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Editor’s note: Here below we publish an English translation of an article by Italian economist and former head of the Vatican bank, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, ahead of the Oct. 5 public prayer initiative, being held close to St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, to pray for the Church ahead of the Amazonian Synod. The article was first published on Duc in altum, the website of Italian journalist, Aldo Maria Valli.

September 27, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – I am delighted by the news told to me by several friends that a public initiative of prayer for the Church will take place on October 5 in Rome (at 2:30 p.m., in Largo John XXIII, close to St. Peter’s Square). One way or another, as I am not able to be there physically, I will be with them spiritually for something that I consider important: to show, with great parrhesia, that there are men and women who still care a great deal about salvation and holy things, and are concerned that they will be taken away from them. Since they have exhausted all attempts to find human ears willing to listen to them, they have decided to obtain an audience directly from the Founder, Head and Master, certain (even if there was no recorder) of His guarantee: “Where two or three are gathered in My name, I am among them” (Mt 18:20).

In the common prayer for the salvation of the Church and souls, I am sure that many particular prayers will be conveyed. My prayer will be aimed at preserving the Church from an ancient threat that has never dulled and has revived today as never before, in an almost triumphant fashion: gnosis. It is the enticement of being able to reach a knowledge that removes the nature of creation and makes the creature the creator; a creator more far-sighted and more merciful than the Creator of divine Genesis, which he seeks to replace with a Gnostic genesis. This Gnostic genesis wishes to completely overturn the will of the Creator and modify all the natural laws of Creation. These laws established by the Creator seem today to be considered by many in the Church too rigid and unmerciful. This is why some, who have begun to overcome them in practice, have now committed themselves to setting them aside officially and, unless Heaven intervenes, it seems that their efforts are destined to succeed. 

The instrumental use of environmental problems (which have not adequately been addressed in the necessary scientific research of their causes, but only in the effects) seems to aim at deposing man from the pedestal on which God has placed him, in order to lower him to the level of being a threat to our “common home” — making him feel like a “cancer of nature.” The risk of this humanitarian gnosis is the arrival of a new formula of faith: “I believe in man, the creator of heaven and earth, even if I believe that he does not know how take care of it, and that it is therefore necessary to impose new commandments ….” But this is the masterpiece of the great “retiree,” that gentleman who, after having fallen from the stars of the sky to the stables of the underworld, today has so many diligent collaborators that he no longer knows what to do in the hellish yard from which, in his boredom, he absents himself more and more often. This is how there are those who, while working with great zeal in that mill, consider it nothing more than a symbol.

That is why, on October 5, I will make an ecological prayer. I will pray that the fire in the Church that is destroying the lung that gives breath to the world, i.e. faith, will be extinguished. And, of course, I will pray that global warming, thanks to the resumption of faith, will be reduced as a consequence. And I am certain that this will happen because the truly dangerous global warming is due to the high and exponentially growing number of so many poor creatures who end up burning in hell, thus raising the temperatures of earth, thanks to the fact that doctrine is no longer taught, but rather something else.

Translation from Italian by Diane Montagna of LifeSiteNews.