would have to be some counting and publishing of numbers of deaths which in reality never occurred. This could be done by the double-counting or triple counting of real deaths by public health officials, or even computer data systems without public health officials’ knowledge.

Or, a centralized technology/data entity with the ability to remain secret could add false deaths to data counts without being discovered due to the near impossibility to disprove large numbers in thousands of locations throughout the world.

Thus, if false numbers of deaths and cases (or “positive tests”) could be controlled by one centralized entity or a few entities coordinating with each other, then enacting a falsified pandemic would seemingly not be very difficult at all. The deaths and cases would be reported to the media, and the media, which makes more money from the hysteria, would gladly report ever-increasing numbers of cases and deaths. Then all that would be needed to be done would be to pay a few government officials or health care professionals to speak publicly and spread government propaganda. That is essentially a falsified pandemic: continually publishing false numbers and public health officials publishing or communicating false science.

One might consider whether the U.S. federal government has done similar things previously. There are probably multiple examples, but one is the FBI’s falsified investigation of former President Trump. The falsified investigation lasted for multiple years and consisted of the continual provision of false information to the media, which then continually published the false information. The FBI’s falsified investigation likely greatly harmed America. 

In the recent past, then, it seems that the U.S. federal government intelligence community, which includes the FBI, has shown itself to collaborate with the media in major falsified operations for multiple years. 

The U.S. Federal Government Intelligence Community’s ties to federal and local COVID-19 data

A necessary condition of a false coronavirus pandemic would be false data. Through the simulated pandemic events planned and enacted by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Health Security, one may discover multiple connections to potential control of public health data, and the participants in the events suggest several times the need for a “centralized data” entity during a pandemic. 

A previous article discussed Johns Hopkins University’s involvement in U.S. federal government data. But there are more potential ways in which public health data could be controlled by a single entity or relatively few government entities.

For example, in the 2018 simulated pandemic event “Clade X”, one of the participants was Jeffrey H. Smith, a former National Security attorney and counsel for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). It is a tangent but definitely noteworthy that shortly before participating in the 2018 event, Mr. Smith praised Rod Rosenstein’s appointment of Robert Mueller III in the falsified FBI investigation of President Trump. Mr. Smith then berated President Trump for his (what we now know to be accurate) public criticism of the vast corruption in the FBI. (Another former U.S. federal government national security employee, John Bellinger III, who labeled President Trump as a risk to national security in 2016, also participated in Clade X.)

But during the 2018 simulated pandemic event enacted by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Health Security, Jeffrey H. Smith suggests the following regarding pandemic preparedness and, apparently, vaccines:

We also need a way of incentivizing American people and industry to participate in this [pandemic preparedness with vaccines and medical countermeasures]…Something very innovative, I’m a fan of In-Q-Tel. Something that is a way of incentivizing industry, the markets, Wall Street, to make this worthwhile, to build up America’s industrial capacity, just like the Manhattan Project, or other things that have been done, that advanced more than just healthcare.  (See video from 1:12:27 – 1:12:58; emphasis added)

Soon thereafter, Dr. Julie Gerberding, the former Director of the U.S. CDC from 2002 to 2009 and President of Merck Vaccines, concurs, saying that “she certainly can’t argue with a Manhattan Project for medical countermeasures” (1:16:39), which would include vaccines.

But In-Q-Tel is emphasized here because of its close connection with the U.S. federal government. In-Q-Tel is a venture capital firm which is funded by the CIA and invests in start-up companies to keep “the CIA and the broader US intelligence community equipped with the latest in information technology by investing in innovative high-tech companies”. In-Q-Tel notes that its purpose is to “enhance and advance national security for the U.S. and its allies”. 

Jeffrey H. Smith is currently on the Board of Trustees of In-Q-Tel. Another participant in the 2018 “Clade X” event, Dr. Tara O’Toole, is a Senior Fellow at In-Q-Tel and was a former Department of Homeland Security employee for President Obama. At one time Dr. O’Toole was involved with “Alliance for Biosecurity” a “collaboration” which was “working to develop vaccines, medicines and other medical countermeasures for the nation’s Strategic National Stockpile.”

One of In-Q-Tel’s investments in 2013, though, was in Socrata, a data company which the CDC and the National Center for Health Statistics uses to publish COVID-19 death counts and other public health data. Socrata works with city governments, including New York City government. It did so at the time of the initial investment and it continues to do so. 

This is not to imply that Socrata is involved with wrongdoing; it is mentioned here because of the connection to the U.S. federal government’s intelligence community. A data company, which apparently is involved with the CDC’s and at least some city government’s provision of COVID-19 deaths, cases, and other public health data, is indirectly funded by the U.S. federal government’s CIA.

It is also mentioned because it shows that one entity  a private company or the U.S. federal government intelligence and “national security” entities  may be able to control national and local COVID-19 data without the knowledge of, say, local or state government officials. This would, again hypothetically, make falsifying a pandemic much easier  a few persons controlling large amounts of data and continually falsifying the main numbers (COVID-19 deaths and cases) without many people knowing. Thus, the basic conditions of a falsified pandemic would be met.

Pharmaceutical companies normally try to develop vaccines. Former national security personnel and high-ranking U.S. government public health officials suggesting a huge project like a “Manhattan Project” to prepare for pandemics seems to imply a new, major, worldwide, and potentially secret, strategy. A falsified pandemic resulting in the spending of trillions of dollars and the spread of socialist-draconian ideals would indeed fit the definition of a new Manhattan Project which “advanced more than just healthcare.”  

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