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(Fatima100) – The Holy See has just released the prayer that the Pope will recite on Friday, March 25 at 6:30 pm. Does this prayer answer all of Our Lady’s requests, as several experts have already stated?

First of all, let us recall the requests of Our Lady. On July 13, 1917, Our Lady entrusted the three little visionaries, Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco:

I will come to ask for the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart and for reparative communion on the first Saturdays of the month. If my requests are listened to, Russia will be converted and we will have peace.

On June 29, 1929, in Tuy, Our Lady said to Sister Lucy:

The moment has come when God asks the Holy Father to make, in union with all the bishops of the world, the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart. He promises to save her by this means.

In May 1930, and again in June 1930, Our Lord said to Sister Lucy:

God would put an end to the persecution in Russia if the Holy Father would deign to make, and order the bishops of the Catholic world to make, a solemn and public act of reparation and consecration of Russia to the Most Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary, His Holiness promising, in return for the end of this persecution, to approve and recommend the practice of reparatory devotion.

Subsequently, especially after the eight acts made by Popes Pius XII, Paul VI and John Paul II, Sister Lucia repeated these requests of Our Lord and Our Lady many times. (1) Therefore, the act requested from the Pope is:

  • a consecration
  • of Russia
  • to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
  • in union with all the bishops of the world
  • with an act of reparation
  • and the promise to approve and recommend the reparative communion of the first Saturdays of the month.

Remarks on the prayer proposed by the Holy See

Firstly, regarding Pope Francis’ consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary – it is indeed a consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The term “consecration” and the expression “Immaculate Heart of Mary” appear well in the proposed prayer:

Therefore, Mother of God and our Mother, to your Immaculate Heart we solemnly entrust and consecrate ourselves, the Church and all humanity, especially Russia and Ukraine.

The cover letter contains an almost identical formula:

On March 25, the Solemnity of the Annunciation, I intend to perform a solemn act of Consecration of humanity, and of Russia and Ukraine in particular, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Finally, the title of the prayer clearly states: Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Consecration of Russia

Second, Russia is indeed clearly named. The addition of Ukraine does not change the spirit of the prayer, because Ukraine was part of Russia when Our Lady made her first request at Fatima.

Moreover, the spirit of Our Lady’s request is to name a precise and well-defined territory. Sister Lucia explained this very well to Bishop Hnilica on May 14, 1982, the day after the act of offering made by John Paul II during his first pilgrimage to Fatima. In response to Bishop Hnilica’s question: “Sister, yesterday in his act of offering, did the Pope really consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?,” Sr. Lucia replied: “No, for two reasons. The bishops of the whole world did not make a public and solemn consecration at the same time as the Pope, each in his own cathedral. On the other hand, Russia did not appear clearly as the object of the consecration.”

And she specified that God wanted “the consecration of Russia and only of Russia, without any addition,” because “Russia is an immense and well circumscribed territory, and its conversion will be noticed, thus bringing the proof of what can be obtained by the consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”

What is needed, therefore, is a well-defined territory in order to be able to see the effectiveness of the consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The world is too vast a whole for us to be able to see its conversion and thus the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

On the other hand, Russia plus Ukraine is a well-defined territory, just as much as Russia alone.

However, the consecration proposed by the Holy See does not concern only Russia and Ukraine, because both in the cover letter and in the prayer itself, it is spoken of a consecration of ourselves as well as of the Church and humanity, in particular Russia and Ukraine. The addition of ourselves, the Church and humanity means that Our Lady’s request is not fulfilled.

Order to all bishops

The letter of the pope asks all the bishops to make this act:

I ask you to join in this act by inviting priests, religious and the faithful to gather in their churches and places of prayer on March 25, so that the Holy People of God may raise a sincere and choral supplication to Mary our Mother.

Moreover, even before receiving the pope’s letter, the bishops of the Latin American Episcopal Conference (CELAM) and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), the largest part of the American continent, had decided on their own to participate in this consecration.

Act of repair

There is no formal indication of an act of reparation, but the second paragraph of the proposed prayer can be seen as responding to this request since it lists a series of faults ending with: “Now, with shame, we cry out: Forgive us, Lord!”

