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It seems that telling the truth about abortion is only something that can land you in trouble, and that Western democracies are unwilling to have a clear and honest debate about abortion.
Wed Dec 10, 2014 - 4:11 pm EST
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A recent development has seen UK abortion providers start a new campaign calling for ‘bubble zones,’ restricting freedom of expression and freedom of speech outside abortuaries. Such an illiberal position has opened a can of worms. The ‘Back Off’ campaign highlights some of the absurd ironies of the abortion debate in the United Kingdom.

Free speech is not something that comes easily to the abortion debate in Twenty-First Century Britain. A recent debate at Oxford University was bullied off campus, on the assumption that some negative words would be said about abortion from the mouths of men. Cardiff University recently debated in their Student Union whether a pro-life society was able express itself at all on their university, while Dundee University went as far to ban the pro-life group from the fresher’s fayre. The Dundee group were told they were not allowed to take a stall because of their highly offensive material. It appears that a new generation of students do not value freedom of speech.

Recently, I was in Melbourne, outside the Fertility Control Clinic, the local abortion provider. A woman walked out of the centre, bleeding profusely and barely able to walk. She had received a botched abortion. She was left to stagger after being severely injured by an industry that clearly did not care about her. The same was the case of an Irish woman who travelled to England who died following a legal abortion. She had a heart attack caused by “extensive internal blood loss,” hours after having the abortion. The woman died in Slough in January 2012.  In December 2011, Dr Phanuel Dartey was struck off the General Medical Register in Britain for almost killing an Irish woman after performing a botched abortion at the Marie Stopes clinic in Ealing, London. In March 2013, 4 Ambulances visited the Marie Stopes Ealing Clinic in a 40 day period.

98% of British abortions are carried out on the grounds of protecting the mental health of women. In 2011, The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges published a report concluding that abortion poses no greater risk to mental health than childbirth for those with unwanted pregnancies. Over 1,000 times a day, British doctors are signing legal doctors authorising abortions on mental health grounds, when there are no mental health grounds for abortion. In reality, 98% of abortions in the UK today are illegal. The doctors are either ignorant, or committing perjury by being deliberately disingenuous.

Also included in the Abortion Act was a very clear argument in order to protect the conscientious objection of healthcare workers. But that principle did not apply to Mary Doogan and Connie Wood, who were not allowed to object to delegating, supervising or supporting staff involved in the process. Their lives and work has been dragged through the courts, simply because they refuse to participate in any way towards the barbaric act of destroying the life of an unborn child. The spirit of the law has been completely undermined for two individuals.

Free Speech was not something that was easily provided for Nadine Dorries, a politician. After being ridiculed by the Prime Minister, Nadine was bullied and harassed by pro-abortion activists for her decision to speak about abortion in the Parliament. The message to Nadine was simple from those she was attacked by: ‘speak about abortion in the Parliament and we will intimidate you.’ Nadine was formerly a nurse, who assisted in abortions. She witnessed babies that were born alive, who were supposed to be aborted, and the total disregard for human life that existed where she worked.

Freedom of expression was something that was denied to the anti-abortion group Abort67 several years ago. Andy Stephenson was locked up in jail for 12 hours for simply showing a picture of an aborted baby in public. If that is the crime for someone willing to display pictorial evidence of abortion in public, what should the crime be for people who commit these acts for a living? Andy had to go to court to clear themselves of Public Order offences. The pictures that Andy displays are an accurate and objective presentation of children that have been aborted.

It seems that telling the truth about abortion is only something that can land you in trouble, and that Western democracies are unwilling to have a clear and honest debate about abortion. That was the case for Bernadette Smyth, from Precious Life in Northern Ireland. Bernadette has been taken to court for expressing her opinion in public and talking to people. How a judge can come to a conclusion that offering help and advice in public could be an offence worthy of a fine or jail is beyond my imagination.

