October 12, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The comments of Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin at the Value Voters Summit accurately reflect what very many pro-family leaders have experienced for years as they have valiantly struggled to defend traditional family life and sexual morality. This has especially been the case regarding abortion, but even more so on the issue of homosexuality.

Religious leaders have mostly (with some notable exceptions) been strangely, even ominously, silent or ineffective, if not even hostile, while heroic faithful lay men and women have endured persecution for standing up for what the religious leaders should have been leading. This is no small problem. It is proving to be near catastrophic to our social, moral and even political order as traditional freedoms of religion and conscience and even democracy itself are being gradually swept away.

One thing is very much needed: the faithful have got to pray more for their religious leaders. They need to thank and affirm those leaders who do boldly preach and act as they should. But also – which far too many resist – there is a great need for Christians to firmly, persistently, but always respectfully urge their negligent pastors, bishops, etc. to stop being politicians and money men or just plain cowards – and lead the flock. If they refuse, they should get out of the way, retire, let other ordained men take on the really tough, messy tasks that they have been unable or unwilling to address.

We are running out of time. The religious leaders and the silent, lukewarm believers need to be shaken awake. The time for timidity is long gone. If you indeed love your children and grandchildren and your nation and God, NOW is the time to act.