First Saturdays of the month

Finally, and this is the most serious point, there is never any mention of reparative communion on the first Saturdays of the month. Now this request is particularly important and cannot be omitted for the following reasons:

The first reason: The main purpose of the apparitions of Fatima is the salvation of sinners through the establishment in the world of devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This is a will of God Himself that Our Lady entrusted to the little visionaries.

On June 13, 1917, she told them: “Jesus wants to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart. To those who embrace this devotion, I promise salvation. These souls will be cherished by God as flowers placed by Me to adorn His throne.”

The request was repeated almost word for word on July 13, 1917: “To save souls, God wants to establish devotion to my Immaculate Heart in the world. If we do what I am going to tell you, many souls will be saved and we will have peace.”

In an act that should obtain so many graces for us, it is therefore indispensable to respect the spirit of the apparitions of Fatima and to ensure that it participates concretely in the establishment of devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The second reason: Our Lady said on July 13, 1917: “I will come to ask for the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart AND for the reparative communion of the first Saturdays of the month. If my requestS are listened to, Russia will be converted and there will be peace” and not “my request.” This means that if all her requests are not fulfilled, Russia will not be converted and there will be no peace.

The third reason: Of the two requests stated on July 13, the Blessed Virgin came first to ask for the reparative communion of the first Saturdays of the month. In fact, she asked for it on December 10, 1925 in Pontevedra, a request repeated on February 15, 1926, three years before asking for the consecration of Russia. The first request is necessarily more important than the second.


In summary, in Francis’ consecration – despite containing two points that have not yet been met in the previous acts made by the popes, the mention of Russia and the union of a large part of the bishops – two of the six demands are not met:

  • the consecration does not concern only Russia and Ukraine;
  • reparative communion is neither approved nor recommended.

It is also unfortunate that the apparitions of Fatima are never mentioned, either in the letter of invitation or in the proposed prayer.

Therefore, in order to respect all the requests of Our Lord and Our Lady, it is necessary to modify and complete the prayer proposed by the Holy See:

– by deleting the mentions of the Church and of humanity,
– adding the approval and recommendation of the reparative communion of the first Saturdays of the month.

It is also desirable to complete the act of reparation by citing the sins mentioned by the Angel in 1916 and Our Lord in 1930, as well as those caused by the errors of Russia spread throughout the world.

In order to respond more fully to Our Lady’s requests, it is also desirable that the prayer make mention of the aims of this consecration, especially obtaining the fruits attached to it, namely:

–  the conversion of Russia and Ukraine, i.e. the return to the Catholic Church, the only fold of the Eternal Shepherd, under the authority of the Vicar of Christ on earth,

–  the peace for the world that, by the divine will, only Our Lady can obtain,

–  stopping the plagues, consequences of Russia’s errors spread throughout the world,

–  the triumph of the Immaculate Heart.


The Holy See has not formally imposed the use of the prayer attached to the cover letter, and only that one without any addition or omission. The request is formulated as follows: “I am sending you the text of the prayer of consecration, so that we can all recite it throughout this day, in fraternal union.” So, there is nothing to prevent us from modifying it, or even pronouncing a different one. The essential thing is to say a prayer in union with the Pope and the bishops of the whole world.

Therefore, we propose a prayer that strictly respects the requests of Our Lord and Our Lady. For greater clarity, it is divided into three parts:

–  the consecration,

–  the act of repair,

–  the promise to practice and spread around us, each at our own level, the reparative communion of the first Saturdays of the month.

Finally, in order to complete this act and to respond to the request of the Blessed Virgin to recite the rosary every day to obtain peace, it is proposed to finish with a rosary meditating on the sorrowful mysteries, on the one hand because these mysteries are well within the spirit of reparation requested by Our Lady, and on the other hand because traditionally these are the ones that are meditated on Fridays.

It is also possible to elaborate another prayer, either from the prayer proposed by the Holy See by adding elements of the prayer below, or conversely to include in the prayer below elements of the prayer proposed by the Holy See. The essential thing is to recite a prayer that respects the principles that have just been recalled. In this way, the whole Church will pronounce an act of consecration, some of its members reciting an incomplete act, but others a complete act.


1: For more details, see the booklet published in May 2021: Most Holy Father, consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. (Only in french. For english version, ask Faith and Reason fraternity : https://faithreason.net/contact-us/) Attention: Livres en famille is almost out of stock. There will probably be a delay before orders can be sent out while the printer restocks Livres en famille.

