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Pro-life politician Joseph BourgaultJoseph Bourgault/YouTube screenshot

(Campaign Life Coalition) – After an interview with Joseph Bourgault, Campaign Life Coalition has qualified the Saskatchewan businessman as a stellar pro-life, pro-family candidate who will also advocate for religious freedom, free speech and against authoritarian mandates on abortion-tainted vaccines.

Pro-life, pro-family candidate, Joseph Bourgault

Bourgault made the bold move of putting his pro-life and family values agenda front and centre on his campaign website under a section titled “Creating a Pro Life and Family Culture.”

That section goes on to outline his plan for reducing the number of abortions in Canada and encouraging larger families through creative taxation, financial and social policy.

With the addition of Joseph Bourgault, there are now four social conservative leadership contenders in the race, out of 11 declared candidates. The others are Dr. Leslyn Lewis, MP Marc Dalton, and Grant Abraham.

If they all make it onto the final ballot, they’ll face off against five pro-abortion, anti-family candidates, plus two whose views on life issues CLC is still evaluating.

Dr. Lewis has already paid the $300,000 fee and submitted the 500 endorsement signatures which are required by the CPC. So she’s secure, and officially on the ballot.

We thank all the CLC supporters who helped her get there with a generous campaign donation!

But now, we’re in a frantic race against the clock to help get Bourgault, Dalton and Abraham onto the ballot by the party deadline of April 29th.

We urgently need your help!

Each of them must pay the party $300,000 and submit their 500 nomination signatures by April 29, otherwise they will be eliminated from the race.

Even if you donated to Leslyn Lewis as your top choice for Leader, please also donate to Bourgault, Dalton and Abraham.

Having multiple so-cons in the race actually increases the chances of any one of them winning. This is due to the preferential ballot system.

If, for example, Dr. Lewis were to end up the sole pro-lifer on the ballot, her mathematical odds of victory would be reduced if she had to face off against five or more social liberals whose down ballot support would largely benefit candidates in that leftist, red Tory bloc.

Donate to get Bourgault, Dalton & Abraham on the ballot

Please take the following actions to help the remaining three so-cons join Leslyn Lewis on the final ballot.

Anybody can donate, whether or not you’re a CPC member. However, only paid-up party members can sign the nomination form. Donations are the most urgent need.




Joseph Bourgault Marc Dalton Grant Abraham
#1. Fill out a Donation Form*

(Download, fill out, scan/photograph a donation directly to each candidate. Cheques must be snail mailed.)


Donate at his website Download donation form Download donation form
2. Sign a Nomination Form**

(Download, fill out, scan or photograph and email it directly to each candidate)


Download Nomination Form


Download Nomination Form


Download Nomination Form

*Maximum donation per person is $1,675 total to any combination of candidates. You don’t have to be a party member to donate.

**You must be a member 21 days before signing the nomination form.

After completing the forms, email Joseph Bourgault’s to him at [email protected]. Send Marc Dalton’s to him at  [email protected]. And send Grant Abraham’s to him at [email protected].

When you email each candidate their forms, CLC asks that you please also carbon copy CLC on your emails at [email protected] so that we can keep track how many signatures each candidate ahs gathered and how close they are to the donation goal?

Thank you for helping us in our efforts to elect a Conservative leader – and future Prime Minister – who is pro-life, pro-family and pro-freedom.

I believe Canada’s very survival as a free and democratic country depends on whether the CPC elects a principled Leader of the Opposition who has deep moral convictions. Another Liberal-lite stooge who bends in the direction of media pressure would spell national disaster.

If you’re not currently a Conservative Party member but want to be able to vote for a pro-life, pro-family Leader of the CPC, become a voting member at the party website, here. Shoot us an email afterwards at [email protected] to let us know you joined or renewed.

Reprinted with permission from Campaign Life Coalition