Recently, an ex-abortion worker wrote to me, telling me about his experience of working in the abortion industry. I was told how the managers make huge bonuses, go on expensive skiing holidays, buy designer clothes and shoes and watch porn during working hours and organise sex themed parties. This is in the United Kingdom! Sadly for my friend, the bullying experienced at work caused enormous problems of personal health. The abortion industry is simple according to my source. You don’t pay taxes because you are a charity, you employ vulnerable doctors and nurses at cheap rates and exploit vulnerable girls from Ireland, Scotland and England. Medical decisions are made by non medical managers. Employees are forced to sign consent forms, often without having seen the patient. Doctors were told to anaesthetise against the protocols of the Royal College and the staff used to boast that the GMC and Royal Colleges were in their pockets. If the abortion industry have friends in the GMC, no wonder they don’t bother to prosecute illegal activity.

This is nothing compared to the allegation by Marie Stopes, that one of their employees sexually assaulted one of their patients. One employee of Marie Stopes told a court how she saw an employee of the Marie Stopes clinic in Fallowfield, Manchester take a woman’s left hand and move it under the table during an abortion procedure. Healthcare worker Julie Ackroyd said she also saw the Doctor exposed. If Marie Stopes are happy to accuse their staff of engaging in sexual activity with their patients without their consent, what else is happening in their centres? How many other abortion staff are sexual perverts who are raping their victims?

A deliberately disingenuous article in March 2012 showed BPAS complain that they were being harassed. Schoolyard bullies are often cowards. BPAS as a charity are often happy to campaign politically. After ending the lives of 55,000 unborn children a year, BPAS excel in playing the ‘victim’ card at the earliest opportunity. I have witnessed boyfriends physically push their girlfriends into abortuaries and force them to visit centres against their will. When will they speak out against forced abortions in the UK?

One of my friends reported how a London abortuary mysteriously closed for a couple of days. He said that apparently they killed one of their patients, and took a couple of days off, and then returned to business as if nothing had happened. I have seen 2 women be physically sick immediately after the abortion and have been barely able to walk, left to fend for themselves. In Essex, a 14 year old schoolgirl arrived alone at Marie Stopes, sent by her Doctor. In November 2013, a women being forced into an abortion jumped out of a window in order to escape. No wonder the abortion providers don’t want people witnessing the terrible way they treat their patients. If they are not being sexually abused, physically forced into an abortion, they might be killed, or injured, and the GMC don’t care because apparently, they are paid off. No wonder they want to silence anyone who speaks against them.

Marie Stopes threatened the Good Counsel Network with legal action for behaving politely and caringly in public. Brook employed 2 people to investigate Crisis Pregnancy Centres in order to get a good story which would ridicule and condemn their behaviour. They had to return to several centres a large number of times to get the story they wanted. Pro-abortion groups are willing to resort to harassment in order to communicate a squeaky-clean image to the public and supress freedom of speech for others.

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Abortion providers offer a simple choice: have an abortion costing hundreds of pounds, mostly provided by Taxpayers money on the NHS, or have nothing at all. Those outside abortion centres are able to offer support, friendship, practical advice and help, financial support and housing. The abortion providers offer nothing of the sort for their so called ‘choice.’

Maria was a lady who continued to veer between the idea of aborting and planning how to keep her baby. The baby was unplanned. Her relationship, though it had lasted for years, had finished a month before she found out she was pregnant. Now her ex had come back to make sure she had the abortion. Maria had grown up in a single parent home and didn’t want the same for her child. But she hated the idea of abortion. “If only I could believe that I could do it,” she said over and over again. Maria was also in the probation period of her new job and could not afford to survive if she lost that job.

The abortuary was closed when she tried to book her appointment, but as she approached 20 weeks she panicked and re-booked her abortion, only to find that the operating theatre had suffered an accidental fire and was unusable. She was delighted when she passed the 24 week limit as felt she could no longer be put under pressure to abort. BPAS offered her an abortion and ‘pro-choicers’ offered to defend her right to abortion. But Pro-lifers offered her unconditional help. Maria chose life for her baby. Eventually the ex came to see a scan of the child and is now supporting her to bring up their child. She has now got a permanent position with her firm and is delighted with her child. These stories happen every day outside abortuaries. What a shame that freedom of speech is suppressed so that women like Maria find it more difficult to receive help.  

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