See the proposed consecration here, and a downloadable pdf of it here.

Proposal for Consecration of Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in accordance with the requests of Our Lady of Fatima

Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother, Queen of the Rosary, help of Christians, refuge of sinners, victorious of all God’s battles, in union with all the bishops of the world, we have come to your feet, on this day of the feast of the virginal conception of your divine Son, to humbly and solemnly fulfill the requests you expressed several times almost a century ago (1917, 1929, 1930), when you came to visit us on this earth, at Fatima.

Alas, we were late in doing so, and we humbly beg your forgiveness for the trouble.

1) Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

In this tragic hour, in union with all the bishops of the world, we consecrate to your Immaculate Heart Russia as well as Ukraine, which was part of it at the time of your first request at Fatima.

With this consecration we beg you to take these nations under your powerful and maternal protection, to make them your domain where you reign as Queen, to make them a land of election and blessing. May they become ardent apostles of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ to all the nations of the earth.

Get peace for the world. Stop the plagues you predicted, consequences of what you yourself called Russia’s errors.

Finally, hasten the announced triumph of your Immaculate Heart and thus the reign of Christ your Son, so that all nations, at peace with each other and with God, may proclaim you blessed and sing with you, from one end of the world to the other, the eternal Magnificat of glory, love and gratitude to the Heart of Jesus, in whom alone they can find Truth, life and peace.

2) Act of repair

In order to grant us all the graces promised by this consecration, your Son has asked for a public and solemn act of reparation. Therefore, Virgin Mary, in a humble supplication addressed to your Immaculate Heart, penetrated by solicitude for the fate of the universal Church and united with all the bishops as well as all the priests and faithful, we address this act of reparation to you, in particular:

–  for all the insults, blasphemies or indifferences by which Jesus Christ your Son is offended,

–  for the five kinds of offenses and blasphemies uttered against your Immaculate Heart: blasphemies against your Immaculate Conception, against your perpetual virginity, against your divine maternity, offenses of those who publicly seek to inculcate in the hearts of children indifference, contempt or

hatred towards you, and offenses of those who directly insult you in your holy images,

–  finally, for all the sins committed because of the errors spread throughout the world for not having done

what you asked.

For this reason, we renew the act of reparation drawn up by Pope Pius XI.

(Here you can recite the complete act of Pius XI. Recite at least the last paragraph here:)

Accept, we beseech You, O most good Jesus, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary Reparatrix, this spontaneous homage of atonement; keep us, until death, unwaveringly faithful to our duty and to Your service, grant us this precious gift of perseverance which will lead us all at last to the Fatherland where, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, You, God, reign forever and ever.

3) Recognition of the first Saturdays of the month

O our most tender Mother, you yourself have taught us that “God wants to establish in the world devotion to your Immaculate Heart“. You also said that “Your Immaculate Heart will be the refuge and the way that will lead us to God“.

Therefore, grant us the grace to pray and sacrifice ourselves, for the love of your son Jesus, to obtain the conversion of sinners and in reparation for the sins committed against your Immaculate Heart.

With your grace, we want to recite our rosary daily to obtain peace in the world.

Above all, we promise to practice and recommend to those around us the reparative communion of the first Saturdays of the month.

Final Exhortation

Finally, we beg you, O Mother of Mercy, to manifest your universal mediation to the world by a dazzling miracle of your power.

Grant, O Queen of Peace, that you may bring to the world the peace which the world cannot give, the peace of arms and the peace of souls, the peace of Christ and the coming of his Kingdom through the reign of your

Immaculate Heart. Queen of Peace, pray for us and give to the world at war, and especially to Russia and Ukraine, the peace for which the peoples long, peace in the Truth, in justice, in the charity of Christ.

Above all, O Mother of Mercy, obtain for us from God not only peace for the world, but also the graces which can in an instant convert the hearts of men, those graces which prepare, reconcile, and assure peace! May the sun of Truth rise upon us and may we be able to repeat before the only Savior of the world: Glory to God in the highest heavens and peace on earth to men of good will!

As you told us: “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate to me Russia, which will be converted, and the world will be granted a certain time of peace“, we have the hope and the certainty of receiving these graces of conversion and peace. We hope so, not by virtue of our merits, but by the effect of the immense goodness of your maternal heart.


Recitation of the rosary while meditating on the sorrowful mysteries.